Strict style - in women's clothing, jewelry, makeup, hairstyles

The fair sex, who prefer elegance both at work and in everyday life, can use a strict style in clothing. It is represented by various wardrobe items, these are suits, skirts, trousers, blouses. Accessories can be decorated in a similar way.

Strict style 2018

Numerous collections of famous couturiers present strict clothes for women. It is characterized by the following details:

  • the use of a simple laconic cut, the main emphasis should be on elegance;
  • a minimum of decorative elements, if decorations are used, then they should be discreet and restrained. An abundance of rhinestones, catchy bright embroidery or appliqués is not allowed. A strict style suggests that frills, ruffles and flounces should be excluded. If there are such design solutions, they should emphasize elegance, be restrained and refined. An example is a wide and not too lush peplum;
  • as for the color scheme, it is presented in soothing colors, such colors as black, white, gray, beige, dark blue, burgundy predominate;
  • excessively revealing elements are not allowed, for example, cutouts on the back, deep neckline, high cuts on the leg, open shoulders and arms, very short length;
  • large bright prints should be excluded. If they are used, it is recommended to opt for a thin strip or a dim small cage. It is worth giving preference to the vertical and diagonal arrangement of the pattern, this technique will help to visually lengthen the silhouette.

strict style 2018

Strict clothing for women

Girls can use a strict clothing style when creating many bows. Properly selected wardrobe items are suitable for drawing up not only business attire, but also casual looks, and evening or holiday bows. Among the most common and popular elements are the following:

  • trouser or skirt suits, which are reasonably associated with the classics. Their styles are extremely diverse, thanks to which each representative of the fair sex will be able to choose a set taking into account the individual characteristics of her figure;
  • you can separately select dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses, shirts, combine them into stylish sets that can be changed at your discretion;
  • accessories, such as bags, jewelry, can act as a harmonious addition to the image. Their design is of particular importance, as they are designed to organically complete the look, emphasize its elegance and act as a stylish highlight;
  • Properly selected hairstyle, makeup, manicure will help to organically complete the overall impression.

formal dress for women

Dresses in a simple style

Both for going to work and for everyday walks, dresses of a strict style are perfect. Among the most common models are the following:

  • sheath dress, which is characterized by a straight cut and will fit perfectly on any figure, it is reasonably recognized as a universal option that meets the requirements of even the most strict office dress code;
  • a dress that presents a strict modern style may have a slightly flared bottom, designed as a semi-sun or containing large or small folds;
  • the upper part should not contain a deep neckline, it can have an oval, triangular, square neckline or be deaf, under the throat. Such design variations as a stand-up collar and an English collar are common;
  • depending on the season, the product can be supplemented with a shortened sleeve, a three-quarter sleeve, an elongated sleeve. The straight cut of this part prevails.

tailored dresses

Women’s formal suits

For trips to the office, strict clothes for girls, presented in the form of suits, will be indispensable. The following variations can be identified:

  • trouser, which consists of a jacket and trousers, they can have a regular or shortened length, the cut is dominated by a straight line. The jacket can be fitted, this option will look great on owners of an hourglass figure;
  • Another interesting combination will be the combination of trousers and a vest. The set can be supplemented with a jacket. The length of the vest can end at waist level, reach the middle of the thighs and even cover them;
  • a skirt and jacket is another classic combination that presents a strict, elegant style. The lower part can be either straight or flared, have a midi length ending at the level of the knees or elongated, reaching the ankles.

formal women's suits

Skirts — strict style

Another piece of clothing that is represented by strict clothing is skirts of different styles. Among the variations of their design, the following can be identified:

  • The pencil skirt of a straight, laconic cut continues to remain invariably relevant. Its undoubted advantage is that it will look good on almost any figure. Therefore, this wardrobe item is one of the most common in the preparation of office bows, representing a strict restrained style;
  • the skirt may contain a smell that helps to hide figure flaws, so owners of magnificent forms will appreciate this style;
  • Moderately flared half-sun skirts are very popular. They contain softly descending folds that give sophistication and sophistication;
  • certain models may contain large or small folds, be pleated.

tailored skirts

Simple wedding dresses

When creating wedding dresses, the fair sex, who prefer elegance, will be able to choose a strict English style of dress. It is expressed in the following terms:

  • the style of the dress, which has a midi length to the knee, is popular, the product resembles a case, the neck is framed in the form of a discreet oval neckline. The thing has a fitted cut, which is able to further emphasize the femininity of the bride. To make the outfit more sophisticated, you can use exquisite lace trim. It will organically fit into a strict style and at the same time add softness to it;
  • actual dress, which has a floor length and a straight lower part, it looks incredibly elegant. There may be an incision in the leg, which should not be too high;
  • the skirt can be made in the form of a year, fitting the hip and expanding downwards. The length can be midi or maxi;
  • a thing may contain long or short sleeves, be without them, but at the same time the shoulders remain closed.

tailored wedding dresses

Strict business dress code

Many offices have a dress code, according to which the fair sex should wear a strict dress code. It can be represented by the following wardrobe items:

  • sheath dresses;
  • trouser or skirt suits;
  • simple laconic blouses and shirts;
  • restrained sweaters;
  • elegant skirts and trousers.

formal business attire

Bag for a strict style

An organic addition to the image, which presents a strict business style, are properly selected accessories, which include a bag. When choosing it, you should follow these recommendations:

  • a win-win option is a square or rectangular shape of the bag, the trapezoid also looks elegant;
  • preference should be given to classic colors: white, black, brown, beige, gray;
  • an abundance of decor elements should be excluded, which include rhinestones, flowers and other leather details, embroidery.

formal bag

Simple jewelry

Things that represent strict women’s clothing can be harmoniously complemented with jewelry. These include discreet earrings, rings, chains, bracelets. When making them, it is recommended to use a minimum of stones; one or more diamonds, pearls and other types that are framed in a discreet elegant frame will look organic.

formal decorations

Hairstyle — strict style

Using a strict classic style, it is recommended to pay special attention to the hairstyle. Among the most common and popular among them are the following:

  • neat caret, which is done on short or medium hair length;
  • long strands can be collected in a discreet bundle;
  • short haircuts look elegant;
  • Another hairstyle option is a neat ponytail.

hairstyle strict style

Makeup in a strict style

Properly done makeup can harmoniously complement the strict style of a woman. It is expressed in the following terms:

  • lipsticks of muted tones are used, bright options should be excluded;
  • you can apply discreet discreet shadows, such as gray, beige, brown;
  • neatly dyed eyelashes will become an organic component of makeup;
  • on the upper eyelid, you can draw neat arrows made in a minimalist design.

makeup for a strict style

Manicure in a strict style

A strict style will organically complement the bow and nail design. When creating it, it is recommended to use discreet varnishes in light pastel colors, black or dark blue is also allowed. You should refrain from an abundance of prints and all kinds of decorative elements; excessive use of rhinestones is not allowed. A win-win option would be a classic jacket or moon nail art.

formal manicure


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