Striped manicure - fashion trends and trends for nails of any length

Striped manicure is a real trend of recent seasons, as it is distinguished by its brightness and originality in design. To create it, a variety of colors is used, all kinds of design solutions are used.

Striped manicure 2019

This year, when compiling stylish bows, many designers prefer such an option as striped manicure 2019:

  1. Nail art can make the image more expressive, while an extraordinary design can even act as the main highlight of the image.
  2. When combining such a variety of nail art as a striped manicure with wardrobe items, it should be borne in mind that it should be organically combined with things. The ideal solution would be if the color of the stripes or the main tone matches the color of the clothes.
  3. If a dress, skirt or striped blouse is used, then they must necessarily overlap in tone with the manicure. The exception is nail art, made in universal black and white colors or in pastel colors.

striped manicure 2019

Striped manicure 2019

striped manicure 2019striped manicure

Striped manicure for short nails

Owners of neat shortened nails will also be able to afford a spectacular striped manicure. However, when creating it, it is recommended to take into account certain features:

  1. Nail art must be done very carefully, because on the nail plates, which have a small area, the slightest flaws will be noticeable. This is especially true for dark colors, for example, when a black striped manicure is created.
  2. The best solution is the vertical arrangement of the strips, which will help visually lengthen the nail and make it visually narrower. Diagonal stripes look good too.

striped manicure for short nails

Striped manicure for short nails

stylish striped manicure

Striped manicure on long nails

Owners of elongated nail plates will be able to make absolutely any stylish striped manicure:

  • both laconic solutions made in restrained colors and extremely bright saturated options are allowed;
  • to create an evening design, you can use stripes lined with rhinestones, shiny foil or sparkles. These decorative elements can also be combined with ordinary stripes drawn with varnish.

striped manicure on long nailsbeautiful striped manicure

Striped Manicure Ideas

For fashionistas who decide to make striped nails, manicure is offered in a variety of stylistic solutions. The main ideas that the masters offer include the following:

  • a combination of several types of prints. For example, such a combination as a strip and polka dots is extremely popular;
  • the classic color combination is the combination of black and snow-white, many of the fair sex resort to this option;
  • if you want to give the image brightness, you can use almost any color scheme. This season, the attention of fashionistas is offered an extraordinary variety of shades, among which it is especially worth highlighting red, green, purple, pink;
  • striped manicure can be not only bright, but also flashy, attracting everyone’s attention. This is achieved by using several catchy shades at once;
  • the opposite trend is restraint and conciseness, such nail art is ideal for going to the office. It is created using delicate pastel colors or classic white;
  • the image can be made truly luxurious if you apply gold decoration.

striped manicure ideasstriped nails manicure

Striped Manicure Ideas

striped manicure 2019

Polka dot and stripe manicure

Such an original design as a striped manicure and polka dots is a direct reference to the retro style:

  • the most common is a black and white combination, while a dark and light background can alternate with each other, and a drawing will be made in the opposite color;
  • peas are used both small and large, the strip can be wide or narrow, presented in a single copy or in multiple quantities;
  • the image can be given catchy or gentle notes, it depends on the individual wishes of the girl. In the first case, bright colors are selected for decoration, for example, red or yellow, and in the second, restrained pastel shades.

polka dot and stripe manicure

Striped black and white manicure

One of the most popular variations of nail design is a black and white striped manicure:

  • these two colors are at the same time the opposite of each other and contrast with each other, but at the same time they are in perfect harmony with each other. Therefore, such a striped manicure looks incredibly harmonious;
  • The undoubted advantage of black and white nail art is that it can be combined with absolutely any wardrobe items, it will be a great addition to any look.

striped black and white manicureblack and white striped manicure

Red striped manicure

Fashionistas who want to place an increased emphasis on their own sexuality will appreciate the red striped manicure:

  • red can vary from bright scarlet to a dark tone close to burgundy;
  • the red tint acts as the main one, in addition to it, you can choose all kinds of tones. For example, black, pink, white, green colors look harmonious;
  • striped red manicure can be complemented by golden decorative elements, such as sparkles or foil, in combination with rhinestones.

red striped manicurered striped manicure

Green striped manicure

Such a kind of stylish nail art as a striped green manicure can give the image depth and mystery. Among the techniques used for its design, we can identify the following:

