Summer nail design - 56 photos of fashionable novelties for the hot season

With the onset of the warm period of the year, every woman wants to make changes to her image by adding bright colors to it. In particular, modern women of fashion pay attention to their nails, creating bright and unusual types of nail art on them. Summer nail design, which stylists can offer their clients today, can be incredibly diverse.

Fashionable summer nail design

A beautiful summer nail design will complement the image of a confident girl and make it truly amazing. Currently, in the world of manicure art, there are a huge variety of different techniques, coating methods, types of decor and all kinds of combinations of them, with which the appearance of pens can be made unforgettable.

Depending on individual preferences, the fair sex choose a summer nail design among a wide range of variations, for example:

  • colored nail art, made in bright and «flashy» colors;
  • gentle and romantic manicure, to create which pastel shades are used;
  • stylish and elegant geometry;
  • charming floral and floral motifs;
  • «delicious» berry and fruit design;
  • simple and concise prints — dots, stripes, a barely noticeable cell;
  • marine-style nail art, perfect for relaxing on the coast of the sea or ocean;
  • timeless classics and much more.

trendy summer nail design

Fashionable summer nail design

beautiful summer nail designtrendy summer nail design

Summer design for short nails

Since naturalness and naturalness have been in fashion for several seasons in a row, many girls give their preference to neat short claws. It is not difficult to make a beautiful summer design for short nails, because any nail art looks very stylish, elegant and attractive on them. Unlike long nail plates, which can look defiant in too bright shades, in the case of short claws, there are simply no restrictions — they always look charming.

Meanwhile, owners of nails that are not too long may encounter insufficient plate area, so placing the desired drawings on them will not work in all cases. For this reason, the summer design of short nails in most cases does without pictures, and other techniques and coating methods are used to create it, for example:

  • french, classic and color, with and without decor;
  • plain monochrome coating of a bright «flashy» shade;
  • a combination of several bright colors, reminiscent of a rainbow;
  • vertical and horizontal gradient;
  • gentle combinations of pastel shades;
  • stripes, including in a marine style;
  • all kinds of options with negative space;
  • moon manicure, made in bright colors, both on its own and in combination with a jacket;
  • dots, confetti and kamifubuki.

summer design for short nailsbeautiful summer design for short nails

Summer design for long nails

In the case of long claws, nail art should be chosen very carefully. So, too bright summer nail design in such a situation will not work — a “flashy” coating will make the manicure and the whole appearance of the girl as a whole defiant and vulgar. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to give up bright gel polish, you can cover certain areas of the nail with it, for example, a hole or a smile line, or highlight 1-2 accent fingers.

Happy owners of strong and long plates with sufficient area, creating a summer nail design, can draw anything on them. Meanwhile, it should be understood that too many drawings and images will be inappropriate, so do not overdo it. In addition to drawings, you can achieve a delightful effect with the help of such types of nail art as:

  • watercolor technique;
  • broken glass;
  • kamifubuki;
  • french, direct and reverse;
  • numerous options in red color scheme. So that the bright red lacquer on long nails, beloved by many girls, does not look too defiant, it can be combined in one nail art with wine or burgundy;
  • delightful multicolor — colored stripes arranged in a chaotic manner;
  • abstract motives;
  • droplets of water;
  • ombre and gradient of different colors and directions.

summer design for long nailsbright summer nail design

Summer Nail Design Ideas

To date, the number of types of bright and attractive nail art is simply amazing. In addition, you can always show your imagination and come up with a stylish summer nail design yourself. Each master of manicure art will definitely offer her client some interesting ideas, on the basis of which you can create an incredibly beautiful and original manicure for any occasion.

summer nail design ideasstylish summer nail design

Summer Nail Design Ideas

summer nail design ideas

Summer nail design with rhinestones

Fashionable nails with a summer design, additionally decorated with shiny stones or rhinestones, are perfect for special occasions and going out. This nail art looks luxurious, so it will look great in combination with an evening or cocktail dress, a charming set consisting of a fluffy skirt and top, and other women’s outfits.

The rhinestones used to decorate such a manicure can be arranged in different ways. So, they can form a certain pattern, lay out in a chaotic manner, go in an even strip, and much more. Summer nail design looks very interesting, in which rhinestones complement other interesting techniques. For example, they can be located along the smile line, making the colored jacket even more attractive, or separating the unpainted hole from the main surface of the nail.

summer nail design with rhinestones

Summer nail design with rhinestones

trendy summer nails

Summer French nail design

French manicure is one of the most sought-after types of nail art that remains popular regardless of the season. In warm weather, it is predominantly painted in bright colors, decorated with eye-catching patterns on a floral, fruit or berry theme, and can be supplemented with rubbing, sparkles, confetti and other elements.

