Styling for medium hair - photo review of the most fashionable solutions

A harmonious addition to a stylish look can be styling on medium hair. It can be created in a casual or festive version, using a variety of effects. Both owners of straight and curly strands will be able to choose for themselves a suitable hairstyle.

Hair styling for medium hair 2020

This season, stylists present all kinds of fashion styling 2020 for medium hair:

  • the retro style is becoming extremely popular, which can be achieved with the help of Hollywood waves or collected hairstyles with a fleece or other characteristic elements;
  • modern styling for medium hair can be lush and voluminous or created with a wet effect, when the strands, on the contrary, look smooth;
  • well-chosen coloring will help to shade the chosen styling favorably, techniques such as balayazh, shatush, ombre, highlighting and coloring are in trend.

hairstyles for medium hair 2020fashion styling 2020 for medium hairmodern hairstyles for medium hair

Medium hair styling with bangs

To correct certain shortcomings and present the appearance in the most favorable light, styling on medium-length hair with bangs will help. Among the popular variations of hairstyle design are the following:

  • bangs, known as the «curtain», which is a direct reference to the retro style. It is divided into two halves and smoothly descends along the sides of the forehead;
  • shortened bangs of considerable density, which ideally complement the caret;
  • multi-layer bangs, in which the shortened layer overlaps with the elongated one. Due to this, volume is formed, and the hairstyle takes on an extraordinary look;
  • asymmetry, which is characterized by differences in length in one and the other side;
  • styling on medium hair can be supplemented with milled bangs, but this option is preferable for thick strands.

hairstyles for medium hair with bangshairstyles for medium length hair with bangs

Hairstyles for medium hair without bangs

If a girl has no bangs, then stylish styling on medium hair is also acceptable for her:

  • the strands can be combed back, leaving the face completely open and giving the hairstyle a wet effect. This styling is done using a special gel. However, when creating it, it must be borne in mind that this option is suitable for women with a perfect face shape;
  • lush curls — one of the most common options. It is suitable when the face needs to be made visually narrower. This method looks very romantic;
  • perfectly aligned strands in the presence of an elongated caret — this type of styling will fit perfectly into both everyday and business bows;
  • careless quick styling on medium hair will give an image of mischief, this option is perfect for young fashionistas;
  • in the absence of a bang, the parting can be located clearly in the middle or to the side, while it can have a flat or zigzag shape.

hairstyles for medium hair without bangsstylish hairstyles for medium hair

Everyday styling for medium hair

Stylists offer girls a variety of fashionable styling for medium hair:

  • curls of different sizes are extremely popular, both large curls and small curls;
  • in the absence of the proper volume, it can be given to the strands using certain techniques;
  • the styling of the corrugation on medium hair looks incredibly stylish;
  • in recent seasons, the trend is bouffant, which provides additional volume;
  • another fashion trend is to give the strands a wet effect;
  • all sorts of retro variations returned to fashion, these are both loose and collected hairstyles;
  • you can make the image unique with the help of asymmetry;
  • styling can be both low and high, one or another choice is made depending on the features of the appearance and the individual wishes of the fashionista.

daily styling for medium hairtrendy hairstyles for medium hair

Curls for medium hair

For many seasons in a row, styling on medium hair, made in the form of curls, has been invariably popular. Stylists offer a variety of ways to perform it:

  • coarsely curled curls that can be securely fixed with varnish or go down in a slightly sloppy random order;
  • small curls that will give the strands a significant volume. This must be taken into account, since this option is suitable for owners of thinner hair; on thick strands, excessive volume may look out of place;
  • styling «waves» on medium hair, made in the Hollywood version. This hairstyle is a direct reference to the retro style and looks incredibly impressive.

curls for medium hairfashion styling 2020 for medium hair

Volume styling for medium hair

A popular way to style medium length hair is to add extra volume to the strands. This is achieved using the following methods:

  • bouffant, which can be done in different areas, depending on where you want to add volume;
  • styling on thin hair of medium length allows for a small curl, which can give a very significant volume. In this case, the strands can be fluffed or treated with a gel to create an imitation of wet hair;
  • whipped curls of medium size, while deliberately light negligence is attached to the hairstyle.

volume styling for medium hair

Corrugated styling for medium hair

To make a truly unique bow will help styling with an iron on medium hair, giving the effect of a corrugation:

  • strands can be made corrugated along the entire length and entire area of ​​u200bu200bthe hair;
  • corrugated can be created and only any specific part, for example, it is a bang or side strands;
  • corrugated styling on medium hair can be loose or collected, in the latter case it is recommended to make it in the form of a tail or leave a few strands released from the bundle.

