Styling for short hair - a photo review of the most fashionable solutions

Styling for short hair is suitable for the fair sex at any age. For young girls, she will add expression and eccentricity, and for older ladies she will help to rejuvenate, and with a masterful selection, visually say goodbye to several years. Different styling methods are suitable for all kinds of occasions.

Hair styling for short hair 2020

Styling for short hair for women is taken as the basis for models that have come out of the hands of advanced stylists. Often, new fashionable haircuts and styling are tried on by world celebrities who often experiment with appearance, and later more successful options can be found on the average woman. To look irresistible with short hair, the following types of styling are performed:

  1. bob. The bob hairstyle is a variation of the traditional hairstyle, in which the front part has a slightly elongated look. Due to her originality, she looks very stylish, unusual and does not leave anyone indifferent. It goes well with both perfectly straight hair and with curls or a light careless wave.
  2. pixie. Dynamics and grace merged together in this hairstyle. A lot of styling variations will allow you to indulge in experiments and modify the image every time. Behind all the extravagance, this type of styling emphasizes femininity and sophistication, regardless of the length, whether it is ultra-short or slightly elongated.
  3. Garson. Haircut «under the boy» has no age restrictions and is applicable for older ladies and young girls who want to emphasize their eccentricity and individuality. It is interesting in combination with unusual coloring and gel styling with the separation of each strand.


Short hair styling with bangs

Easy styling for short hair, regardless of the presence or absence of bangs, is easily done at home. Bangs add a few extra hairstyle options as they can be swirled, straightened, or beautifully pinned up with trendy hair accessories. For short hair, these types of bangs are suitable:

  1. Side bangs. Traditional and common hairstyle, harmonious on short hair. Such a bang can be much longer than the haircut itself, be multi-level, thinned out, perfectly even or torn.
  2. Smooth bangs. It is combined with a bob hairstyle, and all its varieties. At the same time, the hair is straightened or wound with stylers, and the bangs invariably remain even.
  3. Short bangs. An ideal addition to very short hair, it will not stand out from the overall picture, but will only add sophistication and mystery.
  4. asymmetrical bangs. A multi-level fantasy bang is suitable for informal and extraordinary personalities who choose it as a way of self-expression.


Hairstyles for short hair without bangs

Styling for short hair for a corporate party in the new season does not need excessive pomposity. The trend is simplicity and naturalness, both in clothes and in hairstyles and makeup. The absence of a bang does not make the hairstyle worse, and there are fewer options. Without bangs, you can carry out various options for everyday or ceremonial styling. Styling options without bangs:

  1. light waves. Quick styling for short hair is done elementarily without special skills and abilities. To do this, after washing your hair, twist the slightly dried strands into a tight bun at the crown. After the hair is completely dry, it acquires natural volume and seductive waves.
  2. bouffant up. A short haircut, voluminously fixed at the top, looks incredibly stylish. With such styling, you can “both in a feast and in the world” — it will be appropriate for any event, it will make the face more open and radiant.
  3. Straight hair. Despite the simplicity, perfectly even hair catches the eye, looks well-groomed and neat.


Fashion styling for short hair

Hairstyles and styling for short hair are in trend every fashion season. They are modified, improved, new styles appear, they are combined with an unusual dyeing technique or hair color. The most stylish styling of 2020:

  1. Using stylers. Any haircut is easy to transform by simply winding the curls. The variety of different attachments on the styler will help you achieve relaxed large waves or small African curls. The curls are fixed to the side, up, or divided by an even parting on two sides. This hairstyle can be decorated with hairpins, a few invisible ones.
  2. hair cap. The haircut of the same name is combined with both straight and curled hair. The curls twist towards or away from the face. Suitable for women seeking to create additional volume on the head.
  3. Haircut «Caprice». A kind of analogue of a haircut cascade on short hair is the best solution for thin hair. She is able to fill the missing volume.


Curls for short hair

Curly styling for short hair is always popular with women. And natural curls make it easier to wind them up. To achieve playful curls, there are several ways to get them:

  1. curlers. They come in different diameters and types: soft, large, thermo, small wooden papillots. Different types have different effects, some result in large waves, while others result in small curls.
  2. Curling irons with special nozzles. The wave can be not only round, but also have pointed bends, which are obtained by winding onto a curling iron.
  3. Harnesses. A non-standard way to acquire light curls. It is best to wind your hair in this way at night, tying it in a bun high on the top of your head, and enjoy quick and easy styling in the morning. It is noteworthy that this styling is very resistant and can last until the next hair wash, unlike other styling methods.


Hair styling for short hair

Beautiful styling for short hair with a bob haircut focuses on the type of haircut and is repelled from it when choosing a stylish look. Types of caret for short hair:

  1. classic caret. Straight cut hair to one length, with or without bangs, stylish with smooth glossy hair and flirty curls.
  2. Kare with elongated strands. At the back, the short length creates unsurpassed volume, while the front long strands beautifully emphasize the face. This hairstyle is versatile and suits any face shape.
  3. Sasson. A caret with smooth semi-circular lines and arched bangs, which blends perfectly with smooth hair.


Volume styling for short hair

Curling on short hair adds missing volume and lifts the hair at the very roots. With the help of this device, not only straight hair will become voluminous, it is also fashionable for them to make a small perm. Curling hair styling options:

  1. Marilyn Monroe style. Highly raised bangs and seductive curls are easy to achieve with a curling iron.
  2. slicked back bangs. You can lift and fix the bangs at the top with a curling iron and varnish for fixing. Long bangs are attached with beautiful hairpins, additionally decorating the head.
  3. Volume from bangs. From above, starting from the middle of the head, a pile is made, and the bangs are made even and straight, or fixed to one side or on two sides.


