Stylish hairstyles are the basis of a bright and elegant female image

A beautiful hairstyle is a guarantee of self-confidence. A girl with a stylish haircut looks beautiful and feminine, attractive to men. To be in trend, it is important to follow fashion trends and know what stylish hairstyles are popular this year.

Stylish hairstyles 2019

Stylish women’s hairstyles 2019 have absorbed all the best qualities of previously fashionable haircuts. What did not resonate with women is left behind, and the trends that are popular have moved into the new season. First of all, a natural, natural, healthy shine of hair is in fashion, therefore, no matter what length you choose, first of all, it is important to revitalize and nourish your hair, pay attention to the choice of suitable care products.

Stylish hairstyles 2019

What length of hair you choose this year is not so important — stylish hairstyles are presented in a very wide range. You are sure to find the perfect option, whether you have straight hair or curly, unruly curls. Also, various types of bangs are suitable for each image — straight and thick, oblique, torn and many other options.

Stylish hairstyles 2019 ideas

Stylish hairstyles for short hair

In the modern rhythm, many girls lead a very active lifestyle — sports, travel and a lot of everyday activities, in which it can be very difficult to fit careful care for long hair. Stylish short hairstyles are the best solution that does not limit comfort and gives a feeling of lightness, fast styling is a valuable quality. In addition, such haircuts make a woman look younger.

Stylish hairstyles for short hair

The most popular hairstyles for short hair in 2019 are:

  1. Cascade — a haircut based on strands of various lengths, creating a feeling of light chaos. This year, asymmetry in the cascade on the sides has become a fashionable feature. The main advantage of the hairstyle, in addition to the stylish look, is its practicality. For styling, you only need a couple of minutes — tousle your hair a little, creating a slight negligence, and sprinkle with varnish.
  2. Stylish hairstyles for short hair cascade

  3. Bob is a fashion trend that is always relevant. There are a lot of hairstyle options, it is ideal for women of all ages and harmoniously fits into any image.
  4. Stylish hairstyles for short bob hair

  5. Beanie — the name of the hairstyle speaks for itself. But this haircut has significant disadvantages — it requires very frequent adjustments, and is not suitable for everyone.
  6. Stylish hairstyles for short hair

  7. Kare is a universal solution for all occasions. 2019 offers many options for short hair — straight classics, asymmetry, torn strands.
  8. Stylish hairstyles for short hair

  9. Pixie is a delicate short hairstyle that creates a light and sensual look. Suitable for graceful petite girls with sophisticated features.
  10. Stylish hairstyles for short pixie hair

  11. Garcon is an ideal hairstyle for successful business women, especially for those with unruly hair.
  12. Stylish hairstyles for short hair garcon

Stylish hairstyles for medium hair

The optimal solution that combines femininity and practicality is the average hair length. Such hairstyles allow you to make different styling options, emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the face oval, give the image elegance. Stylish women’s hairstyles for medium hair are:

  1. Cascade, which is a haircut of strands of different lengths, beautifully framing the face.
  2. Stylish hairstyles for medium hair cascade

  3. Aurora is one of the varieties of the cascade. The peculiarity of the hairstyle is in sharp transitions. This haircut is suitable for those who have straight hair.
  4. Stylish hairstyles for medium hair Aurora

  5. Bob and bob are two incredibly popular hairstyles that have many similar features. Universal haircuts suitable for any type of face and fit into any look.
  6. Stylish hairstyles for medium bob hair

Stylish hairstyles for long hair

With all the variety of ideas for short haircuts, long hair will never lose its popularity. They make the image gentle and feminine, allow you to do a variety of styling. The most stylish women’s hairstyles for long hair:

  1. An elongated caret looks very impressive, beautifully frames the face and makes the image stylish and expressive.
  2. Stylish hairstyles for long hair

  3. Cascading haircut on long hair looks bright and fashionable. Options are popular both with bangs and without it.
  4. Stylish hairstyles for long hair cascade

  5. Creative hairstyles with elements of asymmetry, shaved temples, nape. Such ideas appeal to those who love bold experiments with their appearance.
  6. Stylish hairstyles for long hair ideas

Stylish hairstyles for curly hair

Curly hair is a lot of maintenance and styling hassle — curly hair tends to be unruly and the choice of hairstyle can be very tricky. It is important to remember that the absolute suppleness of curly hair cannot be achieved in any way, except for radical solutions like straightening. A stylish successful haircut with curls looks chaotic and careless, but at the same time beautiful and fashionable.

