Summer manicure design - the brightest and most fashionable nail decoration ideas

With the onset of the hot season, many girls carefully select the summer manicure design. At this time, both bright and saturated, and delicate pastel colors are welcome, which will highlight a woman, her individuality and sense of style. Well-chosen nail art is able to act as a highlight of the image.

Bright summer manicure design — new items

Even a gentle summer manicure design can look bright and unique:

  1. Nail art masters suggest choosing an explosive, unusual design. The simplest of the novelties is neon tones. Then negative space follows, making the female image elegant and light.
  2. Summer manicure design will harmoniously decorate additional decor, for example, interesting drawings, rhinestones. Images should be chosen related to summer and fashion trends, for example, these are floral prints, animalistics, fruit motifs.

bright summer manicure novelty designsummer gentle manicure design

Manicure designs for short nails for the summer

On shortened nail plates, you can embody a manicure for short nails, a summer design can look truly unsurpassed:

  1. The trend is stripes and lines, which are created by both varnishes and sparkles or broths.
  2. Such a bright summer manicure design as a pea print is also popular. Most importantly, multi-colored rounds should be applied to a snow-white background. Pink is also suitable as the main tone.
  3. Juicy fruits can be drawn even on short nails.
  4. For lovers of everything elegant, monograms and lace are suitable. If you can’t create them manually, then you should use ready-made stickers.
  5. Floral motifs also look great on short nails. It is not necessary to draw flowers on all five nail plates; you can decorate the last three with them.

manicure designs for short nails for summermanicure for short nails summer design

Summer manicure design for long nails

Fashionistas will be able to fully express their imagination by creating a manicure for long nails with a summer design:

  1. The most important drawing is the sea. If in the summer you depict everything related to the water element, then nail art will turn out to be incredibly stylish. The simplest option is waves crossing the top of the middle, middle of the ring nails and the base of the little finger.
  2. You can also decorate the top of the ring finger with the middle finger with waves of a pale blue hue, and cover the rest with a flesh tone. You can make waves on all nails, but highlight one with a flying bird. For the summer, a foamy summer manicure design of any bright color is perfect.
  3. Fruits and berries are a win-win option, as is a bright animal print. Ombre looks great on long nails. French is worth the experiment for the sake of combining with fruit patterns. In this case, the picture must be applied to one nail of the hand.

summer nail designs for long nailssummer manicure for long nails

Summer office manicure — design

Particularly careful selection requires office manicure design, summer is an occasion to bring bright colors, but it is important not to overdo it:

  1. For those who have a strict dress code at work, large drawings will not work. But a minimalist manicure will do, which can also be bright. Stylists advise creating simple drawings on a bright background. A few simple details should be applied on it, for example, small strokes, geometric shapes, abstraction or a floral ornament.
  2. The summer office manicure design often does not require additional decor, with the exception of an adhesive tape of a suitable shade.
  3. In offices with a not very strict dress code, you can completely cover one nail with a bright tone, and paint over the next one with the same shade, but only half, on the third you can draw a thin bright line. The remaining two nails are covered with a matte flesh tone.

summer office manicure designmanicure design summer

Summer monochrome manicure with design

Solid trendy summer manicure design continues to be in demand:

  1. The main trend is the maximum use of small sequins, which resemble powder in size and match the main coating in color. They can completely cover several marigolds. Sequins can be placed along the smile line, holes, or laid out in the form of a picture.
  2. Rhinestones on a plain manicure are also welcome. Apply decor of any shape, color and type. The most popular option is to lay out rhinestones of different sizes at the base.
  3. Beautiful summer manicure designs can be made extremely simply, for this it is allowed to cover the nails with a plain bright varnish. Without additional decor, it will look elegant in autumn.
  4. To decorate nails, masters also offer extraordinary solutions, for example, decorative sand of different textures.
  5. Another popular decor is kamifubuki, which are laid out in the form of stars, snowflakes, flowers and hearts.

summer monochrome manicure with designtrendy summer manicure design

White summer manicure with design

With the help of snow-white varnish, you can embody a light summer manicure design:

  1. With white varnish, you can create classics — French and extraordinary designs — Baby Boomer, moon manicure, marble effect, milky nails.
  2. White color will serve as a good background for bright drawings on any topic. It goes great with lace.
  3. Foil should be used to decorate short nails, mainly their tips. Glitter can also emphasize the line of a smile or hole.
  4. You can draw flowers on a white or flesh-colored background. The main thing is to remember the measure and stop at only one figure. For example, it can be large and located on the index finger. On the rest of the nails, you can make a jacket.
  5. With a white tone, you can beautifully emphasize the tips of your nails, replacing the standard “smile” with a slightly thicker layer, reminiscent of an open curtain in a theater.

white summer manicure with designeasy summer nail design

Summer French manicure — design

french is one of the most popular options for gel polish manicure, summer design can be found in the following ideas:

  1. «Smile» may not be on all nails. The nameless nail should be decorated with a flower or a pattern of rhinestones, and on the rest make a classic jacket.
  2. Another option is to decorate the middle and ring fingers with a floral design, but at the same time make a traditional jacket. In addition to it, you can draw thin branches and curls in black.
  3. On long almond-shaped nails, you can draw a white bird. On short nails, you should try to mark the “smile” line in a bright tone, for example, red or glitter.
  4. A stylish trend that presents manicure ideas for summer design is a “smile” with long edges and neon color. On one nail it is worth placing a picture, and laying rhinestones on the next one.

summer manicure french designmanicure gel polish design summer

Summer red manicure with design

With the help of a rich red coating, you can create a chic summer manicure with a design:

  • on a red background, openwork monograms made in white or black look unsurpassed;
  • you can embody a romantic theme and draw hearts with contrasting varnish, some of them can be laid out with sparkles;
  • on the red cover, inscriptions made on a romantic or motivating theme will stand out favorably.

summer red manicure designchic summer manicure with design

Delicate elegant summer manicure — design

With the help of delicate shades, you can also create a bright summer elegant manicure, the design of which is presented in the following variations:

  1. Beautiful flowers will make any bright manicure more romantic and tender. Another such ornament will give the image of femininity. For those who like to be the center of attention, large, bright drawings are suitable. For an evening manicure, they will only have to be supplemented with sparkles in the center.
  2. Those who like restraint should opt for micro-colors. The background for them should be chosen bright, but muted, for example, these are rich tones of a “dusty rose”. One large bright flower should be drawn on the ring finger, and green twigs should be made on the little and middle fingers, as a continuation of the flower. The rest of the nails can be covered with a bright matte tone. Such a gentle manicure design for the summer will be colorful and elegant at the same time.

gentle elegant summer manicure designmanicure ideas summer design

Summer manicure with one nail design

In the case when a multi-colored summer manicure is created, the combination of colors with the design can be very unusual. One of the nail plates can be made the main focus by placing a bright decor on it:

  • on the nameless nail, you can draw a large multi-colored flower, and on the rest of the jacket, the “smile” of which will intersect in tone with one of the shades of the image;
  • a fruit theme will also be a great solution, for example, it can be a pineapple lined with rhinestones;
  • one of the nails can be made rainbow or depict an abstraction on it.

summer manicure with one nail designsummer multi-colored manicure color combination with design

Summer nude manicure with design

A universal option for any occasion of life will be a manicure, the summer delicate nail design of which is made using a nude coating:

  1. There are a huge number of options for nail art. You can experiment with shades, or you can use sparkles or rhinestones. Nude manicure goes well with drawings and prints.
  2. It is worth trying out a brilliant decor, for example, pearl or colored powder. Pieces and stripes of gold foil look good on a nude finish. For everyday nail art, you should choose a calm monochrome decor.
  3. Geometry and abstraction, minimalism, predatory print and flowers in different interpretations will be a good decoration.
  4. For a nude manicure on short nails, you should choose a delicate decor and minimalist nail art. On long nails, you can walk around and complement the nude coating with complex graphics, copy the texture of marble or draw different flowers. Nude manicure goes well with mini flowers.

summer nude manicure designmanicure summer delicate nail design

Summer manicure with rubbing and design

A great solution would be to embody a summer manicure with a simple design made using a rub:

  1. For extravagant nail art, a mirror rub is suitable, which will give a chrome effect to the nails. Many celebrities have resorted to such a manicure to make the image completely stunning.
  2. The real excitement will be caused by the holographic rubbing, which will create an extravaganza of color on the fingers. At the same time, it can be of several types, which is why you can change the manicure depending on your mood.
  3. For an elegant and sophisticated nail art, pearl rubbing is suitable. This option is ideal for weddings, graduations and other festive events.
  4. Rubbing can be used in a moon manicure, on long and short nails. It is fashionable to draw origami on it. This design looks fresh and gentle.