For example, a creative summer nail design based on a French manicure might look like this:

  • classic white jacket with bright flowers or fruits on accent fingers;
  • colored jacket with a bright smile line and a nude main surface;
  • french manicure with vertical gradient;
  • pale pink jacket, the smile line in which is designed in the same color scheme, but has a brighter shade and, moreover, sprinkled with sparkles;
  • multi-colored jacket, in which the color of the smile line changes from finger to finger.

summer french nail designcreative summer nail design

Summer nail design with a pattern

Thematic drawings on the nails can demonstrate to others the mood of their owner. Very often they appear on the hands of modern fashionistas with the advent of the warm season, when everything around is saturated with positive emotions. Among these pictures, such novelties of summer nail design are especially interesting, such as:

  • juicy watermelon pulp;
  • all kinds of flowers and buds — bright sunflowers, scarlet poppies, charming roses, delicate wild flowers and so on;
  • berries and fruits, such as raspberries;
  • ice cream;
  • marine motifs — palm trees, anchors, shells, starfish.

summer nail design with pattern

Summer nail design with rubbing

A shiny and mysterious rub allows you to create a delicate summer nail design for everyday wear or special occasions, however, it should not be too much. For the hot season, a holographic rubbing with an iridescent effect would be an ideal choice. In addition, a mirror or chrome manicure will also look good. So that such a summer nail design does not look too defiant, it is better to use the rub only on accent fingers, and cover all the rest with a muted monochromatic varnish.

summer nail design with rubbing

Summer nail design with holes

Creating a lunar summer nail design, manicure masters in most cases leave the hole area unpainted, and cover the rest of the nail surface with bright “screaming” varnish. A similar version, made in neon shades, looks very interesting. In addition, the hole itself can be painted in a bright color, however, in this case it must be supplemented with other overlapping elements. So, for example, a combination of a moon and a French manicure using a hot pink or raspberry shade will be stylish and incredibly attractive.

summer nail design with holes

Summer nail design with flowers

A beautiful summer design of female nails just asks you to decorate it with charming flowers. This type of nail art is ideal for light airy images that young girls create in hot weather. Depending on the length of the claws and individual preferences, young ladies can choose different options — luxurious poppies, sunny sunflowers, delicate wild flowers, magnificent roses and lilies, mysterious water lilies and much more.

Recently, it has become fashionable to paint flowers and buds on a transparent basis, however, a bright nail design, in which summer colors coexist with other, more muted shades, also does not give up its positions. In addition, it should be borne in mind that on short nails too many images or their large size will look unattractive, so for girls who cannot boast of long plates, it is better to choose a scattering of small flowers located on accent fingers.

summer manicure with flowers

Summer nail design with flowers

nail design summer colors

Summer glitter nail design

Shiny elements always attract the attention of others to the handles of their owner and make them as attractive as possible, so even the simplest summer nail design, complemented by sparkles, will look great. Meanwhile, the abundance of glitter is not suitable for everyday wear, it is better to use it for special occasions and special occasions. For every day, you can only highlight accent fingers with sparkles or decorate a thin smile line with them.

summer glitter nail design

Summer ombre nail design

Exquisite summer nail design with a gradient is extremely popular with girls and women of all ages. The shades in it pass into each other gently and unobtrusively, so there are no sharp contrasts in such nail art. As a rule, stylists combine such pairs of color shades as yellow and pink, white and blue, pale pink and burgundy, lilac and purple, mint and yellow. In addition, ombre nails look great with themed patterns.

summer ombre nail designsummer nail design with gradient

Summer nail design in a marine style

In the hot season, many girls go to the sea coast. Trying to match the situation, the young ladies choose an original summer nail design that will complement their beach look and make it simply amazing. In the arsenal of qualified masters of manicure art, there are many options for nail art in a marine style, for example:

  • stripes, mostly blue and white, which can be placed on the plates in different ways;
  • decor with thematic drawings — anchor and helm, shells and starfish, palm trees and much more;
  • vertical and horizontal gradient in blue and white colors;
  • water drops;
  • drawings made using watercolor technique.

summer nail design in marine styleoriginal summer nail design

Summer nail design with kamifubuki

Kamifubuki, which in a short time have gained extraordinary popularity among girls and women of different ages, will help to make a bright summer nail design. One of the main advantages of this type of nail art is its amazing ease — every lady can decorate her claws with small multi-colored confetti even at home, and the result will be simply amazing. Just like with other decorative elements, care must be taken with kamifubuki — there should not be too many of them.

summer nail design with kamifubukibright summer nail design

Summer nail design — pedicure

In the hot season, not only the hands, but also the legs of a beautiful lady are in sight. Open shoes and sandals simply draw attention to this area, so ugly and unkempt nails immediately catch your eye. So that the image is not hopelessly spoiled, stylists advise making a bright summer toenail design, for example:

  • snow-white coating interspersed with other color shades, drawings or rhinestone decor — such nail art will emphasize the beauty of a tan;
  • pedicure with thematic drawings — delicacies and sweets, fruits and berries;
  • drawings and patterns on a transparent basis — in this case it will be completely imperceptible that the nails have grown during the holidays;
  • marine style options;
  • bright monochrome coating;
  • multi-colored mosaic;
  • flower pedicure;
  • laconic options in pastel colors.

summer nail design pedicuresummer toe nail designs


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