Summer jacket - 60 photo ideas for nails of any length and shape

With the onset of the hot season, young ladies are increasingly interested in a fashionable summer jacket. Leading masters have selected original ideas for ultra-modern French manicure. Spectacular design instantly conquered ladies’ hearts. To transform your fingers in the best possible way, you can embody the classic options or choose a more colorful design.

Summer French manicure

The sunny period causes girls a great desire to decorate their nails with colorful nail art. Before you sign up for your favorite specialist, you need to get acquainted with the stylish newfangled trends. The most popular nail design is a summer jacket. This is a wonderful universal solution for any life occasion. You can pick up a stunning interpretation for nails of different shapes, but deserve more attention:

The length of the nail plate is available different. It should be selected, focusing on the shape of your own fingers. Long and thin fingers complement short nails better, but plump, short ones are elongated interpretations. The color palette presented a lot of bright colors and a gentle summer jacket. Do not forget about the current floral, animalistic motifs. The assortment of decorative elements was supplemented by the techniques of three-dimensional molding, applied drawings, rhinestones, sparkles, and foil.

summer manicure frenchsummer french 2020

Summer jacket for short nails

Many young ladies prefer the shortest possible outlines, as it is very practical and convenient. The shape can be different, oval or square options are in great demand. For lovers of the classic trend, the craftsmen provided neat designs with a beige base and white smiles at the edges. Other minimalist applications using black are also acceptable.

Summer French manicure for short nails is considered very popular in bright shades of red, yellow, blue, purple, emerald green. The most daring young ladies use neon tones of light green, lemon, pink, blue. The abundance of decorative elements also did not leave the modern fashionable public indifferent. A wide selection of rhinestones, voluminous beads, overhead drawings or stickers literally captured ladies’ hearts.

French for short nailsFrench for short nails

Summer jacket for long nails

Although some girls think that long nail plates look pretentious and too defiant, the masters continue to convince them of the opposite. Ultramodern trends every day surprise with novelties and delight ladies with chic designs. A summer jacket on elongated nails looks slightly coquettish and as elegant as possible. It is best to combine it with sharp or oval nails.

For working days, neutral beige or pastel pink shades are provided in combination with white, milky crescents on the tips. Casual and romantic interpretations convey a fresh tonal range. And for parties and special occasions, it is better to choose coloristic colors in red, yellow, orange or crimson. Additional details can decorate your favorite looks with large or small shiny components, images or self-adhesives.

french manicure on long nailsFrench for long nails

French on almond nails

The most popular today has become a summer jacket for oval nails. Such outlines look very feminine and elegant. Girls all over the world tirelessly follow newfangled design solutions to bring their favorite design to their own hands. Masters offer all sorts of services and diverse types of coverage. Techniques broadcast interesting matte variations, rubbing, cat’s eye.

Do not be afraid to use bright shades of varnishes for French manicure. Saturated tones of cherry, lemon, emerald, yellow, lilac and blue have received special demand. Do not forget about light shades that will brighten up your nails, make them more charming and neat. From decorative elements, you can pick up voluminous details, massive rhinestones, original additional pictures.

french almond shapefrench almond

Summer french on square nails

Modern trends are changing rapidly and constantly getting new improved varieties. Thus, this year the shape of an acute-angled or soft square has gained immense popularity. A beautiful summer jacket will help emphasize the chosen solution. Pay attention to the length of the nail plate, short, medium and long options are welcome.

Glamor girls can afford exclusive brilliant smiles around the edge. More casual ideas involve black, white or beige shades. Be sure to consider coloristic tones in combination with spectacular transitions, gradients. The range of techniques provides impressive glossy, matte finishes. Additional details often decorate the handles with shiny beads, stickers or various patterns.

french square nailsfrench on square nails

Summer jacket ideas

To find the perfect design for your fingers, it is worth considering the leading ideas for a summer jacket on nails. Masters have been thinking and developing design options for a long time, so meet exclusive interpretations. Each young lady will be able to find a suitable application, regardless of the type of activity, age-old category and lifestyle. Particularly popular are the following looks:

  • bright;
  • with drawings of flowers, butterflies, fruits;
  • with stickers;
  • tender;
  • with rhinestones;
  • with glitter.

The most unusual alternatives offer glossy, matte finishes, rubbing techniques, cat’s eyes, ombre. The palette of shades gave stunning rich tones, fresh colors and neon colors. Do not lose sight of the original combinations with moon manicure, geometric, animalistic, floral patterns. Additional decorations convey brilliant pollen, neat techniques of volumetric modeling.

french ideas 2020french stylish summer ideas

Bright summer jacket

With the onset of a hot period, girls prefer colorful new clothes. This applies not only to new collections of women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. It is important to choose the right manicure that will serve as a beautiful accent to your seasonal look. The masters took care of newfangled ideas and presented an incredible bright summer jacket on nails of different lengths and shapes.

