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Nail art is an integral part of an organic image. Stylish manicure 2019 is designed not only to complement a fashionable bow, but also to act as its unique highlight. Designers offer a variety of ideas that can be easily implemented.

Stylish manicure 2019 — trends

So that fashionistas can create a beautiful stylish manicure in 2019, the masters offer a variety of novelties used for its design, among which are the following:

  • in the trend of drawing cobwebs on the nails, which is created using abstract thin lines applied in an arbitrary chaotic manner;
  • decoration of nail plates with stickers containing motivating inscriptions;
  • decorating with foil, which is applied using prints that create the effect of cracks, or in the form of clear stripes;
  • an incredibly beautiful design can be created in a very simple way by using transparent stickers that depict all kinds of floral and floral ornaments;
  • decorating nail plates with significant stones. They are created using a very interesting technique — pieces of foil that are laid out on the nail and formed into a huge diamond;
  • geometry continues to be an undeniable trend, smoothly moving from previous seasons;
  • on the nails, you can depict a complex three-dimensional design, known as a bas-relief. It is applied using a very thick paste. The result is real masterpieces;
  • stylish manicure 2019 can be multi-layered. For example, branches popular this spring are applied one on top of the other, repaying complex design compositions;
  • Relevant nail art, made in retro style. It contains such a simple, yet extremely attractive pattern as peas;
  • floral sliders are another trick designed to simplify the process of applying fashionable nail art;
  • in the spring-summer season, the design known as the baby boomer will organically fit in. It is characterized by the use of extremely delicate nude shades and is ideal for girls who prefer romantic bows;
  • stretching with sparkles can be combined with any other technique, while bringing freshness and showiness to the image.

stylish manicure 2019 trends

Stylish manicure 2019

beautiful stylish manicure 2019stylish manicure design 2019

Stylish manicure for short nails 2019

Lovers of neat nails will be able to embody their most original ideas and create a stylish 2019 manicure for short nails:

  • it is recommended to use neutral plain coatings that look very organic on shortened nail plates. So, on the eve of the spring-summer season, very relevant delicate pastel and nude varnishes;
  • stylish manicure 2019 can be bright or dark, but in this case, but in this case, the nails must be painted over with special care;
  • you can depict a light, unobtrusive decor, the main rule of choosing it is that it does not overload the image. For example, a delicate openwork cobweb or thin stripes are perfect.

stylish manicure for short nails 2019

Stylish manicure 2019 for long nails

Owners of beautiful elongated nail plates will be able to afford the most stylish manicure of 2019:

  • on a large area of ​​​​such marigolds, you can embody the most daring design techniques, for example, create complex nail art, made in the form of drawings superimposed in several layers one on top of the other;
  • stylish manicure 2019 for long nails may contain large voluminous stones laid out from pieces of foil, richly decorated with multi-colored rhinestones;
  • a delicate, sophisticated design in nude tones is also suitable, especially if applied to almond-shaped nails.

stylish manicure 2019 for long nails

Stylish Manicure Ideas 2019

Designers offer a variety of ideas with which you can create a trendy stylish manicure 2019:

  • various shades of coatings will be relevant. This is red, characteristic of a femme fatale, and deep and mysterious black, and gentle romantic nude;
  • the use of matte varnish can bring exquisite notes to the image;
  • classic continues to be out of fashion influence and is always present in any season. This is a stylish moon manicure 2019 and French;
  • you can diversify nail art by applying certain patterns, for example, this is a geometry that does not lose its popularity;
  • inscriptions are the fashion trend of this year. They are especially in demand when applying youth nail design;
  • Techniques such as «cat’s eye», mirror rubbing and decorating with rhinestones are capable of giving additional brightness.

stylish manicure ideas 2019

Stylish Manicure Ideas 2019

fashionable stylish manicure 2019beautiful stylish manicure 2019

Stylish red manicure 2019

Lovers of bright and memorable bows will be able to create a very stylish 2019 manicure, made in red tones:

  1. Even a monochrome design that does not contain any decorative elements looks interesting.
  2. The classic version of nail art can be called decoration with traditional patterns, such as floral or floral ornaments. However, you can also apply such a novelty as a combination of several types of design, for example, draw holes and decorate nails with geometry at the same time.
  3. Stylish red manicure 2019 looks incredibly organic in combination with colors such as white, green, black. Decorating with rhinestones is welcome, which can be a small amount or, on the contrary, as many as possible, everything is determined by individual wishes.

stylish red manicure 2019

Stylish black manicure 2019

Another trendy trend in nail design can be called a stylish manicure 2019, made in black:

  • you can enhance the effect of mystery by combining black lacquer with gold or silver;
  • such an option as a “cat’s eye” or applying a rub over the main coating looks very organic;
  • you can apply the addition of any tints, for example, it is a reddish, blue, purple, chocolate tone;
  • stylish monochromatic manicure 2019 in black looks very harmonious on its own. However, it can be embellished with additional decorative elements, such as foil, rhinestones, drawings.

stylish black manicure 2019

Stylish matte manicure 2019

Nail art can be given additional expressiveness if it is made in a matte version:

