Styling for long hair - 36 photos of fashion solutions for girls and women

Fashion is cyclical, but it also has a certain stability. For example, styling for long hair is always welcome, regardless of trends. Therefore, it is worth stocking up with several options to look as impressive and attractive as possible. Thanks to the variety of variations presented, any girl will be able to choose a hairstyle to her taste.

Hair styling for long hair 2020

Stylists offer a variety of fashionable styling for long hair 2020:

  1. It is important to observe one condition — to choose styling depending on the shape, type of face. About the structure of the hair, too, do not forget.
  2. The fashion trend of 2020 is slight negligence and sloppiness, so a volumetric variation will be the most suitable for elongated strands.
  3. The hairstyle may contain bangs or be without it, the design features also depend on this.
  4. Styling for long hair can be complemented by a wet effect, created in a retro style, loose or gathered.

long hair styling 2020fashion styling for long hair 2020

Hairstyles for long hair without bangs

Original and stylish styling for long hair can be done without bangs:

  1. Not every woman is a fan of curls and voluminous styling. A laconic, but stylish hairstyle can be created with straight long strands without bangs. For this, a special spray is used, which makes it easy to comb the curls. It has an antistatic effect on them, so the hair is not electrified and does not fluff.
  2. For very naughty strands, a styler was invented. It perfectly straightens curls, forming a perfectly smooth styling. Too stiff and curly strands need to be straightened with an iron.
  3. Styling for long hair without bangs can be done on a horizontal parting or oblique. The option with combed back strands looks no worse.

hairstyles for long hair without bangs

Long hair styling with bangs

Bangs are one of the main trends of 2020. This element is complemented by many modern styling for long hair:

  1. Bangs can be asymmetrical, shortened, classic or elongated.
  2. All styling options that apply to elongated curls without bangs are also suitable in this case.
  3. The bangs can be straightened and evenly combed, thrown to the right or left side. If the length allows, then it can even be slightly twisted.

hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Long hair styling for every day

Stylists offer all kinds of fashionable styling for long hair. Strands can and should be decorated with hairpins, headbands or ribbons. The type of styling and decor depends on the requirements of the dress code. A beautiful headband with flowers will suit a student or a representative of the artistic profession. In the office, you can braid your hair from the middle, and not from the crown.

Weaving elements look great on long hair. In addition, by changing the direction style, you can change the overall appearance. The most relevant types of weaving:

  • braid of four and five strands;
  • french braid;
  • spit «waterfall»;
  • braid around the head.

styling long hair for every day

Curls for long hair

An incredibly romantic and feminine look can be given by styling “curls” on long hair. With the help of a curling iron, you can make beautiful curls. If light curls are required, then:

  • first you should wash your hair, dry it with a hairdryer;
  • apply thermal protection to the hair;
  • divide the curls into two parts with a horizontal device;
  • wind them on a curling iron, starting with a strand in the ear area. Hold for only 5 seconds and smoothly unwind it;
  • wind all the strands in this way, and then comb them with a round comb to add volume;
  • Curling iron can also create textured curls. The principle is the same, but a curling iron with a diameter of no more than 31 mm is used. Strands should be wound from the face or to the face;
  • to create small curls on the hair, you need to apply not only thermal protection, but also a modeling foam. Then the curls last longer.

styling curls for long hair

Volume styling for long hair

Volumetric beautiful styling for long hair will give an incredible charm:

  1. A grunge hairstyle is perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your hair. A special kind of deliberate negligence looks great on loose or collected hair. In the first case, you need to apply a little mousse to the hair and ruffle the curls with your hands.
  2. The second option suggests that the hair needs to be collected in a low or high ponytail, combed with a comb. As a result, the tail will turn out to be voluminous and fluffy, and the crown will remain smoother.

voluminous styling for long hair

Side styling for long hair

One of the most popular variations is styling on long hair on its side:

  1. It is performed on loose hair, with weaving and braids, with buns and tails.
  2. Careless styling for long hair can be combined.
  3. When laying long hair on its side, you should choose the accent side, on which the strands are combed and twisted.
  4. Strands on the accent side can even be braided into several braids. You can also throw the tail on its side, and then braid it into a braid.
  5. Strands can be laid on their side, making a bunch. As for the combined variation, weaving and tails can be combined.

side styling for long hair

Ponytail styling for long hair

The tail is one of the most popular varieties in which easy styling is performed on long hair. It differs in height and appearance of the tail. You can wind it with a curling iron or leave it smooth or comb the parietal zone with a comb, a round comb. The easiest option is to make a low ponytail. For this you need:

  • wash your hair and dry it with a hair dryer;
  • apply wax to the strands to give an even and smooth look;
  • straighten the hair with an iron and collect in a ponytail, leaving one strand free;
  • the remaining strand should wrap the elastic band that holds the tail.

ponytail styling for long hair

Corrugated styling for long hair

The effect of the corrugation looks interesting, and the image makes it more expressive. The main advantage that styling with an iron on long hair has is durability. Stylists assure that it will keep its shape for at least a day. On elongated strands, the corrugation creates a visual volume, so the hairstyle becomes more lush and attractive. To create a styling, you only need a curling iron, heat protectants, and a hot iron. Handymen of all trades manage with a large number of small rubber bands. The corrugation effect looks equally good on light and dark curls.

corrugation styling for long hair

Hairstyle for long hair

Recently, a simple styling for long hair containing bouffant has been extremely popular:

  1. For high-quality fleece, you should first wash the strands. The best way to do this is with a special volumizing shampoo. In addition, you need to stock up: hair dryer, varnish, round comb, comb with frequent teeth.
  2. Hair styling is difficult to do on thick, coarse hair. It is important to pay attention to the thickness of the strands. Hairdressers advise not to make strands more than 3-5 cm thick.
  3. For every day, styling for long hair with a “blunt” pile is ideal. In this case, the strands are only partially lifted at the roots. The styling goes well with slightly curly curls. It is also suitable for young ladies who are proud of loose long curls.
  4. One of the most popular bouffant hairstyles is the famous «babette» Brigitte Bardot. On elongated strands, thick fleece also looks great.

bouffant styling for long hair

High styling for long hair

High styling for very long hair is striking in variety:

  1. You can build both a simple and strict ponytail, and a solemn image.
  2. Not all girls fit high styling. It is contraindicated for those who have a high forehead, a round or square face, weak cheekbones, curly hair that is difficult to straighten with an iron.
  3. Updo for long hair in the form of a bun is good for a party or a romantic date. For a glamorous party, it is worth making a high mohawk. You don’t need to shave your whiskey for this. The strands are simply combed and pinned at the back, perpendicular to the ear.
  4. The «bun-shell» looks elegant. This variation is suitable for hairstyles with or without bangs. It goes well with any look, bringing a touch of rebellion.

high updos for long hair

Asymmetrical styling for long hair

A great solution would be styling on long straight hair or on curly strands with asymmetry:

  1. To create a luxurious volume and shape, it is worth using products without silicone in the composition. Hollywood stylists recommend using dry shampoo immediately after washing and drying your hair.
  2. Asymmetric beautiful styling for long hair makes a woman younger than her age. Its feature is the different length of the strands. Thanks to the cascading shape of the hair, it is possible to do something original.
  3. A popular option is «rhapsody», when twisted strands are neatly stacked on top of each other. It is only important that the strands at the top and bottom are of different lengths.
  4. It is important not to forget about the bangs, which can reach the middle of the forehead, eyebrows or cheeks, chin. It can be cut evenly diagonally or make a milled diagonal.

asymmetrical hairstyles for long hair

Wet styling for long hair

A real trend of recent seasons has become a quick styling for long hair, containing a wet effect:

  • this design is achieved through the use of special cosmetics, which are evenly distributed over the strands;
  • Wet styling for long hair can be done on both straight and straight strands. In the latter case, they harmoniously look combed back.

wet styling for long hair

Long-term styling for long hair

Looking great for a long period of time will help long-term styling for long hair, known as carving:

  1. Curls can vary in the width of the curls. For example, be light and delicate or chic medium curls. Fashionable styling for long hair is ideal for both everyday life and evening walks.
  2. It is important that the strands are well-groomed and look neat. A sophisticated effect can be achieved if light and smooth curls are made in front.
  3. For an everyday exit, you can twist two strands on the sides into flagella and stab them at the back of the head.

permanent styling for long hair

Evening styling for long hair

For an evening out, festive styling for long hair is offered in a variety of variations:

  1. bundle. An easy-to-do styling that can be further decorated with sparkles or special studs.
  2. Curls. This is an actual styling that can be done in different ways. Curls can be laid on one or both sides, beautifully fixed, weaved jewelry into them. Hollywood curls are very popular.
  3. Wave ponytail. To create it, you need to twist the upper part of the hair into a loose bundle and secure it with an invisibility, and then make a low tail.
  4. Hair styling. Suitable for many girls and look spectacular.
  5. Retro side hairstyle. The hair is divided into a side parting, a small strand is taken from the ear to the parting. They form a pile, wrap the tourniquet and fasten it in the direction of the parting. On the opposite side, you can fix some catchy decoration. Small strands are neatly fixed at the back of the head.

evening styling for long hair

Cocktail styling for long hair

Cocktail styling for a corporate party for long hair differs from the everyday one in a more complex implementation. There are several options:

  1. Curls. You can make light curls. This styling is especially suitable for girls with original dyed hair.
  2. Tail. It is required to make a perfectly smooth and high tail that looks very bold. And for more conservative girls, a low ponytail is suitable.
  3. Volume braid. The perfect cocktail hairstyle that looks good with a cocktail dress or skirts with blouses.
  4. Retro styling in the style of Brigitte Bardot. They look very beautiful and impressive, so the girl will definitely be in the spotlight.
  5. Volumetric braid-shell. It needs to be braided to one side, and then pull each of the weaves with your fingers. So the hairstyle will be more voluminous.
  6. Harnesses. Looks original and free. In this case, there should not be any difficulties in implementation.
  7. Half-braid. A great option for girls with very elongated strands.
  8. Reverse spikelet and tail. A simple hairstyle that looks free and interesting.
  9. bundle with loose strands, which looks simple and elegant.

cocktail styling for long hair

Wedding styling for long hair

Any bride wants to look beautiful, so styling for long hair for a wedding will come to the rescue. You can choose from the following options:

  1. Volume beam. It looks very nice, especially if you complement it with flowers and invisibility with rhinestones. You can release a few strands and curl them slightly.
  2. high beam. This is also an extremely popular hairstyle for weddings. For greater beauty, you can use waves, weaving or curls.
  3. Braiding for long hair. Loose braids or neat waves are a great option for brides.
  4. Styling with beautiful hairpins. The choice of jewelry is simply incredible, so any girl will definitely find something for herself. It is best to take flowers — live or artificial.
  5. Loose long hair, slightly curled to the ends. A good option for absolutely healthy hair.
  6. High ponytail with dainty accessories. Can be done on both straight and wavy hair.
  7. Styling with floral wreaths. They look incredibly elegant and feminine.
  8. Loose braids with woven flowers. The most important thing is to securely fix such styling so that it does not deteriorate during the festive events.

bridal hairstyles for long hair


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