One side styling for short hair

A careless styling for short hair with a side comb is good on a long bang, which creates the desired effect and trendy chaos on the head. Hairstyle options with bangs on one side:

  1. Garcon with long bangs. The boyish ultra-short haircut acquires novelty and eccentricity when the bangs are left long. If the bangs are straightened, then it is better to bend to the face, and it is recommended to curl in the opposite direction.
  2. Kare to one side. Even the hair of one looks different with an even and side parting. If you lay the bob on one side, a cascading effect will appear and visually the hair will become thicker and denser.

one side

Side styling for short hair

Styling on very short hair is problematic without the use of gels, foams and varnishes for fixation. All these tools will help set the right direction for the hair, separate the strands, fix the result in order to enjoy it for as long as possible. Variations of an ultra-short hairstyle to the side:

  1. Ragged haircut. Super stylish and daring styling with strand separation. An ideal choice for courageous, independent and strong-willed women. The strands are stacked without additional volume, but there are also options when several upper strands are fixed in height, if they do not have excessive length.
  2. Gavroche. A kind of short boy-style hairstyle with a tattered bang on the side, which looks better than a straight one.


Retro styling for short hair

Gatsby-style styling for short hair is an excellent choice for a themed party. Such styling has characteristic features and differences that transfer the owner for many years into the past. Over the years, curls have also changed:

  1. 20s. Cold clear compressed wave, with a clear appearance in the temporal and frontal region.
  2. 30s. A square to the earlobes, which was often decorated with scarves and bandages.
  3. 40s. Twisted curls from the middle of the length to the ends. Especially popular was tucking the ends up.
  4. 50s. The peak of Monroe’s fame, all fashionistas sought to repeat her styling, spinning on curlers, lifting bangs and generously watering curls with hairspray.


Corrugated styling for short hair

Short hair styling with a notched nozzle is used to create a bouffant or scalloped pattern on the hair, while the hairstyle looks special and varied:

  1. clear pattern. Corrugated teeth look beautiful in an uncombed state, while maintaining the clarity and distinctness of the lines.
  2. corrugated volume. Combed hair after corrugation acquires an extraordinary volume, becomes lush and luxurious.
  3. Corrugated elements. It is not necessary to make the whole head with cloves, you can select some part of the hair with a pattern, and leave the rest of the hair untouched.


Styling for short hair asymmetry

Stylish styling for short hair with asymmetrical lines appealed to fashionistas in all fields of activity from simple managers to world-class stars and business women. Varieties of trend asymmetry:

  1. Asymmetric cascade. Flowing hair from the crown to the shoulders is always in fashion and held in high esteem by beauties. With this technique, hair is laid along the entire length or only bangs.
  2. uneven bangs. Asymmetrical bangs will add expression and wildness to the overall look. This style will be the best choice for young and courageous girls.


Wet styling for short hair

Styling for very short hair for women of any age with different types of haircuts can be styled with a modeling gel with the effect of wet hair. Such styling has been repeatedly seen on the world’s catwalks and red carpet, and this explains its popularity among ordinary women. Very short hair is best laid back, and medium length in any form. Applying the gel with squeezing movements, you can achieve light wet curls. The technology for performing this styling is very simple, even a child can handle it:

  1. Apply the gel to damp, slightly towel-dried hair.
  2. Lay the hair in the desired direction and wait until it dries completely.


Feather styling for short hair

Modeling with feathers for short hair is carried out with styling foam, which will separate each strand and fix the result. It is most advantageous to do such styling on a pixie haircut with an elongated bang, Garcon or a short haircut with a voluminous “hat” on top. The feathers will also well shade the milled strands, so you need to take a closer look at this styling for those who have a different shade of hair. Feathers are made in random order, according to hair growth, but they can also be laid back or on their side.


Long-term styling for short hair

Wave styling for short hair can be done in a beauty salon with the prospect of a lasting effect. For this manipulation, a special composition is used, which is applied to the hair, and then strands are wound with a hot curling iron of different diameters. Salon treatments with long-term effect:

  1. Perm. You can get African curly hair through this procedure. She will need professional cosmetics and curlers with a thin diameter. The effect of this manipulation will last up to a year.
  2. Long-term styling. The means for this procedure are more gentle and less injure the hair, and as a result, light waves are acquired, with which the owner goes up to 3 months.
  3. Keratin straightening. It will help to get hair of perfect smoothness with incredible shine and a service life of six months.


Evening styling for short hair

Festive styling for short hair is done based on the occasion and outfit. Sometimes it’s enough to style your hair in random order and fix the result, and for a more solemn look, you can decorate your hair with decorative attributes:

  1. braid hairstyle. Even on short hair, you can braid a French braid or spikelet — it will be very stylish and fresh.
  2. Curls. This is the best choice for a festive hairstyle, always relevant and up-to-date.
  3. Use of hair ornaments. Any hairstyle will be improved if it is decorated with a beautiful hairpin, headband, ribbon. Now sprigs with beads and hairpins made of beads are relevant.


Short hair styling for women 50

Creative styling for short hair for ladies who have crossed the barrier at the age of 50 should have a rejuvenating effect and adorn its owner. With age, facial features change, and successful styling will reduce a few extra years. What hairstyle to choose for older women:

  1. textured bob. This haircut does not need special care, but it gives a well-groomed look and volume, even to thin and lifeless hair.
  2. bob bob. A good option for an age audience, effectively framing facial features and at the same time hiding imperfections.
  3. Short Cascade. Styling this haircut requires more skill, but if you get the hang of it, the result will delight you with lush and luxurious hair.
  4. Gavroche. Short strands on top and a little longer on the bottom will help achieve the desired rejuvenation, subject to professional selection of the length and repeated thinning of the lower strands, otherwise there is a risk of being branded as a young old woman.



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