Summer monochrome manicure - 62 photos of the most fashionable and stylish ideas

In the warm season, a summer plain manicure will be a stylish and at the same time extremely simple solution. There are so many design ideas to consider. With the help of certain coatings or decorative elements, nail art can be made catchy or discreet.

Bright Summer Manicure Ideas

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas options for summer manicure, represented by various design variations:

  1. The most popular shades are burgundy, red, sangria and raspberry. The use of contrasting shades is encouraged.
  2. The neon yellow color looks interesting in combination with minimalistic drawings applied to such a base — fruits, berries.
  3. A bright summer monochromatic manicure goes well with a marine theme depicted in similar colors.
  4. The geometry will also look spectacular. It is combined with the most daring shades of varnish.
  5. An unusual and catchy option is a bright manicure using the ombre technique, made in similar, almost identical and only slightly different shades.
  6. For solemn exits, the design is complemented with rhinestones or sparkles.
  7. Each girl will be able to make a choice in favor of a color that is ideal for her. It can be calm, pastel and emphatically gentle tones or, on the contrary, catchy, very rich and acidic.
  8. You can also give effect to nail art by coating the nail plates with a rub. It can bring variety if applied to only some of the marigolds. You can also make a single composition if you use a certain type of rubbing on all fingers for this, for example, pearl or mirror.

bright summer manicure ideas

Bright summer manicure for short nails

Owners of neat shortened nails can make a beautiful summer manicure for short nails:

  1. It is best to give them an almond-shaped or oval shape. The bright design is especially popular. You can choose any color that evokes associations with this season: yellow, turquoise, green, red or orange. Shades such as light green, mint, lilac or blue will look interesting. The most important thing is not to take boring and dark colors.
  2. A summer plain manicure for short nails looks especially chic, for the creation of which a matte design option is chosen. It is worth remembering that with this choice you should not load the image with decorations.
  3. Drawings or inscriptions, abstract figures and so on will look good on bright nails.

bright summer manicure for short nails

Summer manicure for long nails

Summer bright manicure for long nails is presented with a variety of ideas:

  1. The following forms are relevant: a clear or soft square, oval, almond-shaped or sharp.
  2. The easiest way to apply is not too catchy, but not too boring color: pink, blue, matte versions of bright colors. Dark tones for the summer are not advised, but with a strong desire, you can supplement them with sparkles.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the design options that present a summer plain manicure for almond-shaped nails:

  • in matte colors with abstractions;
  • with strokes or strokes;
  • matte manicure;
  • manicure, complemented by drawings or stamping;
  • design, complemented by themed summer drawings;
  • French manicure is also relevant — both in a classic version and in a bright one;
  • colors such as hot pink, lemon, blue, turquoise, purple are considered especially trendy;
  • the “different handles” design option is especially fashionable, when certain tones are used on one and the other hand;
  • You can complement the manicure with summer drawings, inscriptions, prints on a floral theme.

bright summer manicure for long nails

Summer manicure on almond shape

The almond form is very popular. It looks chic in combination with a variety of design options. When choosing a color, do not limit yourself. In the warm season, you can definitely give free rein to your imagination and try summer almond manicure, which at other times of the year might seem out of place:

  1. French on almond-shaped nails looks very beautiful and concise. This is a great option for business women. For a change, it can be made not in a classic form, but using bright colors, adding drawings and rhinestones.
  2. Lunar manicure is great for this form, especially if you experiment with combinations with rhinestones. Perfectly this option is combined with drawings of animals or geometry.
  3. Matte manicure is also very relevant, since this year the trend for naturalness is supported. In addition, this style is suitable for any clothing and does not require correction on an ongoing basis.

summer almond manicure

Summer manicure on square nails

The stylist will be able to fully show the flight of fantasy, creating a summer manicure on short square nails or on elongated nail plates of this shape:

  1. For everyday wear, a manicure in neutral colors is suitable. Thanks to this, it is easy to create a stylish and harmonious look suitable for any event.
  2. French manicure looks interesting on square nails. You can experiment with the smile line by changing its shape or color. For summer, it can be made bright and noticeable. Such summer colors for manicure are acceptable: purple, blue, emerald green, red.
  3. Geometric design is very popular, in the summer you can choose many different shapes and lines.
  4. Marble manicure remains in fashion, which looks sophisticated and beautiful.

summer manicure on square nailssummer manicure for short square nailssummer manicure on square nails

Summer manicure for sharp nails

Sharp nail plates like bright and creative girls. They provide an opportunity to realize the most daring ideas. New summer manicures are presented in the following variations:

  1. French in his atypical incarnations. The smile line can be made bright, even in neon or acid colors. Additionally, it is recommended to make drawings or inscriptions, while they should all be made in similar colors.
  2. Matte light summer manicure looks very nice on sharp nails. You can add it with rhinestones or sparkles.
  3. The best combination is sharp nails and rhinestones. The most important thing is to know the measure, instead of rhinestones, you can use sparkles.
  4. A plain manicure in bright colors looks beautiful. Brave girls can even decide to use acid tones.

summer manicure for sharp nails

Summer manicure for oval nails

Oval nails are very popular due to the natural trend. This is a universal shape suitable for any design. In the warm season, you can choose a simple summer manicure, presented in the following options:

  1. Classic monochrome design, which is created using one shade, rich and bright. If you don’t want to make the entire manicure similar in design, then you can focus on one of the nails by highlighting it with rhinestones, dune powder or sparkles.
  2. French manicure for this form is also great. You can make an unusual version of it by decorating the edge of the smile with “broken glass”.
  3. Monochrome nail art looks interesting in combination with geometric patterns, images of flowers or themed summer prints.

easy summer manicure

Summer office manicure

This kind of nail art as a summer manicure for the office should be restrained, but at the same time interesting. Bright colors are also acceptable, but it is better to give preference to discreet and somewhat muted options. Recommended ideas that are offered by stylists are as follows:

  • geometry combined with a monochromatic manicure;
  • design, complemented by drawings of twigs, flowers, fruits or berries;
  • the original version of the manicure — «cobweb»;
  • design «negative space»;
  • summer business monochromatic manicure, complemented by strokes;
  • French manicure in its various variations is also relevant;
  • marble design.

summer manicure for the officesummer office manicure

Summer matte manicure

Summer plain matte manicure is very popular, because with such varnish the nail plates look spectacular and catchy:

  1. The most luxurious colors are the following: purple, red, wine, blue, green, orange and red.
  2. Combinations of dark varnishes with lighter ones, presented in a similar tone, look interesting.
  3. Experts advise doing a manicure by mixing several different techniques, adding drawings and lines, shapes, prints and various ornaments, rhinestones and sparkles.

summer matte manicuresummer matte manicure

Red summer manicure

Red is especially common in summer as it sets the mood perfectly. With it, you can embody a chic summer manicure:

  1. Any tone of red is suitable for any shape of nails, so don’t be afraid to experiment.
  2. You can use different variations of this shade, add drawings, prints and sparkles to it. The combination of red lacquer with rhinestones is especially impressive.

red summer manicurered summer manicure

Summer yellow manicure

Summer yellow manicure is invariably associated with warm days:

  1. It looks beautiful on both long and short nails.
  2. It is recommended to combine it with thematic drawings: palm trees, fruits, berries and so on.
  3. It also looks good with flowers. In addition, you can try to make a rub.

yellow summer manicuresummer yellow manicure

Summer nude manicure

For girls of any age, for any shape and length of nails, summer nude manicure is suitable:

  1. It is used for everyday or evening looks. Delicate colors add to the images of femininity.
  2. This design can be complemented with neat and beautiful drawings: birds, feathers and other images. A variety of motivating inscriptions are also acceptable.
  3. This design goes well with rhinestones and sparkles, from which you can lay out drawings or stripes.
  4. Geometric shapes work well too, adding a bit of abstraction.

summer nude manicuresummer nude manicure

Summer manicure in pastel colors

If you want to add beauty to your hands, then you should do a summer pastel manicure. It unobtrusively, but perfectly complements any set of clothes, and at the same time does not attract much attention to itself:

  1. You can do not just pastel nail art, but complement it with bright and rich sparkles to make the bow even more interesting.
  2. Particularly relevant are such colors: pink, blue and beige. If the nails are long, then you can add shiny elements.
  3. A real trend is pastel manicure with patterns in tone in the form of lace or with abstractions. A flower pattern on one of the fingers is allowed.

summer manicure in pastel colors

Summer neon manicure

An option for brave girls who want to stand out is a summer youth manicure made in neon colors:

  1. This design option looks best on long or medium nails. In addition, you should not do catchy makeup and overload the image with jewelry.
  2. In summer, you can choose any colors from the neon palette, complementing them with drawings, rhinestones or inscriptions.

summer youth manicuresummer neon manicure

Summer manicure with rhinestones

Many girls like rhinestones because they look incredibly beautiful on nails. With their help, you can create a memorable stylish summer manicure:

  1. Rhinestones are used with almost any design variation. You can lay out drawings from them or just stick them in a chaotic manner.
  2. It will be interesting to look at a manicure with rhinestones, contrasting with the color of the nail plate. It is very important not to overdo it with this element of decor.

summer manicure with rhinestonesstylish summer manicure

Summer manicure with rubbing

If the chosen design seems too boring, then it would be nice to add a rub. She will add bright notes to a trendy summer manicure, make it more unique. If desired, it can be made very catchy and saturated in order to stand out from the crowd. However, experts advise using the rub on sharp nails with caution.

  trendy summer manicuresummer manicure with rubbing

Summer acid manicure

Acid colors are great for creating a bright beautiful summer manicure, especially for frequent hangouts and parties:

  1. You can choose, as in the case of neon design, any desired shade.
  2. This option will look especially impressive on sharp nails, since they look bold on their own, and in combination with acid colors, everything will become even more interesting.

summer bright beautiful manicuresummer acid manicure

Transparent summer manicure

In recent seasons, there is a trend for naturalness, so a summer gentle manicure for short nails, made using a transparent coating, is relevant:

  1. So that it does not look boring, it is often supplemented with drawings — thematic summer ones, flowers, animals, fruits and berries.
  2. French in this technique is also very popular.
  3. You can simply leave the manicure in its original form, without doing anything with it and using only one type of coating. Among the abundance of colors and brightness, it will look original and concise.
  4. Transparent, you can leave a hole or strips in the middle of the nail plate. This design will make nail art sophisticated and elegant.

transparent summer manicuresummer gentle manicure for short nailstransparent summer manicure


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