summer manicure with rubbing and designsimple summer manicure

Summer manicure «cat’s eye» with design

With the help of the «cat’s eye» technique, you can create a stylish and at the same time light manicure design for the summer:

  1. Nail art is performed in different shades — from blue, emerald to brown, black and red. It can be supplemented with mica, crystal chips, rhinestones and foil. The coating with which the manicure is performed can create different patterns.
  2. One of the popular designs is the creation of stars with a purple overflow. It is advisable to select two nails, and choose a gray background with dark shadows.
  3. Another option is drawings in the style of artistic painting. The most fashionable are the images of the faces of girls, the night sky and luminaries.
  4. If you want a laconic manicure, then you should take a closer look at the inscriptions. You just need to select a couple of nails with a “cat’s eye”, and place letters on the others.

summer cat eye manicure with designeasy nail design for summer

Summer manicure — marine design

Justified popularity among fashionistas enjoys a bright summer manicure with a design made in a marine style:

  1. This is the hit of the season, which has no restrictions in anything, so any girl will be able to create a unique manicure. Depending on the length of the nails, you can draw at least a sunset, at least an entire embankment, a landscape.
  2. If there is not enough space, then it is worth limiting yourself to a palm tree, anchor, helm, starfish or fish.
  3. Not knowing which pattern to choose, you can combine several options. If you want additional decor, then sequins of different sizes and shades will fit.
  4. The simplest marine design is a few blue stripes on a white background on one nail, on the next one — a blue anchor with gold ropes on a white background. The rest of the nails can be painted red.

summer manicure marine designbright summer manicure with design

Beautiful summer manicure — nail design with stamping

With the help of stamping, you can make a unique manicure, the youthful summer design of which will not leave anyone indifferent:

  1. There are many variations of stamping, the simplest is the image of feathers, butterfly wings. You can make different images on your hands when the manicure is done in the same color, but the pattern is different.
  2. It is worth trying a multi-colored design, when each nail is decorated brightly, but in its own way. The main thing is that the nail art of the fingers on one hand matches the design on the other, that is, the thumbs are made out in one pattern, the index fingers in another, and so on.
  3. Stamping can also be nude, which makes it beneficial for an office look. In summer, dot stamping from different bright colors looks good. The pattern is perfectly combined with a neutral coating.

beautiful summer manicure nail design with stampingmanicure youth summer design

Neon yellow manicure with summer design

On hot sunny days, a summer yellow manicure design will look very harmonious:

  • the peculiarity of nail art lies in the fact that catchy, neon tones are taken to implement it. In this case, the use of both glossy and matte coatings is allowed;
  • one or more nails can be covered with velvety powder, bright yellow sparkles or rhinestones of this shade;
  • you can depict such an element of a fruit theme as pineapple or lemon, these fruits will organically complement other nails.

neon yellow manicure with summer design

Summer green manicure with design

A manicure for the summer will look truly unsurpassed, the bright design of which is created using green:

  1. In a hot period, green tones should be used to the fullest. It can be used as a base coat or used to apply patterns such as tree branches, green grass, lime, watermelon.
  2. Green and all its shades should be reserved for the cat’s eye technique.
  3. If you decorate the “smile” area in a green tone, then a wonderful and attractive jacket will come out.

summer green manicure designsummer manicure bright design

Summer manicure designs — fruits

Using a fruity theme is a great way to create a beautiful summer manicure design:

  1. To get a beautiful and clear image, the work should be entrusted to an experienced nail master, because fruits are often applied by hand. Then the drawing is as realistic as possible, and every detail is clearly traced.
  2. For those who do their own manicure, sliders will come in handy. Ready-made pictures on a special basis are attached to the top base in a couple of minutes. The drawings practically do not differ from the salon ones.
  3. On long nails, you can depict whole fruits, while each nail has a separate view. Bright fruits look best on a white matte finish. Additionally, they do not need to be decorated, the manicure itself turns out to be bright.

summer fruit manicure designsbeautiful manicure design for summer


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