Style and image

If we talk about style and image, it is important to note that these two concepts complement each other. So, each person has his own image — this is a manner of communication, character traits, temperament, lifestyle, and all this is perfectly reflected in the style of clothing. It is our inner qualities that form our style, so it would be more correct to say that style and image create a unique image of each girl.

Based on what style a woman prefers, one can judge the features of her character, taste preferences and much more.

The influence of fashion on the creation of image and style

It is difficult to overestimate the influence of fashion on the formation of a unique style and image. However, when trying on modern novelties, the main thing is not to overdo it and carefully include fashion trends in your image. Not forgetting about the harmonious combination and the state of comfort, not only physical, but also spiritual.

For example, the current trend welcomes the mixing of different styles of clothing when creating an individual image, thereby allowing each woman to achieve maximum self-expression.

Style, image, beauty and lifestyle

If fashion is a changeable concept, and changes its priorities every year, then beauty has a more established framework. A long time ago, beauty is usually understood as a competent combination of style and image with features of physique, appearance, lifestyle, and behavior. After all, the impression of even the most beautiful girl with smooth and clean skin, a beautiful figure and expensive things can be spoiled by vulgar manners, or a tastelessly chosen outfit.

Undeniably, an important role in creating style and image is played by the field of activity and lifestyle. A vivid confirmation of this is the style and image of a business person, the hallmark of which is rigor and restraint in all its manifestations. In addition to the prevailing classic clothes in the wardrobe, a business lady will give out exquisite taste, intelligence and decency. Of course, fashionable innovations can give this image some zest, but few dare to go beyond what is permitted. By the way, such conservatism often becomes a real problem for adherents of business style, to which authoritarianism and uncompromisingness can be added over time.

As opposed to the business style, there is an extravagant one, whose lovers are the first to respond to the «peak of fashion». A distinctive feature of the image and style of an extravagant lady is independence and unpredictability, as well as a tendency to dream up.


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