  • to complement evening bows, a design made in emerald color is perfect. It is reasonably associated with an expensive and exquisite gemstone. You can enhance the impression of luxury if you add gold stripes to nail art;
  • if you want to give the image tenderness, you can use it to draw stripes or as a background a delicate olive shade;
  • the marine theme becomes extremely relevant with the onset of the beach season. To match it, you can create a green striped manicure with an anchor. In this case, the strips can be made slightly curved, resembling sea waves.

green striped manicure

Green striped manicure

striped manicure 2019

Purple striped manicure

An incredibly elegant and extraordinary look will look beautiful striped manicure, which is used to create a purple color:

  1. Different tonality can be taken, shades vary from light, close to lilac, to saturated and deep dark purple. Depending on this, the design will look like a lighter or deeper, giving the image a mystery.
  2. The purple tone is cold, so it will look especially organic in combination with silver stripes or openwork patterns.
  3. Many masters use painting made with snow-white varnish, which will be a harmonious addition to the purple background.

purple striped manicure

Manicure in pastel colors with a strip

Girls who prefer a universal design suitable for all occasions will appreciate a beautiful striped manicure made in pastel colors:

  • to create such a delicate and romantic nail art, colors such as beige, cream, pale pink, mint, light blue, pearl and other shades are used;
  • a certain one pastel shade can be taken as a basis, or there can be several of them, harmoniously complementing each other and alternating with each other;
  • for decoration, you can take both gold and silver, both options will fit perfectly into the overall concept.

pastel manicure with stripesbeautiful striped manicure

Golden stripes in manicure

If you want to create an evening striped manicure, you can use such a spectacular technique as decorating with gold:

  • gold stripes can have different widths, be presented in a single or multiple copy;
  • golden decor elements can be made not only in the form of stripes, but also combined with any other patterns. For example, golden monograms that intertwine with stripes look very impressive;
  • gold is able to organically complement any color, but it is especially harmoniously combined with warm shades, such as red, orange, yellow.

gold stripes manicurestriped manicure

Striped multi-colored manicure

You can give the image an indescribable zest if you make a bright striped manicure using a variety of color palettes:

  • a feature of this type of nail art is that three or more shades are taken to create it. They can be similar in color or completely contrasting. In the latter case, you can get a particularly catchy and memorable design;
  • stripes can alternate with each other and be complemented by some other bright figures, often they are made on a geometric theme;
  • the arrangement of the strips can be clearly parallel to each other or arbitrary when they are drawn in a chaotic manner and intersect with each other.

striped multi-colored manicurebright striped manicure

Striped marine manicure

On the eve of the summer season, a stylish striped manicure made on a marine theme becomes especially relevant:

  • marine nail art is traditionally done in blue and white colors, but other shades can be used, for example, red or pink;
  • stripes are necessarily complemented by certain images associated with marine paraphernalia, for example, these are anchors, seagulls, boats, shells, sails and other elements.

striped marine manicure

Striped marine manicure

beautiful striped manicure

Pink striped manicure

Young fashionistas who prefer romantic and emphatically feminine bows will appreciate this option as a beautiful striped pink manicure:

  1. To get a more discreet and versatile nail art, you can use a soft pink shade close to pastel. It is successfully combined with colors such as white, beige, stripes can also be placed on a transparent background.
  2. Another variation of the design will be a hot pink design that emphasizes the sexuality of its owner as much as possible. Nail art can be embellished with sequins or rhinestones, making it even more catchy.

pink striped manicure

Pink striped manicure

striped nails manicure

White striped manicure

White striped manicure can give purity and tenderness to the image. It is reasonably recognized as universal, as it is suitable for everyday wear and for going to work. Among the variations in the design of stylish nail art, the following can be identified:

  1. A popular technique is the use of negative space, when white stripes are located on a transparent background or alternate with transparent figures.
  2. White color can be successfully combined with other shades that fit into the overall picture. For example, these are all kinds of light colors, such as beige, light pink, mint. The snow-white shade acts as the main one, and the rest of the organic colors complement it and are used in small quantities to favorably shade the base and emphasize the general mood.

white striped manicurewhite stripe manicure


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