  • the undoubted advantage of this type of nail design is that the matte finish visually gives the nails an unsurpassed velvety effect;
  • nail art will fit perfectly into any style, it can be a stylish office manicure 2019, and everyday, and evening option;
  • matte design is self-sufficient in itself, however, it can contain spectacular decoration with rhinestones or sparkles.

stylish matte manicure 2019

Stylish moon manicure 2019

Adherents of the classics can use such a design variation as a stylish manicure for oval nails 2019 with drawing a hole:

  • the hole can have a traditional rounded shape or it can be made as clear as possible triangular;
  • when making a hole, you can use such an effect as a negative spice, when the space remains empty and transparent;
  • the hole can be made as bright as possible, for which catchy coatings or laying out with rhinestones or sparkles are used.

stylish moon manicure 2019stylish manicure for oval nails 2019

Stylish French manicure 2019

The stylish French manicure 2019 remains an immortal classic, which gives the nails a well-groomed and elegant look:

  • french can be created in a glossy version, you can even enhance the brilliant effect if rubbed on top of the nail plates;
  • matte jacket looks truly unsurpassed, especially if you apply a contrasting effect. For example, you can paint your nails in a soft pink color, and make the tips black;
  • the trend is to combine several variations of nail art, for example, some nails can be made French, and the rest can be decorated with geometry or sparkles.

stylish french manicure 2019

Stylish French manicure 2019

stylish French manicure 2019very stylish manicure 2019

Stylish nude manicure 2019

A stylish nude manicure 2019 can become a universal and win-win option:

  • nude coating can be close to beige or pale pink;
  • the application of a snow-white cobweb over the nude varnish or the drawing of openwork lace elements looks extremely organic;
  • delicate nude coating can be shaded using sequins or rhinestones, or play in contrast if you apply a combination with a black pattern.

stylish nude manicure 2019

Stylish nude manicure 2019

stylish nude manicure 2019fashionable stylish manicure 2019

Stylish bright manicure 2019

In anticipation of spring and summer, a bright rich nail design becomes especially relevant:

  • a catchy effect is achieved by applying coatings in bright colors, such as red, raspberry, orange, yellow, acid lime;
  • bright varnishes can be used in a single version on all nail plates or combined with each other. Multi-colored nail art can be used by bold fashionistas who are not afraid of extraordinary decisions;
  • such a design can be intended not only for a party or to complement extraordinary bows. It can also be a stylish manicure for a business woman in 2019, if it is made in a plain matte version.

stylish bright manicure 2019

Stylish manicure 2019 geometry

To make universal bows, the stylish design of manicure 2019, known as «geometry» is also perfect:

  • nail art involves the use of a variety of geometric shapes that can be applied in a single copy or contain a combination of several shapes;
  • volumetric design is a popular fashion trend, it can also be used in relation to geometry. The drawings look like they overlap one another;
  • you can add brightness and brilliance by filling geometric shapes with rhinestones or sparkles.

stylish manicure 2019 geometry

Stylish manicure with rhinestones 2019

Rhinestones enjoy reasonable popularity among fashionistas who strive to make nail art bright and memorable:

  • rhinestones can have a different shape, for example, they can have a clear selection of faces, use a square or diamond shape, or they can be rounded;
  • both transparent and multi-colored rhinestones are relevant, from which the most complex compositions can be laid out;
  • stylish business manicure 2019 can also be decorated with rhinestones, but their number should be limited, since the design should be restrained and concise.

stylish manicure with rhinestones 2019stylish bright manicure 2019

Stylish manicure with inscriptions 2019

A real fashion hit of this season is nail art, decorated with inscriptions:

  • they can be made on a love theme or contain any motivating phrases;
  • such a design fits especially well into youth bows;
  • the inscriptions are applied mainly on a light surface, but the opposite solution is also allowed, for example, this is a stylish burgundy manicure 2019, decorated with black inscriptions;
  • letters can be drawn with a thin brush or applied using special stickers.

stylish manicure with inscriptions 2019

Stylish manicure with a pattern 2019

The original stylish light manicure 2019 or the dark variation of nail art can be decorated with all sorts of patterns:

  • a certain theme can be used, for example, geometry, a floral or floral print, polka dots, or a combination of different thematic ornaments can be used;
  • Volumetric drawings are the latest fashion trend. For example, these are branches or geometric shapes that overlap one another;
  • drawings can be applied in the traditional way, when they are drawn with varnishes, or the process can be greatly simplified if sliders are used.

stylish manicure with a pattern 2019most stylish manicure 2019

Stylish manicure 2019 «cat’s eye»

You can create an incredibly stylish dark manicure 2019 if you use the «cat’s eye» technique for this:

  • deep saturated shades are mainly used, such as emerald green, black, purple, dark blue, chocolate;
  • «cat’s eye» can be completely plain or contain an ombre effect.

stylish manicure 2019 cat's eyestylish dark manicure 2019

Stylish manicure 2019 rubbing

An extraordinary stylish blue manicure 2019 or nail art made in other colors may contain such an effect as rubbing. It gives the nails an indescribable sparkle and play. Rubbing can be more or less pronounced, in the first case it sets off the main color of the nails and makes them more shiny, and in the second it provides a bright mirror effect.

stylish manicure 2019 rubbing


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