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For the hot season, one of the most stylish solutions used to create a nail design is a summer jacket. He is able to bring notes of tenderness to the image and at the same time act as a bright, memorable accent of any image.

Summer jacket — fashion trends

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas a summer jacket on nails, the current trends of which are extremely diverse:

  1. The image of juicy fruits on the nails is common, they can be present on one finger, filling almost its entire surface, or located on all nail plates, affecting not only the base, but also partially the tip.
  2. A summer jacket can be embodied using the ombre technique, when one color smoothly flows into another. A feature of the French manicure in this case will be that the blurred border between the two shades will be closer to the tip area.
  3. Another relevant summer drawing is the image of insects, for example, butterflies, dragonflies. At the same time, they can both be drawn and laid out with the help of rhinestones.
  4. Branches located along the edge of the nail can give nail art a touch of freshness. Petals can cover the tip, acting as a kind of edging.
  5. The shape of the tip can be either traditional rounded or made in the form of unusual shapes, such as triangles or hearts.

summer jacket fashion trendssummer french nailsunusual summer jacket

Summer French manicure for short nails

Owners of graceful shortened nails will be able to create a beautiful summer jacket for short nails:

  • given the small surface of the nail plates, it is recommended to refrain from overly bright defiant details;
  • classic is the best option to make a summer jacket for short nails. White and pastel colors on them will look elegant and sophisticated;
  • you can use glitter stretching when they decrease from the edge of the nail towards the middle;
  • if you want to decorate nail art with a pattern or rhinestones, it is better to place these elements on any one finger, and arrange the rest in the traditional way.

summer manicure french for short nails

Summer jacket for long nails

Elongated nail plates provide an opportunity to create a bright French summer manicure in a variety of variations:

  • the area of ​​the tip can be reduced or increased at will, depicted as different shapes, for example, a bright red heart;
  • welcome summer manicure, complemented by all sorts of catchy details. For example, it can be an original drawing drawn in rich colors and complemented by rhinestones.

summer jacket for long nails

Summer french nail ideas

Stylists offer all sorts of ideas for a summer jacket, thanks to which nail art can become a stylish highlight of the image:

  1. This season, such a technique as applying modeling to the nail is relevant. It can be used in the form of a bright large flower, located on the surface of one of the fingers. The rest of the nail plates can be made in the form of a classic French manicure.
  2. A summer jacket looks very original, on the tips of which there are bright iridescent overflows.
  3. If you want to make the image more gentle, you can use such a technique as negative space. Transparent varnish highlights any specific part of the nail, for example, a hole, or fills in the figures drawn on the nail.
  4. Extremely popular flowers, passing from the tip to the middle of the nail. They present French manicure in a very unusual way.
  5. To decorate the tips of the nail plates, such shiny elements as kamifubuki or sparkles are often used.
  6. In the hot season, the beach theme is very much in demand. A stylish solution will be nail plates, on the edge of which a starfish is depicted.

summer french nail ideassummer jacket ideas

Classic summer jacket

The classic is a win-win technique to create a summer French manicure:

  • The traditional design of the French manicure is expressed in the use of a restrained color palette. This technique is used both for the base and for drawing the tip;
  • the main part of the nail can be left transparent, and the tip can be depicted using a white or nude shade;
  • in order not to violate the sophistication of the design, decorative elements are taken to a minimum. If these are rhinestones, then they are located on the finger in a single copy or several pieces;
  • the classic summer jacket is versatile — it can be used for everyday wear, and for going to the office, and to complement evening bows.

classic summer jacket

Bright summer jacket

Lovers of attracting everyone’s attention can stop at such an option as a summer jacket nail design, made using rich saturated colors:

  • a common technique is when the edges of the nail plate are made bright. In this case, it can be taken as one catchy shade, or two or more. In the latter case, you can create an original likeness of a rainbow;
  • if you want to make a very catchy image, then a bright summer jacket is suitable, in which saturated colors are taken to decorate both the main part and the edge of the nail. However, it is recommended to choose colors so that they harmonize with each other, pay special attention to this moment so that the image does not come out overloaded;
  • brightness can also be achieved with the help of a certain decorative element, it can be a large flower covering the entire plate.

bright summer jacket

Summer jacket on nails with a pattern

A summer jacket with a pattern will revive the image. Images can be taken very different, their choice depends on the girl’s imagination:

  • Floral theme is one of the trends of the hot season. Flowers can be depicted both small and very large, capturing the entire surface of the plate. A scattering of small flowers can be used to decorate the tip;
  • branches with flowers also look gentle and sophisticated;
  • geometry can complement a bright summer jacket. In this case, the edges of the nails can be made in the form of triangles, and other figures are drawn on the main part of the nail plate;
  • the image of insects is an association with summer. Their wings can contain a variety of colors, and multi-colored pebbles will bring additional brightness.

summer jacket on nails with a pattern

Summer colored jacket

A multi-colored summer jacket is capable of bringing rich colors and creating a great mood:

  • different colors can be used both to decorate the tips and the main part of the nail;
  • different shades can be used alternately on different fingers, the main thing is that the chosen color scheme looks harmonious;
  • you can create bright multi-colored drawings on certain fingers, while the rest are made according to your individual wishes. You can make them transparent so as not to overload the image and focus on the picture;
  • rainbow ombre is one of the fashion trends. At the same time, it can affect all fingers if a smooth color transition is created from one nail to another.

summer color french

Delicate summer jacket

Romantic persons will appreciate the beautiful gentle summer jacket:

  • a win-win way to give tenderness to nail art is to use restrained pastel colors;
  • shades such as peach, light pink, sky blue, mint are welcome;
  • the image of thin graceful twigs or delicate small flowers will look unsurpassed.

soft summer jacket

Summer jacket with sequins

Sequins are very successful decorative elements with which you can make an original and beautiful summer jacket:

  • a common technique is a scattering of small sparkles, which are abundantly applied on the edge of the nail plate and decrease towards its base. This technique is called «stretching» and is often used by nail service masters;
  • the tip of the nail can be completely lined with sparkles, while the border with the main part is clearly marked;
  • similar decoration methods can be used with large decorative elements such as kamifubuki;
  • if desired, a French manicure can be combined with a lunar one. In this case, sparkles are present not only on the edge of the nail, but the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole is also laid out with them.

summer jacket with sequins

Summer jacket with rhinestones

Rhinestones are a great decor that will help you make a beautiful summer jacket on your nails:

  • rhinestones will look very organic as part of certain patterns. For example, they fit perfectly into the design of butterfly wings or flower petals;
  • with the help of rhinestones, you can also depict dew drops on fruits;
  • the drawing can be completely lined with rhinestones, in which case it is recommended to use it only on one finger;
  • rhinestones can fill the hole area if the jacket is combined with the moon design.

summer jacket with rhinestones

Summer matte jacket

A matte finish can be applied to make a beautiful summer French manicure:

  • nails can be decorated completely in a matte version or combined with gloss. In the latter case, a shiny coating can be taken to draw the tip of the nail with it;
  • matt design can be used in combination with rubbing. In this case, a spectacular contrast is created, the coatings alternate on different fingers.

summer matte jacket

Red summer jacket

Red varnish is an indispensable element to make a bright summer jacket with a pattern:

  • such a rich shade is preferred by bold and self-confident women of fashion;
  • a red background can serve as a basis for applying certain images. At the same time, drawings made in pastel colors that contrast with the main tone will look harmonious;
  • you can decorate the tips in red, making them in the shape of hearts, and make the main part transparent.

red summer jacket

yellow summer jacket

In the beach season, an unusual summer jacket made with the help of yellow will look unique:

  • you can depict sand in yellow by combining it with attributes of a marine theme, such as anchors, waves, boats;
  • yellow flowers can be drawn on the nails, this is an unhackneyed and original technique;
  • a yellow tint is perfect for depicting fruits;
  • on one or more fingers, you can apply the image of the sun;
  • yellow tint is also used to create bright images of bees, butterflies and other insects.

yellow summer jacket

Summer french with fruits

A stylish trend of this season is a summer French manicure with a pattern depicting fruits:

  • bright juicy elements can be drawn in whole or in section;
  • a piquant detail will be droplets of water descending over the fruit;
  • in order not to overload the image, it is better to draw fruits on one or two fingers;
  • if desired, you can use modeling and make the fruit voluminous;
  • the image of the fruit may affect the tip of the nail plate or be located exclusively in its middle.

summer french with fruit


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