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The warm season is a wonderful time of the year for suitable experiments. Summer nail design is represented by numerous ideas, you can experiment with different shades and tones, while creating a variety of combinations. Nail art can complement a casual or festive look.

Nails — design — novelties 2019 for the summer

Stylists use all sorts of solutions, decorating the nails with the design of the novelty summer:

  1. Fashion trends dictate their own rules for creating a chic summer manicure. For women who love minimalism, there are options made using the French or moon manicure technique. Such a design can be presented in pink, red, blue, light green or yellow.
  2. Among the design options, you can use a combination of several shades, stripes, polka dots, rhinestones, beads, patterns and patterns.
  3. Trendy nail design summer pleases with a variety of new products. The most popular is the abundance of fruits, flowers, animals and birds.
  4. A summer manicure, complemented by foliage and branches, will be charming. O
  5. Nail art with butterflies, bugs and other insects looks unsurpassed.
  6. A summer theme can be a marine manicure, where there is an addition in the form of palm trees, exotic fish, dolphins, octopuses, starfish and anchors, shells and other elements with a marine print.
  7. Manicure with geometry and abstraction does not go out of fashion.
  8. A manicure with ethnic motifs applied in delicate shades will look great.
  9. For a pastel design, you can choose a laconic decor, where there is glitter or foil.

nails design novelties 2019 summernails design novelties summernail design ideas summer 2019

Nail design 2019 — summer — for long nails

A bright summer design for long nails will help to attract everyone’s attention as much as possible:

  1. Owners of elongated nail plates can not be shy about showing their imagination. The actual idea is considered to be such an option where there are soft contours, it can be a square or an oval.
  2. Summer nail design can be presented in a monophonic solution, this option can be represented by bright and rich colors.
  3. Complex ideas will also be in fashion, where different options for decorating and finishing are used. Such techniques as ombre, geometry, modeling, rubbing, glitter, sparkles and rhinestone compositions can be applied to the nails.

nail design 2019 summer long

Nail design for short nails summer

Neat and natural nail plates provide an elegant look: You can create an incredibly sophisticated design for short nails summer 2019:

  1. Stylists are increasingly trying to create soft, flowing borders for square, almond, and oval shapes.
  2. The design of short summer nails is often done in a minimalist style. In this case, all fingers are covered in one color, and two are highlighted with a contrasting varnish.
  3. Nails can be supplemented with a pattern, all kinds of decorations, presented in a single version.
  4. French and moon nail art remain a fashionable option for short nails.
  5. Particularly successful will be solutions with geometric shapes that have a longitudinal arrangement, which visually increase the length of the nail plate.

nail design for short nails summer

Almond nails — design 2019 — summer

The almond-shaped shape of the nail plates is reasonably recognized as the most elegant, it can be embodied in a beautiful nail design summer 2019:

  1. Such marigolds look like rounded and have a narrowing at the top. A sophisticated jacket is ideal for an almond shape. You can turn to the classic version, but a colored jacket with a changed smile will look more beautiful.
  2. Lunar almond nail design summer is a reverse French style that looks understated and elegant. In the new season, manicure is complemented by a hole not only in white and transparent colors, it can change its shape and color, be decorated with different materials.
  3. The place of honor is occupied by the gradient. For summer, there are no restrictions on the choice of color palette, you can give preference to pastel shades or red and blue options.
  4. The nude design is presented in beige, milky, coffee and pink colors, it will give the image tenderness and romance.
  5. Ethnic patterns look amazing on almond-shaped nails, the summer season provides an opportunity to use a bright and juicy palette of colors.
  6. Geometry can perfectly emphasize nails, graphic shapes, clear lines and flirty polka dots continue to be in trend.

almond nails design 2019 summer

Sharp nails — design 2019 — summer

Owners of elongated nail plates will be able to successfully apply the new nail design summer 2019:

  1. Masters create different designs with a pattern, rhinestones, with an aquarium with fish or sand scattering, which is applied directly to the tip of the nail.
  2. It is allowed to use a matte or glossy base, a mirror effect or a variant of a cat’s eye can be applied.
  3. Amazing images on sharp nails can be created using a classic jacket, it can also be a variant of a multi-layered color jacket — on an elongated plate, this solution looks extraordinary and interesting.

sharp nails design 2019 summer

Beautiful summer nail design

The original and fashionable summer nail design is represented by a variety of stylistic solutions:

  1. Summer images are created with the help of delicate daisies, bright sunflowers, poppies, roses and wildflowers. The simplest and most common option for applying flowers is stickers.
  2. Brightness summer manicure can add a delicious version of ice cream, juicy fruits and berries.
  3. Fruit looks spectacular, complemented by droplets applied with acrylic varnish. Fruit can be drawn on one of the nails or on each, depending on the saturation of the pattern.
  4. In summer, you can turn to the option with a rub, the shimmering effect will look unique in the sun.
  5. For a fashionable summer design, applying a special foil may be suitable. Pieces of «broken glass» can be made in color, and it is better to use foil in golden hues.
  6. Summer nail design can be effectively complemented by pebbles and beads.

beautiful summer nail designtrendy nail design summersummer nail design

Bright nails — design — summer

Original nail design ideas for the summer can be presented in a bright design:

  1. To decorate the nails, traced fruits and berries are used, these can be oranges, watermelons, strawberries and raspberries.
  2. You can refer to the marine theme, this is an image of bright blue stripes on a white background.
  3. Geometric shapes can be drawn on the nails, which alternate in shape and color.

bright nails design summersummer nail design ideas

Nail design — summer — french

French stylish summer nail design is able to harmoniously complement the image:

  1. The tip of the nail can be painted in snow-white or soft pastel colors. The nail plate in this design can be decorated with lace elements.
  2. The separation of flowers can occur with the help of lined rhinestones.
  3. The shape of the tip may differ — it can be made in the classic version or in the form of a triangle.
  4. A colored jacket is an ideal option for a summer manicure.

nail design summer french

Pink nail design for summer

Pink summer nail design looks incredibly gentle and elegant:

  1. The main advantage of a manicure is its excellent combination with any style of clothing and image. Pink nail art will perfectly fit into a laconic business look or a sophisticated look for a special occasion, an original set for every day.
  2. To create a design, you can use soft pink tones or rich shades, combine the main color with yellow, blue, gray, blue and other colors.
  3. For summer, a jacket is suitable, in which the holes and tips of the nails are decorated with white, and the main part with pink varnish.
  4. If you want a bright design, you should use raspberry, fuchsia, cyclamen varnish.
  5. A win-win solution would be a summer nail design with flowers painted in pastel colors on a pink background.
  6. Manicure can be supplemented with drawings of ice cream or balloons, but only on one finger.

pink nail design summer

Solid color nail design

When conciseness and simplicity are a priority, it is worth using a monophonic interesting summer nail design. Nail art looks perfect on nails of any shape and length. The main ideas for the summer season can be a manicure:

  • with sand. The design is included in the list of fashion trends, while it does not look trite;
  • with rhinestones. Decor can be any color and size. Pebbles can be combined, decorate them with only 1-2 fingers;
  • with kamifubuki. Nail art looks simple, but it actually turns out to be perky and bright, especially if you use kamifubuki in the form of a heart, snowflakes and other shapes;
  • for those who appreciate practicality, a solid beige nude is suitable. Its color scheme can be any: pink, milky, beige, light brown or light gray.

plain nail design summer

Nail design — summer — rubbing

One of the most relevant solutions that presents nail design ideas for summer 2019 is rubbing:

  1. On the nails, you can create amazing effects. If you need a universal design, then white nail art with a rub will come in handy. Manicure is suitable for a festive event or for a work week. It can be diluted with decor like pebbles, rhinestones and drawings.
  2. If you need a design that catches the eye, then you should think about the pearl rub. Its charm lies in the fact that a manicure is appropriate even on the beach.
  3. Pink manicure is one of the most popular for the summer, and if you combine it with a rub, you get a doubly stylish design. Colors can be chosen bright and pastel, complement any decor. You can use several shades of pink at once.

nail design summer rubbingnail design ideas summer 2019

Nail design — summer — geometry

A fun and stylish summer nail design with geometric shapes has been in fashion for several seasons. At the same time, nail art is constantly updated with new products and different variations:

  1. Geometric nail art is well complemented by various patterns, but the basis is all kinds of shapes from lines, strokes, zigzags and dots. Elements can be placed anywhere, in any order and direction.
  2. Geometric design looks good on nails of different lengths and shapes. In summer, it can be created in light pastel or bright, colorful shades. Having chosen geometric shapes and ornaments, it is important to draw them in contrasting colors. Then nail art will turn out to be very spectacular!
  3. A manicure with geometric patterns can also be in the style of minimalism. In this case, it is combined with a monophonic one, for example, three nails are painted in one color without decor, and for the remaining two, a different color is chosen, and thin lines are applied on top, pebbles are attached.

nail design summer geometrysummer nail design

Matte nail design — summer

Matte design is good in combination with any technique, decor, regardless of the chosen color, nail shape:

  1. It is worth trying options such as red nail design summer, blue, burgundy, purple, green nail art.
  2. More delicate shades are also suitable for matte manicure, such as pink, turquoise, blue or white. A simple monochromatic nail art without fancy techniques, patterns and decor will win you over with its conciseness.
  3. An unusual symbiosis, which is gradually becoming a classic, is the combination of matte and glossy manicure.
  4. Ombre technique with unsurpassed matte transitions is great for summer.

matte nail design summer

Nail design — summer — with sparkles

Sequins are an unchanging trend that is relevant and in demand regardless of the season. The design is attractive not only because of its bright performance, but also because it emphasizes the individuality of its owner:

  1. Glitter can be of any size, color and shape, so you can create a manicure for every taste. For summer, it is better to choose glitter in such shades as pink, beige, turquoise, white, coral, blue.
  2. These and other colors can be used as a base. for example, a yellow summer nail design will look unsurpassed.
  3. As for the drawings, delicate flowers, light curls, stripes and polka dots look beautiful in summer.
  4. If the wedding fell on a warm season, then a manicure with sparkles will come in handy. It is traditionally created using white, pink, beige or clear lacquer. An excellent addition will be light openwork patterns of rhinestones. If you decorate a manicure with sparkles, then it is better to choose a glitter that is in harmony with the details of the wedding dress.

summer glitter nail design

Nail design with rhinestones

Such an option as a nail design for the summer with rhinestones should be reserved for a luxurious evening out. To create it, it is better to use gel polish, pebbles made of acrylic, glass, plastic and zirconium. An unsurpassed option is obtained with Swarovski crystals and crystal inserts. Rhinestones can both abundantly cover the nail plate, and be used in a single version.

summer nail design with rhinestones

Nail design — summer — with abstractions

You can create an extremely stylish summer nail design with abstractions. One of the fashion trends is artistic strokes, for which it is important to choose the right shades. At the same time, you can safely experiment and not be afraid of the play of colors. Wet painting is a novelty in nail art, gaining rapid popularity.

summer nail design with abstractions


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