Summer manicure 2019 - a selection of the best ideas for the hot season

Current trends in the world of nail art change with each season. The time of the year greatly influences the trendy nail design options. So, on hot days, girls always want to add bright colors to their image. Summer manicure 2019 is ideal for this, because it is represented by unusual color schemes and combinations of different techniques.

Summer manicure 2019 — fashion trends

Beautiful and bright manicure 2019, fashion trends, summer is incredibly light and concise. At the same time, it cannot be called inconspicuous — on the contrary, in the hot season, nail art should attract maximum attention to its owner. The choice of design options this year is unusually wide — the masters of manicure art skillfully combine a variety of color shades and techniques for decorating nail plates.

summer manicure 2019 fashion trends

Summer manicure 2019

manicure 2019 fashion trends summersummer manicure 2019 fashion trends

Summer manicure 2019 for short nails

In the coming summer, long nail plates will fade far into the background, giving way to neat nails from short to medium length. Stylists recommend completely abandoning extended nails — they not only look vulgar and unattractive, but simply interfere with everyday life. For this reason, the owners of short claws this season can not be shy about the appearance of their hands, but on the contrary, decorate them in a variety of ways, demonstrating excellent taste.

Summer manicure 2019 for short nails is incredibly diverse. This ranges from a solid color finish in a variety of color hues, from universal white to bright red or lemon yellow, to gradient coloring, with particular preference this year for horizontal shading. If desired, girls with short nails can give their preference to other options, for example:

  • rainbow design;
  • nail art with inscriptions;
  • options with balloons;
  • geometric summer manicure 2019 is also in trend, however, on short nails it should be as concise as possible. As a rule, with such a length of nails, geometric elements are drawn only on accent fingers;
  • design with sequins or rhinestones.

summer manicure 2019 for short nails

Summer manicure 2019 for short nails

summer manicure 2019 for shortsummer manicure 2019 for short nails

Summer manicure 2019 for long nails

For those girls who do not want to part with long claws, the masters of manicure art have also prepared many interesting ideas. For a monochromatic coating, stylists advise using the most fashionable manicure colors, summer 2019 — fuchsia, hot pink, red, blue or yellow. In addition, in the hot season, snow-white nail art fits perfectly into the image, which can be supplemented with any drawings and volumetric elements.

Owners of long nail plates will suit other design options. For example, summer manicure 2019 can be done in one of the following techniques:

  • jacket with a bright tip;
  • moon nail art with a highlighted hole;
  • fruit or berry design. Particularly popular options with fruit «in the cut»;
  • geometric nail art with glitter splashes;
  • different options with stripes;
  • summer manicure of the 2019 season with funny drawings, for example, cartoon characters;
  • nail art decorated with rhinestones or kamifubuki;
  • vertical gradient with a transition from a bright color to snow-white.

summer manicure 2019 for long nails

Summer manicure 2019 for long nails

trendy manicure colors summer 2019summer manicure 2019 for long nails

Manicure ideas for summer 2019

With the onset of the first warm days, the fair sex is already starting to think about which summer manicure and pedicure 2019 is best suited to their image. This season, the masters of manicure art offer a huge variety of interesting options, among which each young lady will be able to choose a design to her liking.

The most popular solution was the summer rainbow manicure 2019, which uses several bright colors to create. You can combine them with each other in different ways, both by covering each finger with gel polish of its own color, and by combining them with each other within one nail plate. Meanwhile, qualified masters in the world of nail art will always offer their clients other interesting ideas that match the summer mood.

manicure ideas for summer 2019summer manicure 2019 fashion trends

Manicure ideas for summer 2019

manicure ideas for summer 2019

Bright summer manicure 2019

Best of all, the positive emotions that come with the first warm days reflect a bright manicure for the summer of 2019. It can be the most diverse — plain, two-tone or multi-color, and the only condition for its creation is no dark and gloomy shades! You can choose almost any color for painting nails, however, they should be as juicy and saturated as possible. The following shades are best suited for such a design:

  • hot pink;
  • bright blue;
  • yellow;
  • red;
  • violet;
  • Orange;
  • light green;
  • mint;
  • green;
  • turquoise.

bright summer manicure 2019bright manicure for summer 2019

Bright summer manicure 2019

bright summer manicure 2019

Delicate summer manicure 2019

For young ladies, a gentle summer manicure 2019 is ideal, which will be appropriate in absolutely any situation. With such nail art, you can safely go to the office without fear of violating the requirements of the official dress code, or to a gala event. The most popular version of this design is a beige manicure, summer 2019, however, you can use a huge variety of other color shades to create it, for example, such as:

  • menthol;
  • light pink;
  • light coral;
  • pale yellow;
  • peach;
  • white;
  • light blue.

gentle summer manicure 2019beige manicure summer 2019

Delicate summer manicure 2019

gentle summer manicure 2019

Manicure, summer 2019, rainbow

The most trendy manicure, summer 2019, is a rainbow design that combines all seven colors of the rainbow. It is incredibly simple to perform it — for this you need to paint all the nails in different colors, observing the correct order. Meanwhile, this only applies to the traditional variation of the rainbow design. Currently, stylists are constantly creating new original ideas based on it, which use all seven colors of the rainbow.

