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The world of fashion is very diverse and multifaceted. A lot of styles and trends, a lot of suggestions and recommendations — how to figure it all out in order to have your own unique image? Answering this question, first of all, you should pay attention to those who are called icons of fashion and style.

20th century style icons

There are names whose authority in the fashion world has been indisputable for many decades. Coco Chanel has become such an authority and truly an icon of fashion. Who doesn’t know her little black muslin dress with a long string of pearls? It is still relevant, designers only bring in some modern nuances. And her famous costumes? The great Coco gave the world not just clothes, she gave her own style — the style of elegance, beauty and femininity.

The style icons of the 50s of the last century, of course, include Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. Until now, Jacqueline Kennedy remains a role model, whose style has always been recognizable by the main details — gloves, sunglasses, a pillbox hat, an A-line dress and a three-quarter sleeve jacket.

It is no coincidence that Marilyn Monroe is also called a style icon. Who has not admired and still does not admire her very feminine, but also frankly sexy outfits? Her style is the epitome of love and sensuality.

It is impossible not to mention the actress of Soviet cinema Lyubov Orlova. A truly heroic woman. To be an icon of style, a favorite of millions at that time and in that country, is a great courage.

Another great actress, the unsurpassed Catherine Deneuve, can rightfully be attributed to the style icons, but already of the 60s. She was a friend and muse of the great Yves Saint Laurent. Her style — the same, French — drove millions of women crazy. Classic exquisite jackets, midi skirts, soothing colors, impeccable cut, neat hair styling are the basis of her image. Like a real Frenchwoman, Madame could create a feminine and seductive image in tightly buttoned clothes. The actress even now, despite her age, looks great, presenting the world with a role model.

Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Bridget Bordeaux, Twiggy (Leslie Hornby) — these are the names that became style icons of the 60s of the last century, although, perhaps, they remain so now.

21st century style icons

The coming new century can also be proud of its outstanding personalities in the world of style and fashion. Everyone is familiar with the names of Angelina Jolie, always striking in the sophistication and elegance of outfits; Kate Moss, who manages to look her best in skinny jeans, a top, and a distressed $9 million leather jacket (her yearly income); Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen with their eclectic chic.

Kate Middleton can also be attributed to modern style icons. Who, no matter how she be a role model. After all, she became the wife of not just a prince, but the son of Diana Spencer. The same Lady Dee, who still remains the unsurpassed Queen of style. Willingly or unwittingly, Kate has to live up to the status of Princess Diana’s daughter-in-law. Recently, some fashion critics have begun to rank the wife of US President Michelle Obama among modern style icons.

How to become a style icon?

To create your own unique image, there are no strict rules, laws and principles. The presence in the wardrobe of basic universal things well-fitted to the figure is the basis for creating your own unique style. And perhaps most importantly, you should not become a victim of fashion, chasing expensive or branded items. Being stylish does not mean having only expensive things. The still incomparable Chanel said: «Lack of funds is not a reason not to have style.» Many stylish women are far from the richest. A sense of proportion and taste is the basis of style.


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