style and silhouette in clothes

We are all used to using words like «style» and «silhouette» in everyday speech, but we often don’t even think about what they really mean. Style is a community of different artistic and expressive means, which is expressed in the form and content of household items, architecture and art. Clothing is a direct carrier of style, and expresses it through the silhouette, fabric texture and color. The silhouette in clothes is its outlines. The word itself comes from French and means the external outlines of an object, or its “shadow”. There are various types of silhouettes in clothing.

Geometric shapes — the basis of silhouettes

Each new decade brings its own adjustments to fashion trends and opens up new horizons of style. The most versatile and simple is a straight silhouette in clothes. It can be recommended for almost all figures and ages, it does not emphasize the figure, and therefore it can hide its flaws, such as the absence of a wasp waist. The fitted and semi-adjacent silhouette in clothes are very popular. Such options are possible for those who have something to emphasize and thus attract attention. The fitted version perfectly highlights the figure and makes the chest and buttocks more prominent, so you also need to be careful with this silhouette if these are the places you need not to highlight too much. But the semi-adjacent one is more gentle on the shortcomings of the figure, it only slightly emphasizes its shape.

Bold decision

The silhouette of a trapeze in clothes is far from suitable for everyone, but, nevertheless, it has been at the peak of popularity for more than a decade. In this silhouette, there is an expansion from the armhole or shoulder line. This option looks great on tall and thin girls, as it visually fills and thus evens out the contrast between being too tall and a thin figure.


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