Stylish hairstyles for curly hair

There are several options for stylish hairstyles for wavy hair:

  • for short curly hair — bob, bob, pixie;
  • Stylish hairstyles for short curly hair

  • for medium hair, cascade, elongated bob or bob, asymmetrical hairstyles.
  • Stylish hairstyles for curly hair options

Stylish hairstyles with bangs

In 2019, bangs have become an important addition to fashionable haircuts of different lengths. They are far from suitable for everyone, but for many they are a real find due to the ability to visually adjust the shape of the face. All the most stylish hairstyles can be done using bangs, which can be anything — straight and thick, oblique, textured, asymmetrical.

Stylish hairstyles with bangsStylish hairstyles with bangs ideas

Stylish hairstyle ideas

Hairstyle for a woman is not just well-groomed and well-styled strands, it is the most important component of her image. You can choose stylish clothes and shoes as much as you like, but if the hairstyle is chosen unsuccessfully, all efforts are useless. Therefore, the choice of a haircut for the upcoming season should be taken seriously, taking into account what stylish women’s hairstyles dictate fashion trends, and taking into account the peculiarities of their appearance.

Stylish hairstyle ideasFashion Stylish Hairstyle Ideas

Stylish bob hairstyles

If earlier the bob was considered a simple haircut, then in the new season of 2019, these stylish hairstyles for women are at the peak of popularity. More recently, such a haircut was possible only for perfectly straight hair, and now stylists offer fashionistas many variations that are suitable for wavy and curly hair. Varieties of caret are:

  • short caret;
  • elongated caret;
  • bob-car;
  • square with asymmetry.
  • Stylish bob hairstylesStylish bob hairstyles ideas

Stylish hairstyles with a pattern

Modern fashion places a strong emphasis on lightness and naturalness, but stylists could not help but take care of lovers of bold creativity. A new trend has become stylish hairstyles for girls with shaved temples and napes, on which an interesting pattern can be cut — a cobweb, a zigzag, or just abstract lines. Such ideas look especially bright in combination with long strands of hair.

Stylish hairstyles with a pattern

Stylish hairstyles with invisibility

Many girls have hair so naughty that it is extremely difficult to style it, only with a lot of fixing varnish. But in this case, the hairstyle loses its naturalness, in addition, hairspray creates some discomfort. In many cases, invisibility can be an excellent solution, allowing you to fix unruly strands of hair.

Stylish hairstyles with invisibility

Mentioning hairstyles with invisibility, we first of all imagine complex wedding or evening designs where such a strong and inconspicuous method of fixation is required. But if you master the use of invisibility, you can learn how to easily and quickly create simple, stylish and comfortable hairstyles for every day. This fixation option is successfully used for different hair lengths.

Stylish hairstyles with invisible ideas

The most popular everyday women’s hairstyle is a bun in its various versions, from simple to complex with interesting decor. But often the length of the hair may not be enough, or naughty strands come out and spoil the whole aesthetics. The solution can be miniature invisible hairpins, with which naughty strands can be fixed — under the base of the beam, at the temples or at the crown.

Stylish hairstyles with invisible fashion

An excellent solution are invisible and for short hair. As a rule, there are not many styling options for such haircuts, or they are not at all, and with the help of thin hairpins you can add variety to your everyday look. Invisible, you can lay on your side or even remove a long bang, raise your hair at the back of your head.

Stylish hairstyles with invisible ideas

Another trend that came to us from the 90s is hairstyles with the so-called invisible ones that are visible. They not only fix the strands of hair in the right position, but are also a decorative element of the hairstyle and part of your image. In this case, you should pay attention to the choice of hairpins — its color, design and decor, which should match your appearance and outfit.

Stylish hairstyles with invisible options

Stylish pigtail hairstyles

Since ancient times, the traditional hairstyle was a braid, which was associated with femininity, wisdom, and even mystical properties were attributed to it. Since then, tastes and views on beauty have changed a lot, but braids are still relevant. In fact, they look completely different. Stylish and fashionable modern hairstyles with braids can be varied. Popular ideas are:

  1. French braid, known as «dragon», which is woven very tightly and holds the hair well. But such stylish hairstyles for a round face are only suitable if there is a torn or oblique bangs.
  2. Stylish pigtail hairstyles

  3. Frenchies are woven according to the same principle as the option described above. But such pigtails are much thinner, and there are a lot of them. In this technique, you can depict a variety of patterns.
  4. Stylish hairstyles braids fashion

  5. The Greek braid beautifully frames the face, bringing shades of tenderness and femininity into the image. The hairstyle consists of two braids that are woven from the parting down to the back of the head, according to the same principle as the French braid.
  6. Stylish braids hairstyles ideas

  7. Spikelet — the simplest solution, known to everyone since school. Plus hairstyles — simplicity and accuracy.
  8. Stylish hairstyles braids options

There are many complex options for hairstyles with braids, which are not woven from three parts, but from four or even five, forming interesting weaves. Such ideas are very practical — you can collect strands that interfere with you into a braid, and they also look very beautiful and elegant. Hairstyles with a variety of braids can be both everyday and festive, evening.

