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Fashionable nail art is an integral part of a harmonious female bow. Pedicure stylish new design 2020 is just as important as a neat manicure. Feet should look attractive, especially if it’s summer time and open shoes are worn. Masters offer a variety of design variations, among which any girl will choose an option to her taste.

Pedicure design — novelties

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas pedicure, stylish current design novelties 2020 which can be found in such variations:

  1. You can create drawings with kamifubuki, crystal chips and pebbles.
  2. The novelties include a beautiful pedicure design with drawings made using the “water way” technique, painting, matte effect, foil, glitter.
  3. Stylish pedicure novelties can be presented in different styles, techniques and directions, even the season plays a huge role. Summer nail art involves a choice of juicy shades, lots of rhinestones and glitter.
  4. Juicy bright colors will create an unsurpassed effect. For summer, it is allowed to take the most catchy, even acidic tones that attract everyone’s attention and completely distinguish the fashionista from the crowd.
  5. Delicate floral nail art continues to be in trend. A novelty will be its stylish embodiment only on the thumb, while the flower occupies almost its entire surface and can be voluminous.

new pedicure designbeautiful pedicure design

Solid color pedicure design 2020

A pedicure can become a universal solution, the monochrome design of which looks incredibly stylish:

  1. Classic plain stylish nail art has been in demand for many girls for several seasons. In the summer of 2020, bright saturated shades of red, green, yellow and blue will become relevant, mother-of-pearl tones continue to be at their best.
  2. A monophonic design can be absolutely boring if any acid tone is taken to implement it. Due to its saturation, the design will already win on its own. If it is supplemented with stones of the same shade, then the effect will exceed all expectations.
  3. Classic style lovers can turn to blue shades, which also do not lose their relevance this season. The shade can be close to the color of the sea wave, which is perfect for the summer season. The blue background can be slightly transformed with rhinestones and different glitter options.
  4. In the summer, juicy green colors look original.
  5. Solid color pedicure ideas can embody a sunny beach theme. The yellow color will resemble the sun, sand and will create a summer mood. Velvet powder, which has such a shade, can depict a sandy beach, on which there is a footprint. The last element is performed in the same tone and is made voluminous or, on the contrary, depressed.

plain pedicure design 2020

Designed pedicure on thumb

Pedicure is extremely popular, the beautiful summer design of which is done with an emphasis on the thumb:

  1. It can be applied as clearly traced drawing. The image of a butterfly deserved huge popularity, because it symbolizes tenderness and romanticism.
  2. The size of the thumb plate gives freedom for imagination and the implementation of all sorts of new products. On this nail, you can create a minimalist design, a whole bright rainbow, and apply lines of various shapes.
  3. Fruity and floral themes look great on nails.
  4. Rhinestones are often applied to a large nail, they can be located on the edge or at the corner of the nail. You can apply a sticker or create a handmade pattern.

pedicure with thumb design

Pedicure dark design

For fashionistas who prefer a strict and concise pedicure, a gel polish design made in dark colors will be a great solution:

  1. Designers say that a variety of additions are more appropriate for dark nail art. This is due to the fact that the pedicure, the stylish novelties of the 2020 design of which are located on such a basis, will be most noticeable to others.
  2. Among the dark options, it is worth stopping at the blue color, which is as close as possible to black.
  3. Burgundy color dictates passion, femininity and elegance. It is combined with gold elements, but looks great in duet with silver.
  4. Among the dark shades, black will be the most common. Many people think that it will not be appropriate for the warm season, but there are different combinations and novelties that will make the image fashionable and spectacular.

pedicure dark design

Pastel pedicure design 2020 summer

Summer nail art is not in all cases associated with a bright explosion of colors. A great solution would be a pedicure design, the pastel colors of which give the image a gentle and romantic touch:

  1. This color scheme will be perfectly combined with sensual lace, exquisite minimalism and laconic geometry.
  2. Do not forget that such a palette can be combined with floral themes, light strokes and blots in the most delicate shades of pink, blue, lemon, purple and beige.

pastel pedicure design 2020 summer

Matte pedicure design 2020

The pedicure looks elegant, the matte design of which gives the image of nobility:

  1. The matte finish does not go out of fashion, it can be based on a plain varnish. Relevant blue, pink, yellow, coral, beige-brown.
  2. Kamifubuki, a striped print, a pattern combined with rhinestones can be used as decoration.
  3. Matte stylish nail art can be filled with glitter on a few fingers.
  4. In a matte version, a jacket can be presented, at the base of which there are rhinestones.

matte pedicure design 2020

Pedicure design with kamifubiki

A beautiful pedicure design decorated with kamifubiki will look truly unsurpassed:

  1. Glossy and matte particles, options in the form of stars, circles, flowers, geometric shapes can be taken as decoration.
  2. Summer pedicure ideas can be found in such design variations as holographic circles on a nude or bright base. With this decor, you can experiment and lay out, for example, a simple flower.
  3. Shiny kamifubuki can be laid out in the form of an ombre.
  4. Lunar stylish nail art can be made truly original if you use kamifubuki of various shapes.

pedicure design with kamifubiki

Pedicure design ombre

With the help of the gradient technique incredibly popular in recent seasons, you can embody very beautiful pedicure ideas:

  1. Ombre is created using bright and neutral shades. If you use nude tones, then the transition will not be so pronounced, but this will not reduce the charm of the composition.
  2. The gradient transition can be used both on all fingers and on one thumb.
  3. Colored pedicure ombre design does not need to be supplemented, but if desired, it can be combined with other techniques, nails can be supplemented with rhinestones or modeling, the main thing is not to overdo it too much.
  4. For those who want complete minimalism, you can turn to the technique in the form of stamping.
  5. Another stylish novelty will be the creation of drawings, mainly abstraction — mosaic, dots, blots and spots. Thematic drawings that can only be applied to the thumb will also be to your liking.

pedicure ombre design

Geometry pedicure design 2020

The pedicure design geometry has not lost its relevance for many seasons in a row:

  1. The main elements will be lines, dots and shapes that you can draw or stick on, or you can simply use such a fancy novelty as a gossamer gel.
  2. The geometric pattern itself is a stylish trend and its main advantage is originality. Geometry is relevant due to its visual lightness; stripes, strokes, triangles and dots are used to create it.

pedicure geometry design 2020

Pedicure flower design

Ideas for a pedicure with flowers have gained wide popularity:

  1. Floral pedicure should be as close to seasonal tones as possible. The floral pattern is directly located on the thumb, because it has a great place for experiments and the implementation of new products.
  2. Floral print can be embellished with shiny rhinestones, beads, glitter and gossamer.

flower design pedicure

Acid pedicure design

The bright pedicure design, presented in acid shades, continues to lead in ratings and fashion collections:

  1. Acid colors can be used in a jacket, it looks bright and fashionable.
  2. Catchy tones can be combined with several types of decor, these are sparkles, rhinestones, rubbing and foil.
  3. When creating, you can focus on the big toe. It can be made on the contrast of shades with the help of flowers or sparkles.
  4. In acid colors, a stylish abstraction can be created, it is easy to perform, while at the same time spectacular and unpredictable.

acid pedicure design

Marine design pedicure

A marine theme is a common solution that presents pedicure ideas for the summer:

  1. A classic nautical style is a vest, while color combinations can vary from blue with white to blue with black stripes.
  2. Various images associated with the sea are applied to the nails. These are fish, shells, anchors, steering wheels, ships, life buoys, sand and pebbles. The most beautiful drawing can only be done on the thumbnail.
  3. A chic stylish pedicure will be an option using a pale blue main range of brilliant gold for one nail, for example, it can be a ring finger.
  4. If you want conciseness, then you should turn to the gradient technique, these will be light strokes with a gentle transition from delicate turquoise to deep blue marine tones.
  5. Another fashionable novelty will be the creation of an image of the seabed, while using images of pebbles, shells, corals, starfish and pearls. It will be interesting to look if you make these figures voluminous.

marine design pedicure

Pedicure design rubbing

Another current trend is pedicure, the light design of which is done using rubbing:

  • if you simply apply such a coating on the nail plates, you can create a spectacular self-sufficient nail art;
  • often an alternation of rubbing with a matte finish is used, this technique looks original due to the contrast created;
  • rubbing can be combined with other stylish decor, for example, rhinestones, combining them on one nail, mainly the thumb is taken for this idea.

pedicure design rubbing

Pedicure design with foil

Using a popular decorative element like foil is a common way to achieve a simple pedicure design:

  • often with the help of foil, shiny strips are applied to the nails, which can be located only on the thumb or on several fingers;
  • using foil on the thumb, you can create an imitation of a voluminous shiny stone;
  • foil will harmoniously fit into the marine theme, if you apply shiny stripes on a blue or blue background.

pedicure design with foil

Pedicure design with rhinestones

Pedicure is extremely popular among fashionistas, the design options of which are presented with the addition of rhinestones:

  • using pebbles, you can lay out original flower or plant compositions, using rhinestones to decorate petals and leaves;
  • with rhinestones, you can completely fill the nail plate of the thumb, making a catchy pronounced accent on it;
  • stones are made out and only a certain part of the nail, for example, the area of ​​​​the hole when creating moon nail art.

pedicure design with rhinestones


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