Sweater on nails - top 40 most fashionable manicure ideas

In modern nail-art art, there are many interesting and original ideas for creating a stylish design. The trend is catchy and concise solutions, universal for every day and thematic options. One of the most popular ideas that match all of the above qualities is a sweater on the nails.

Winter drawings on nails 2019 — sweater design

This choice is more related to the cold season. In the period of frost and dank weather, beautiful textured patterns in the form of knitted braids and aran will add a touch of comfort and warmth. In addition, such ideas look very original and attractive, accentuate the individuality of the style. The design of the sweater on the nails is suitable for any length and direction in the image. This type of nail-art goes well with any kind of decor, but can remain discreet and concise. Let’s see the most relevant solutions in the latest reviews:

  1. ombre. A gradient color transition looks very beautiful and impressive in an ensemble with a textured pattern. This coloring can be done only on the finish or used as a background.

winter nail designs sweater design

  1. Nude. Ideas in neutral colors look very gentle and elegant. Today, all natural shades are in trend — from light ivory and delicate ivory to richer coffee with milk and warm sand.

sweater design on nails

  1. Winter. A cozy manicure will perfectly complement the idea in the snowy season. You can add snowflakes or images of New Year’s attributes — Christmas trees, garlands, Christmas tree decorations and other things to textured braids and arans.

winter nail design sweater

Manicure sweater for short nails

In modern nail art, the natural length of the nail plates is welcomed. The most relevant are soft streamlined contours — oval, almond, square. However, volumetric textures can visually add fullness to the fingers, which will make the hands bulky and exclude grace. Therefore, stylists recommend making a sweater on short nails in the Feng Shui style, highlighting one, maximum two fingers with a pattern. Neatness and tidiness will perfectly add a matte finish. And there are no restrictions in the choice of colors, but it is better to focus on warm and pastel colors.

sweater manicure for short nails

Manicure sweater for long nails

Owners of long «claws» are not limited in the choice of stylish nail-art. For a large-scale surface, you can use ideas with rich decor or stick to a restrained style. Knitted nail design looks especially impressive in dark and rich colors. The current shape is streamlined almonds and sharp stilettos. Unlike the natural length, here you can decorate all fingers, combine textured patterns with sparkles, rhinestones and stones. To simplify and save time, stylists suggest using sliders or stickers.

sweater manicure for long nails

Sweater manicure ideas on nails

Such a stylish nail-art is perfect for an image in any style. Textured braids and aran are considered especially relevant for casual bows with clothes made of yarn. However, interesting solutions look difficult, which ideally complements a spectacular evening bow. In light and discreet colors, such a manicure will perfectly fit into a business dress code. Designers use several methods for finishing. But the simplest is 3D gel. But let’s find out which sweater nail design is in trend:

  1. Feng Shui. Beautiful and original patterns will be an excellent choice for highlighting one or two fingers. The rest of the nail plates can be covered in a single color using a matte finish.

sweater manicure ideas on nails

  1. with sequins. Glitter will add a touch of elegance and attractiveness. But it is better to combine such decor with textures on individual fingers, making a beautiful stretch or completely covering the surface.

sweater nail design

  1. With rhinestones. Another spectacular addition will be stones and sparkling crystals. Rhinestones of small size can be combined in compositions with braids and aran. It is better to decorate individual nail plates with large stones.

nail design knitted manicure

  1. Holes. A popular choice in modern fashion has become a design with a highlighted crescent at the root of the nail plates. This option is especially successful for those who use gel polishes, since the border remains almost invisible during regrowth.

sweater effect on nails

Knitted sweater nail design

The effect of knitted patterns can be done both on all fingers, and selectively. The advantage of this finish is the ability to visually lengthen the nail plate, which is especially important for owners of short length and full hands. In addition to traditional braids and arans, the trend is the interpretation of jacquard patterns, voluminous bumps and leaves. Depending on the chosen color, the nail design of a knitted manicure can match the romantic style, the business direction, and even complement the outrageous bow in an interesting way. But the most relevant are warm cozy shades of varnishes.

knitted sweater nail design

Nail design sweater with acrylic powder

One of the most popular solutions for creating beautiful knitted nail-art is the use of acrylic powder. A loose tool is applied to the patterns with a transparent varnish. After drying under an ultraviolet lamp, the residues are carefully removed with a brush. A sweater on nails with acrylic powder looks textured, the decor is evenly distributed over the surface, but it does not create a too rough structure, it does not cling to clothes. Therefore, the finished design can not be fixed with a transparent varnish. Manicure can be done in both monophonic and contrasting.