Stylish hairstyle pigtails styleStylish hairstyles braids are beautiful

Stylish evening hairstyles

Every modern woman has many reasons to create an evening look for herself — a trip to the theater, a party, a birthday or a friend’s wedding. And for a beautiful and elegant bow, you need not only an elegant dress, but also a hairstyle that emphasizes your individuality and good taste. If earlier beautiful evening styling was possible only for long hair, then this year’s fashion offers many interesting ideas for short haircuts.

Stylish evening hairstyles

The most stylish hairstyles for women under an evening dress favorably emphasize elegance, sensuality. Popular ideas of 2019 are:

  1. Evening hairstyles with braids — a beautiful French braid in combination with curls, decorated with hairpins, invisible and other decor.
  2. Stylish evening hairstyles fashion

  3. A bun hairstyle in various versions beautifully emphasizes a sophisticated figure. It looks very cute and gentle with a variety of accessories.
  4. Stylish evening hairstyle ideas

  5. A ponytail is a stylish and concise option for a holiday or party.
  6. Stylish evening hairstyles options

  7. Hairstyles in the Greek style look very gentle and elegant, emphasizing the natural female beauty.
  8. Stylish evening hairstyles style

Stylish wedding hairstyle

On her solemn day, every girl wants to look special and think through every detail of the image to the smallest detail. It is important to pay special attention to the hairstyle that beautifully frames the face and emphasizes the tenderness and elegance of the bride. Wedding hairstyles change and improve every year, adjusting to new tastes and fashionable outfits. But, chasing trends, it is important to take into account the features of your appearance.

Stylish wedding hairstyle

The most stylish wedding hairstyles of 2019 are as follows:

  1. For long hair, loose large curls have become a stylish and concise idea, with which both a delicate veil and an elegant diadem look beautiful. An interesting decor will be a beneficial addition to the hairstyle; flowers have become the trend of 2019.
  2. Stylish wedding hairstyle ideas

  3. Hairstyles for short hair this year look very elegant — this is a beautiful light styling with a minimalistic neat decor.
  4. Stylish wedding hairstyle medium hair

  5. Medium hair allows you to realize many interesting ideas. Stylish and fashionable this year look beautiful braids, neatly laid bundles, careless curls.
  6. Stylish wedding hairstyle short

Stylish hairstyles for obese women

When creating an image for a full woman, the main task of the stylist is to make her figure visually slimmer, this also applies to hairstyles. Ideas such as:

  • long straight hair;
  • absolute symmetry;
  • long and even bangs;
  • shoulder-length hair.
  • Stylish hairstyles for obese women

Beautiful stylish hairstyles for girls with a full face visually stretch the oval, frame it beautifully. The main rules that should be followed when choosing a haircut:

  1. The main volume of the haircut should be at the crown, on the sides, the strands should be as thin as possible.
  2. The ideal haircut length for a girl with a full face is just below the chin.
  3. The best option is hairstyles that cover and frame the face — a cascade with torn strands, torn bangs.
  4. Stylish hairstyles for obese women options

Stylish hairstyles for women after 40-50

Starting from a certain age, the main task of many women is to create a rejuvenating image, and the choice of a hairstyle that will be stylish, modern, focusing on the merits of appearance plays an important role in it. But here it is important to strike a balance and not go to the other extreme, when a woman over the age of 40 copies a teenage style — it looks very strange and ridiculous.

Stylish hairstyles for women after 40-50

First of all, it is worth noting which hairstyles are best avoided over the age of 40:

  • very short hair (but in some cases, this hairstyle may be to the face);
  • smooth styling;
  • long strands that tempt you to tie them in an old-fashioned bun or shell.
  • Stylish hairstyles for women after 40-50 ideas

Bright and rejuvenating stylish hairstyles for women over 40 are ideas such as:

  • classic caret;
  • bean;
  • light cascade of medium length;
  • stylish pixie options.
  • Stylish hairstyles for women after 40-50 options

Stylish hairstyles of stars

New trends appear every year and soon disappear, but some trends remain in fashion for all time. So, many stellar stylish hairstyles of medium length and for short hair have been very popular for many years:


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