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Often, looking at celebrities, the question arises, how do they manage to always look fashionable and beautiful? There is no doubt that every star has her own stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist, or even more than one, who help in creating unique images. But what about ordinary women who also want to look one hundred percent? Some professionals are happy to reveal their secrets of style. We invite you to learn about them.

To begin with, it is worth noting that to create an impeccable image, you need not only to wear a beautiful outfit, but make-up and hairstyle play a significant role. But, perhaps, let’s start in order.

Secrets of style and fashion in clothes

So, the famous Victoria Beckham, a former singer and model who releases her own clothing line, regularly shares her secrets. She is rightfully considered an icon of style, because she knows a lot about this business. The star believes that in order to create a harmonious image, it is important to be able to combine elements of the wardrobe and choose the right clothes. You also need to be aware of the latest fashion trends. Knowing about all the new products, you can easily choose a fashionable thing for yourself. After all, it is not in vain that they say: «who owns the information, he owns the world.» So, a few tips from Victoria Beckham:

  1. Before dressing up, you need to imagine your image and think it through to the smallest detail. Original ideas can be borrowed even from past centuries.
  2. Classics are eternal, so you should not spare money to buy things that are always in trend.
  3. Styling begins with underwear, so use only high-quality and beautiful products.
  4. Every woman should have a mystery, so you should not show everyone your charms.

Fashion designer Andre Tan also spoke about some of the secrets of beauty and style, and in his opinion, a woman should be natural, because at all times it was most appreciated. It’s not just about makeup, but also about choosing clothes. In makeup, everything should be kept to a minimum, that is, to create the perfect tone of the face, give it a slight glow and velvety, make an expressive look and emphasize the lips with lipstick of light and natural colors or apply gloss. As for naturalness in clothes, then, according to a professional, you need to correctly select materials and suitable colors.

Finally, I would like to recall the main rule of a stylish woman, which is the ability to determine your appearance color type and body type. And already on the basis of this, you need to choose suitable outfits.


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