manicure summer 2019 rainbowtrendy manicure summer 2019

Manicure, summer 2019, rainbow

Manicure, summer 2019, french

The classic jacket is not relevant in the hot season, so stylists advise using bright and original variations of this design. So, French manicure for the summer, 2019, mainly has a bright tip and a neutral surface of the nail plate, which can be painted with nude or transparent gel polish. In addition, in the new season, a jacket with drawings, a gradient and rhinestones will be extremely popular.

manicure summer 2019 frenchmanicure for summer 2019

Manicure, summer 2019, french

manicure summer 2019 french

Manicure, summer 2019, geometry

Geometric elements in creating nail art for a hot summer should be used strictly metered. It is best to draw them on accent fingers, covering the rest of the nails with a plain gel polish. Meanwhile, with the help of geometry, you can create incredibly interesting summer manicure ideas 2019, for example, multi-colored zigzags or stripes traced in different directions.

manicure summer 2019 geometrysummer manicure ideas summer 2019

Manicure, summer 2019, geometry

manicure summer 2019 geometry

Summer manicure 2019 with drawings

In the hot season, many girls want to try something new and original. So, some young ladies change their hair color, while others do a beautiful manicure for the summer of 2019, decorated with a variety of patterns. The choice of images designed to decorate the nail plates is not limited by anything, each fashionista is guided solely by her own preferences and mood. For example, summer manicure 2019 can be decorated with pictures such as:

  • all kinds of floral motifs — poppies, roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers, wild flowers, luxurious gladioli, asters and much more;
  • birds, insects and animals;
  • cartoon or comic book characters;
  • sweets, lollipops and ice cream;
  • fruits and berries;
  • motifs associated with holidays on the sea coast — shells, palm trees, starfish, anchors, and so on;
  • laconic droplets, polka dots and circles.

summer manicure 2019 with drawings

Summer manicure 2019 with drawings

beautiful manicure for summer 2019summer manicure 2019 with drawings

Summer manicure 2019, gradient

A beautiful manicure, summer 2019, can be created using a gradient color transition. As a rule, in the hot season, juicy and saturated shades are used, which can turn into each other or into a universal snow-white. So, for example, a vertical gradient from white to hot pink or from lilac to orange is great for summer. To make nail art no less bright, but a horizontal or diagonal gradient will help to make it original and unusual.

summer manicure 2019 gradientmanicure summer 2019

Marine manicure, summer 2019

Summer manicure 2019 at sea will be performed mainly in blue-white-blue colors. For girls who are going on vacation to the shore of a reservoir, thematic drawings are perfect — palm trees, anchors, starfish, shells and much more. Traces in the sand look charming, which are made using flock powder.

You can beat the marine theme in a different way — draw water drops on the nail plates, complementing them with a bright sun, or use the well-known “vest” print, which is an alternation of white and blue stripes. Recently, the «vest» is also performed in red and white.

marine manicure summer 2019summer manicure 2019 at sea

Marine manicure, summer 2019

marine manicure summer 2019

Summer manicure 2019 with rhinestones

A beautiful summer manicure 2019 can be supplemented with rhinestones, however, you should be careful with them. So, if you can decorate all the nail plates with shiny pebbles for going out, a holiday or a solemn event, then in everyday life such a design would be completely inappropriate. As an option for every day, a concise nail art is suitable, in which 1-2 accent fingers are decorated with rhinestones.

In addition, the jacket looks charming, in which the smile line is separated from the main surface of the nail plates with the help of miniature rhinestones. In the lunar design, larger «glitters» can be used — in this case they are placed one in each hole. When creating feminine summer nail art, rhinestones are often used as an addition to the pattern — for example, they can play the role of the core of a large flower.

summer manicure 2019 with rhinestonesbeautiful summer manicure 2019

Summer manicure 2019 with rhinestones

summer manicure 2019 with rhinestones

Summer manicure 2019 with inscriptions

The current trends in manicure 2019, summer, are very diverse, so every young lady can choose an option for herself. One of the main hits of the upcoming season will be nail art with inscriptions, which will suit girls with both long and short nails. The text in such a design can be different — the translation of the word «love» into different languages, names and their combinations, the names of musical groups or sports teams, countries and cities, interesting slogans and appeals.

summer manicure 2019 with inscriptionsmanicure trends 2019 summer

Summer manicure 2019 with stickers

In order to look great, it is absolutely not necessary to seek help from professionals. You can create an actual summer manicure 2019, the trends for which are incredibly diverse, without leaving your home. Especially for this, there are stickers for nails, the choice of which is unusually wide. To work with this manicure device, no special skills and abilities are required, so any young lady can stick it on her claws.

In the summer 2019 season, stylists advise giving preference to the following types of stickers:

  • flowers;
  • fruits and berries;
  • funny little animals;
  • different phrases;
  • symbols of the zodiac signs.

summer manicure 2019 with stickerssummer manicure 2019 trends


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