tan-proof swimwear

Swimsuit and sunburn marks are an annoyance to many women. After all, the skin in those places that are covered with a swimsuit always remains pristine white, which is very clearly visible against the background of a swarthy and tanned body. Traces from the straps of a swimsuit are especially unpleasant, as they are conspicuous if you put on an open top. But these traces often remain, even if you regularly remove the straps of your swimsuit. What to do? It turned out that in our time they came up with a solution even for this problem: swimsuits that let the tan through. Let’s take a closer look at what it is and how true the declared qualities of these swimsuits are.

Which swimwear skips tan?

The most popular swimwear of this kind is produced by an English company. Kiniki. They are made of fabric that transmits ultraviolet rays of the sun by 70-80%. That is, it is necessary to understand in advance that all the same, a tan in places covered with a swimsuit will differ a little, by one or two tones, from a tan of the whole body in general. This fabric is thin and resembles in some way a fine-fine mesh, so it is quite transparent, which, in principle, is hidden by bright colors and patterns. So you don’t have to worry that everything will be visible through this swimsuit. Although, nevertheless, such swimsuits are not recommended for plump people, because you always need to emphasize your advantages and hide flaws, and not vice versa.

The cost of tanning swimwear is not much different from regular swimwear. Of course, some models are a little more expensive, but still this is not such a big difference that the purchase of such a beach outfit has become something out of the ordinary. The only trouble is that these swimsuits can so far be purchased exclusively in online stores. Naturally, there you can choose the model of a sunbathing swimsuit you like, as well as choose the size, but it’s still much more pleasant to try on and touch such a thing first. But when there is no other way out, you have to put up with the circumstances.

Finally, I would like to say only that doctors do not approve of such swimsuits, since those places that the swimsuit covers from the sun should be closed. For example, ultraviolet radiation is very harmful for the mammary glands. So it’s up to you to decide whether to buy a swimsuit that allows you to tan or put up with white marks on your skin.


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