This year, coloristic outlines have become indispensable components of stunning nail art. First of all, pay attention to the shades of red, pink, lemon, blue and purple. However, mother-of-pearl colors, color transitions and gradients have acquired greater demand. Of the additional elements, it is better to give preference to voluminous decorations, multi-colored drawings or stickers.

bright french manicurefrench bright 2020

Summer jacket on nails with a pattern

Every girl dreams of standing out from the crowd, becoming unique and unforgettable. A summer manicure with a pattern will help modern young ladies choose an individual design to decorate their own fingers. Newfangled trends provide a wide selection of various patterns. Often, you can depict your favorite food, characters from famous cartoons or logos of popular brands.

The tonal range provides for all kinds of cherry, emerald, blue, purple and yellow colors. If you are a supporter of lighter colors, you will like interpretations in lemon, powdery, peach, lilac shades. Overhead illustrations may be present on one or more fingers. In addition to them, your favorite designs can be emphasized with volumetric modeling techniques, rhinestones, beads, geometric or dotted patterns.

jacket with a patternfrench manicure with a pattern 2020

Delicate manicure — summer jacket

Gentle ideas are getting more and more popular every day. The current French summer design looks great on nails of any shape, length. Oval, almond-shaped and square outlines are considered especially in demand. The classic version broadcasts a beige or pastel base, a variety of white, milky crescents along the edges of the nail plate.

If you are a supporter of more extraordinary designs, you should pay attention to the lovely shades of ash pink, sky blue, lemon, purple, light green. Do not forget about original interpretations with mother-of-pearl, glossy, matte finishes, rubbing effect, cat’s eye. Additional decorations can be overhead pictures of flowers, buds, shiny decorations, beads.

gentle jacketdelicate french design

Summer jacket with rhinestones

Many girls want to add more shine to their hands. Masters offer exclusive applications using a variety of sequins, sequins and rhinestones. Glamorous ladies will certainly appreciate shimmering samples. They look good on different shapes and lengths of the nail plate. Perfectly suitable not only for everyday, but also for a romantic, festive manicure.

A colorful summer jacket deserves your consideration. The tones of red, raspberry, peach, blue, and purple were in great demand. However, do not forget about delicate minimalist colors, for example: beige, purple, pastel, light green, lemon. Cutting-edge manicure techniques, interesting colorful drawings or stickers are welcome.

jacket with rhinestonesfrench manicure with rhinestones

Summer jacket with flowers

With the help of stunning flower designs, you can make your favorite design even better. All sorts of stylistic decisions, interesting inserts of various types are acceptable. Long nails will look great in combination with large images. And for short ones, you should choose small, neat compositions. Oval, sharp, almond-shaped and square outlines are welcome.

A beautiful summer French manicure will look more impressive in combination with orange, pink, blue or red tones. Consider gentle decor ideas with beige, powdery, light yellow colors. The most daring ladies prefer neon polishes in iridescent or velvet finishes. In many cases, girls use floral designs on one or more fingers.

french with flowersfrench manicure design with rhinestones

Summer french with fruits

This year, colorful drawings never cease to amaze. They can be carried out on the nail plates of various lengths and shapes. The masters could not leave the modern fashionable audience without topical accents, so they replenished the selection with elegant nail art with images of their favorite fruits. It is better to decorate marigolds with seasonal fruits, for example: lime, passion fruit, cherries, strawberries, oranges.

Do not forget about color harmony — citrus fruits will emphasize the summer yellow jacket in the best way. But for sweet fruits and berries, you can pick up smiles in purple, burgundy, blue colors. Do not be afraid to combine original interpretations with original transitions, rubbing effect, ombre. The range of decorative details broadcasts large rhinestones, minimalist sequins, beads, volumetric modeling techniques.

french with fruitsfrench manicure with fruits

Summer jacket with butterflies

With the onset of the hot season, many butterflies, bees and dragonflies can be found on the streets or in the gardens. Trendsetters and fashion trendsetters could not miss such phenomena and decided to combine them with French manicure. Such stylistic solutions allow you to choose diverse shades of rich and delicate colors. Summer manicure bright jacket has become especially popular this year. In addition to images of butterflies, other additional decorations are also acceptable. Pay attention to beads, diverse patterns, 3D cobwebs and shiny pollen.

french with butterfliesfrench design with butterflies

Matte summer jacket

To make your favorite design more unusual and original, the masters suggest using matte finish techniques. The ultra-modern velvet technique instantly won the hearts of girls, because it looks very feminine. Often, French-style performances take on a coloristic or more classical shape. For a trip to work or a date, you can choose edges in a light tonal range. A blue, yellow, pink and summer red jacket will decorate your pens for special occasions or fun parties.

matte frenchfrench with matte finish

Summer jacket with sequins

Shiny elements have become an indispensable attribute of an elegant manicure. Minimalist sequins, sequins or small rhinestones will be a great addition to everyday design. Such shimmering performances are ideal for working days, holidays, romantic dates. Any color can be used as a base, but the summer white jacket has become the most popular. Smiles along the edge of the nail plate can be depicted with shiny pollen of any shade. Do not forget about additional coloristic drawings, volume modeling techniques and beads.

jacket with sequinsfrench glitter manicure


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