Stripes, checks, polka dots — how to combine things correctly?

Stripes, checks and polka dots are an inseparable trinity, which for some reason evokes the children’s game of rock-paper-scissors. Only now, unfortunately, few people understand well what and how to “beat” — that is, how to assemble an elegant outfit from the main patterns. Don’t worry — we have whole 7 tips for those who strive to dress with taste!

Rule 1. Each print has its own character

To begin with, we will carefully look at the ornament and try to evaluate its capabilities.

  • For cell, for example, the reputation of a favorite has firmly entrenched — both on fashion catwalks and in life. Skirts, knitwear, coats… You can easily find something special for yourself.

  • S stripe Caution does not hurt — it is quite difficult to combine with other patterns. However, there is a little trick here: a small cage goes well with a striped skirt or trousers.

  • And finally pea — an even more capricious ornament. Fashion comes and goes, so sometimes you run the risk of causing smiles by wearing your favorite romantic dress with polka dots. Only the love of designers for small — dotted — peas remains unchanged.

Rule 2: The third one is superfluous

Connoisseurs do not recommend including more than 2 patterns in one outfit. At the same time, the rest of the elements of your wardrobe — shoes, jewelry, hats and accessories — are best chosen in soothing neutral or solid colors. For example, you can wear a colorful blouse with a dark skirt or vice versa, and pick up a handbag or scarf to match them. The main thing is not to get too carried away: the line between originality and clowning is very thin!

Rule 3: Style and color — either-or

It’s a good idea to pick up two designs that differ in color and size, but not in style. For example, blue and white polka dots, red and black stripes … You can do the opposite — combine ornaments, similar in color, but contrasting in theme — say a yellow and green striped blouse plus a brown and green plaid skirt. By the way, patterns of the same type, but of different sizes, are perfectly combined, for example, large and small peas.

Rule 4

Plaid and stripe have another important characteristic — their clear lines help visually correct the height and width of your silhouette. You probably know about this, but just in case, let’s repeat: vertical lines make you visually slimmer, while horizontal and rounded ones (polka dots) add volume.

Rule 5

Although this is often overlooked, it is still important to remember that only one expressive feature should hold the attention of others in your outfit. A motley pattern in a duet with a dress of an unusual cut rarely looks organic. Another little tip: try not to overwork any part of the body too saturated or large pattern.

Rule 6: Bright Accent

However, it is not at all necessary to wear a checkered suit from head to toe. Your originality will be much better emphasized one expressive detail. Checkered tights, a fluffy scarf or a striped handbag — and all eyes immediately rush to you!

Rule 7: Don’t be afraid to experiment!

But even with an eye on all the above rules, do not forget that clothes provide great opportunities for creativity and self-expression. What, perhaps, should not be done is to apply for work in a dressing gown. For the rest… Your style is in your hands! Who knows, maybe a new fashion will start with you one day?


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