sweater on nails with acrylic powder

Velvet Sand Sweater Nail Design

Velvet sand finish looks more elegant and impressive. This tool has a rougher structure, but it also has a little shine, which is great for an evening look. The technique for creating such nail-art is identical to applying decor with acrylic powder. In this case, an additional coating with a transparent finish is also not required, since velvet sand will lose its exclusivity and attractiveness. However, be prepared that the nail plates can cling to clothing. Velvet nail design sweater looks very nice in pastel and rich colors.

sweater on nails with velvet sand

French and sweater nails

In modern nail art, one of the universal solutions is the French style. The combination of a white smile and a neutral base remains traditional. However, this option does not look expressive and original. And in order to draw attention to the hands, stylists offer to complement the idea with an interesting decor. Knitted braids and aranas will be a spectacular addition that will not violate the general direction in the image. The effect of a sweater on the nails can be made according to Feng Shui by highlighting one or two fingers. In white, French manicure is great for winter ideas with snowflakes.

french and sweater nails

Red nails with knitted design

Ideas in rich feminine shades always look catchy and attractive. In modern nail-art, all the tones of the gamut are used — from delicate coral to deep wine. A red sweater on the nails can be made in a monochromatic coating of all fingers, highlighting one or two nail plates with textured patterns. If you follow a more restrained direction, then the French style is an excellent choice. Knitted french nail designs are also popular in feng shui and are often presented with interesting winter patterns or abstractions.

red nails with knitted design

Matte manicure sweater on nails

Ideas always look neat and tidy with a matte top finish. Glare-free coating is especially important for natural length nail plates. Knitted sweater on the nails is presented in a solid color, fading ideas, highlighting a few fingers in feng shui. The combined design is also considered a fashionable trend recently. And in this case, textured patterns can be made glossy. Matte top looks especially good in combination with bright and rich varnishes. However, in an ensemble with pastel colors, the overall look will emphasize tenderness and sophistication.

matte manicure sweater on nails

Black sweater nail design

A universal choice for every day remains a dark classic lacquer color. Creating a textured knitted nail-art, stylists do not advise to stop at monochromatic solutions. On a black background of identical color, the patterns will simply not be visible. Therefore, the contrasting design of a knitted sweater on nails is considered relevant. In this case, powders of white, ashen, pearl shade will be successful. If you want to add a bright accent, stop at ideas with rich color decor — red, pink, lilac, turquoise. A more discreet choice would be a French manicure.

black nail design sweater

blue sweater nail design

Another popular solution in the cold season is a manicure in shades of blue and blue. For everyday images for every day, dark saturated colors remain relevant. Winter sweater nail design can be made monophonic, in the French style, with Feng Shui highlighting the fingers. If you want to emphasize the New Year theme, snowflakes made of acrylic powder or velvet sand will be a stylish addition. In blue tones, the gradient transition from finger to finger or directly in the finish looks very nice. A matte top will effectively complete the idea.

blue nail design sweater

Sweater drawing on nails

Such fashionable nail-art can be made in a simpler way, which is suitable even for home conditions. In this case, stylists use the art painting technique, carefully drawing the pattern with a thin brush. However, symmetry and accuracy require a certain skill and skill. To make stylish knitted patterns at home, use sliders or stickers. The sweater pattern on the nails often complements beautiful winter-themed images. With such a finish, mittens, a Santa Claus hat, clothes of fabulous animals look very interesting.

sweater drawing on nails

White sweater on nails

If you are looking for a universal option that will suit any clothes and accessories, an image in any style, then a manicure in white color will be an actual solution. A nail design with a sweater can be made monochromatic by decorating all the nail plates equally with a textured pattern. To add elegance and attractiveness, complete the idea with silver sequins or rhinestones. White varnish is considered the only one that does not look good in an ensemble with a matte top. The light background itself looks neat. And expressiveness of nail-art will add decor with bright or black powder.

white sweater on nails

Sweater on nails with deer

In addition to the interpretation of braided braids and arans, the jacquard idea is considered a fashionable solution. And in this case, one of the most popular was the drawing with deer. Stylists do such a manicure using stickers or sliders. This option is suitable for those who like an interesting knitted theme, but textures are not suitable either. In choosing colors, the red and white combination remains the most successful. A suitable shape would be a square. A graphic sweater on almond nails distorts the streamlined outline, and the overall look loses its attractiveness and neatness.

deer nail sweater


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