How to strengthen nails and accelerate their growth

  1. We act from within

First of all, Proper nutrition is essential for nail health and growth.. Eat foods containing vitamins A and B (greens, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, liver, sprouted wheat grains), calcium (dairy products), silicon (seafood, onions, spinach). Be sure to enrich your diet with iodine-, sulfur-, and iron-containing foods. You can additionally drink complex multivitamins. You should also add cottage cheese and nuts to the diet. they will strengthen nails due to the content of potassium and iron.

2. Use Cuticle Oil Daily

Untreated cuticles are a small but sure step towards the appearance of hangnails. Therefore, daily application of cuticle oil is very important. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin and nails. Remember: healthy cuticles = healthy nails. It is best to choose formulations based on almond oil, which has a light texture and a huge amount of nutrients.

Massage your cuticles regularly. It will not only increase blood circulation, but also contribute to the growth of nails. Massage is best done with a nourishing cream, which will be discussed later.

3. Buy soft nail files

You may have heard that glass nail files are better than others, but while they are beautiful, more durable and easy to clean, it is better to invest in soft files. Literally soft. These are usually flat, double-sided files that are easy to bend. Often they come in several pieces in a set.

To get the best out of your nail file, always choose soft nail files or rectangular buffs with multiple features. They prevent delamination of nails.

4. Watch your nail filing technique

To strengthen nails, they need to be filed properly. So they will not crumble and break. Moving back and forth around the perimeter of the nail tip can lead to delamination, so always file your nails in the same direction using long, quick, but gentle strokes. Like little touches. Start at the outer edge of the plate and move towards the center. This technique will give you a smooth polished plate tip surface and more control over the shape.

5. Avoid nail polish removers that are high in acetone.

Remember: acetone-free «washes» for varnish do not exist. This is just a marketing ploy to make you think that you are buying a gentle remedy. Those products that are called acetone-free also contain acetone, just in a smaller amount.

Products that contain high concentrations of acetone (a powerful solvent that quickly removes nail polish) have a very bad effect on the nail plates, making them more brittle and dry.

6. Soak your nails

There are many different bath recipes — with or without oils. But the main strengthening component of each of them is sea salt. Do such baths once a week so that your nails are strong and do not break.

7. A couple of folk remedies

In order to strengthen the nail plate, use iodine. Apply it on the entire surface of the nail and leave until completely absorbed. You can also try using olive oil, lemon juice. These components are rubbed into the nail, and then washed off or removed with a damp cloth.

8. Hand masks are a must-have for all modern girls.

To keep the beauty of the handles for a long time and improve the health of the nails, use hand masks. Masks, as a rule, are more concentrated in composition than creams and emulsions, they should be done 1-2 times a week. Choose those that contain a lot of essential oils and natural ingredients (shea butter, aloe extract, urea).

9. Apply hand and nail cream

Although nails are a harder stratum corneum than skin, they also need to be moisturized. When applying the cream on your hands, make sure that it also gets on your nails. Literally rub it with massage movements. The product will nourish the plates and strengthen them, and the massage will increase blood flow and promote accelerated nail growth.

10. Protective and healing varnishes.

To protect the nail plate from the negative effects of the environment, it is worth resorting to special varnishes that take care of the nail plate and take care of its safety. On top of such varnishes, you can safely apply a regular colored varnish.

11. Gloves are the head of everything.

In the autumn-winter period, do not forget about gloves, as low temperatures adversely affect the nails, making them brittle and exfoliating.

Also, do not forget about gloves (now rubber ones) while cleaning the house and washing dishes. Cleaners have an extremely negative effect on the nails, destroying their structure. After cleaning, apply a nourishing cream and rub it thoroughly.

12. A few words about gel polishes and extensions.

Another common myth: gel polishes ruin nails. This is not true. Gel polish does not affect the nail plate and does not destroy it. If you removed the gel coating and found that your nails are not in the best condition, then most likely the matter is in poor-quality removal of the material and errors in the work of the master. The same goes for extensions. Nevertheless, we advise you not to overwear the gel coating (acceptable period of wearing the coating is 2-2.5 weeks).

It is also believed that nails, like hair, are a mirror of the body. Perhaps problems with nails are only the consequences of certain diseases. If the improvement did not follow even after long-term treatment and the use of various methods of healing, then you need to look for the root cause in the body. A trip to a competent doctor, in this case, is desirable.

The beauty of a girl is her naturalness, but naturalness must also be monitored regularly. Our well-groomed face, skin, hair, hands, nails, legs are the result of daily efforts. But you must admit that it is pleasant to spend energy on taking care of your body. Be beautiful, dear girls!


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