corrugation styling for medium hair

Hairstyle for medium hair

Bouffant is a popular way in recent seasons to create beautiful styling for medium hair. There are several variations of its implementation:

  • bouffant can be applied on an elongated bang, while combing it back and fixing it with hairpins;
  • bouffant can be the perfect complement to collected hairstyles, in this case, any parts you want are used: for example, front or side, which are pinned back and complemented by a stylish bun. You can also make a pile in the back, visually increasing the size of the beam.

bouffant hairstyles for medium hairbeautiful hairstyles for medium hair

Lush styling for medium hair

Light styling on medium hair, which is given splendor, will look amazing:

  • for this purpose, strands can be combed in certain areas;
  • the following technique will also help: pre-weaving small braids, which subsequently bloom;
  • corrugation, made with the help of a special ironing, also makes the hairstyle more magnificent;
  • whipping curls will be a win-win way.

fluffy styling for medium hair

Wet styling for medium hair

Stylish, but at the same time deliberately casual styling for medium hair can be created by giving the strands a wet effect:

  • hair is treated with a special tool, which provides the desired effect;
  • this technique looks unique on curly curls;
  • you can apply a wet effect on even strands, combing them back. In this case, the hairstyle should be without bangs.

wet styling for medium hair

Retro styling for medium hair

Original and stylish styling for medium hair can be embodied in a retro look. In this case, both dissolved and assembled options are allowed:

  • loose strands can be laid in large and clearly defined waves;
  • you can make a reverse perm and securely fix it with varnish;
  • common and collected styling on medium hair. For example, strands can be collected by bouffanting in front of it. You can also make a neat bunch, turned in the opposite direction.

retro styling for medium hair

Asymmetrical styling for medium hair

Laying on the side on medium hair or any other variations of asymmetry will help to give the image originality:

  • a haircut can be asymmetrical in itself, for example, it is a bob in which one side is shorter than the other. In this case, a side parting will help to emphasize the asymmetry;
  • you can make a half-assembled hairstyle, in which the strands are picked up on one side and remain loose on the other;
  • A fully assembled hairstyle can also look asymmetrical. For example, the bun can be combed to one side, like a high or low tail. Weaving looks impressive, which is concentrated in any one particular side. On the other side, the strands are smoothly combed towards the opposite side.

asymmetrical styling for medium hairside styling for medium hair

High styling for medium hair

Extremely impressive look simple styling on medium hair, made in a high version. There are such varieties of them:

  • a beam that is concentrated at the top. In this case, the hairstyle is often accompanied by a fleece;
  • high «pony» tail, which does not lose its popularity for many seasons;
  • a highly braided braid that can go down freely or be collected in the form of a bundle.

updo for medium hair

Evening styling for medium hair

To harmoniously complement the evening bow, a festive styling for medium hair is intended, which can be performed in the following variations:

  • skillfully created weaving, in which several types of braids can be used, organically combined with each other;
  • all kinds of pigtails can be used as components of a complex beam, while it can be located both in the upper and lower parts;
  • a variety of loose hairstyles are also suitable, often these are coarsely curled or Hollywood curls. In the latter case, the styling will harmoniously fit into the retro style, consisting of a dress with a flared skirt and bare shoulders;
  • the addition of hairstyles with all kinds of decorative elements, such as transparent rhinestones or colored stones, chains, beads, feathers, is welcome.

evening styling for medium hair

Cocktail styling for medium hair

A real decoration of the image can be styling for a corporate party on medium hair or an option designed for a cocktail party:

  • it can be loose hairstyles, such as large or medium-sized curls, curled in the traditional way or done in the opposite direction at the ends of the strands;
  • both high and low beams are suitable, complemented by fleece or consisting of various weaves;
  • a high tail is another good option.

cocktail styling for medium hair

Long-term styling for medium hair

In the case when it is necessary that the hairstyle be kept as long as possible, styling on medium hair with straight hair, which is curled using a special technique known as carving, is suitable:

  • hair is done with the help of chemicals that provide a long-term effect. However, at the same time, they are gentle and do not violate the structure of the strands;
  • carving makes the hair curly, the size of the curls is selected at individual discretion, it can be very small or larger curls;
  • this option is ideal for owners of thin strands who need to give additional visual volume. However, they should not be unnecessarily fragile or damaged. Technique, although it belongs to the category of sparing, however, can have a certain effect;
  • the effect of carving gradually disappears on its own, it lasts for about two months. Moreover, unlike a perm, a second procedure can be carried out after a few months.

long-term styling for medium hair


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