When we fight wrinkles and age spots, do keratin hair restoration or sunbathe without proper protection, we tend to use products with a long list of chemicals.

Manufacturers convince us that they are not only safe, but also beneficial for our health. But is it really so? Practice shows that not always!

1. Keratin hair restoration

Salon keratin hair straightening creates the illusion of luxurious smooth hair. After it, the hair falls on the shoulders in a silky cascade, less tangles and easy to style. But all these metamorphoses occur with the participation of a substance such as formaldehyde.

Occupational Safety and Health Commission, USA (OSHA Oregon) tested and found very high concentrations of formaldehyde in more than half of hair restoration formulations. At the same time, there are studies proving that long-term exposure to this substance contributes to the development of cancer.

If you straighten your hair no more than once every few months, the risks are small. The real risks are hairdressers and hair stylists who regularly perform procedures.

2. Styling and hot appliances

2. Styling and hot appliances

Styling gels, foams and mousses in themselves do not pose a danger to the health of the hair. They allow you to create beautiful hairstyles, and most importantly, to keep them for a long time. But the problem is that they are used before the styling is created.

If after that you do not wait for the proper time and resort to thermal devices — curling irons or straighteners, this will cause damage to the hair. Working on still wet strands leads to overheating and overdrying of curls. Always let your hair dry and do not exceed 130°C when working with tools.

3. Colored contact lenses

This is not about tinted lenses that slightly change the color of the eyes, but about the so-called «carnival» or crazy lenses that completely cover the iris and often have some pattern. They are dangerous when they are bought not in optics and pharmacies, where the goods are tested and certified, but in costume stores or on the Internet from an unknown manufacturer.

Any lenses require an exact “fit” for the eyes, high-quality cleaning and care. If not taken care of properly, they can lead to infection and injury to the eyes, which can lead to loss of vision. Causes anxiety and the use of such lenses while driving a car. In dim light, the pupil dilates, its borders may extend beyond the uncolored part of the lens, which will interfere with vision. Such situations are unacceptable while driving.

4. Serums for eyelash growth

On sale you can find the means of «new generation» for active growth eyelashes. Unlike conventional cosmetics, they are created on a hormonal basis. The main role in the formula of the products is played by unoprostone and bimatoprost.

Such serums really increase the length and density of eyelashes, however, at what cost! Among the side effects are the occurrence of pigmentation on the skin of the eyelids, an increase in eye pressure, darkening of the iris of the eyes, allergic reactions and inflammation. Serums are contraindicated for use by women during pregnancy and lactation.

5. Eyelash extensions

5. Eyelash extensions

The extension procedure can give beautiful, dark, thick eyelashes without the use of hormonal drugs, but this does not mean that it is completely safe. She has her own risks and side effects.

First of all, they are due to the content of formaldehyde in the glue for fixing eyelashes. Its vapors irritate the delicate membranes of the mucous membranes of the eyes and can cause allergies. You should also beware of wearing thick and deliberately long artificial eyelashes. According to expert reviews U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)FDA), they are associated with serious eye injuries, including those that lead to loss of vision.

6. Permanent hair dyes

A lot has been said about the dangers of permanent hair coloring. But if you look at the studies, many of them give conflicting results. Some studies show that hair dyes increase the likelihood of leukemia and lymphoma, especially if a woman likes dark tones. Others demonstrate that there is no increased risk.

A similar pattern is observed when studying the relationship between hair coloring and breast cancer. Most studies have found no correlation.

However, experts advise women to be more careful during pregnancy. And refuse to stain at least until the second trimester.

7. Paints for coloring eyelashes

Against the backdrop of a wave of close attention to female eyelashes, persistent paints for coloring them are gaining popularity. Many manufacturers advise using them just at home.

But the fair sex needs to know that at the moment, no eyelash dye has been approved. FDA.

8. Laser skin resurfacing

This technique has significant advantages: in just a few beauty sessions, you can significantly improve the condition of the skin, achieve the effect of rejuvenation and completely get rid of age spots. However, there are also serious disadvantages.

This procedure is “jewelry”, and in the hands of an inexperienced master it can become a “weapon” against a woman. Prolonged or deep exposure is fraught with the appearance of skin discoloration, the appearance of scars and scars.

9. Sunbathing under the artificial sun

9. Sunbathing under the artificial sun

Regardless of what you’ve heard about tanning beds, and no matter what modern equipment they use, artificial sun can cause the development of the most dangerous form of cancer — melanoma.

Those who care about the beauty of the body should also take into account that the equipment in the solarium emits primarily UVA rays, the effects of which scientists associate with premature skin aging, early appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

10. Coated manicure

The vast majority of nail polish contains a range of chemicals that can harm human health. Some of them are present in conventional varnishes, while others are present in gel coatings.

The black list includes formaldehydes, phthalates, toluene, camphor and other substances. Some of them directly affect the body, increasing the risk of cancer, liver and kidney damage. Others — affect the respiratory tract and can cause intoxication.

It is very important to carefully choose the manufacturer of the products used, as well as pay attention to the premises in which the services are provided (their sanitary condition, the availability of high-quality ventilation). Tool processing also plays a significant role in disease prevention.

11. Decorative cosmetics

Sometimes even proven beauty products cause health problems. This happens when their expiration dates and storage recommendations are ignored. The preservatives present in product formulas break down over time, making cosmetics an ideal habitat for harmful microflora.

Experts advise to ruthlessly part with cosmetics if its period of use has passed. For foundation, this is one year after opening the package, for powder, eye shadow and blush — two years, for lipstick and lip gloss — one year, and for mascara and eyeliner — 3-4 months.

12. Sunscreen

12. Sunscreen

Substances that are used in the creation of sunscreen cosmetics are considered safe, they have been used for several decades. According to experts, the real danger lies in choosing cosmetics that are too «weak».

To protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, you need to use products that are labeled “broad spectrum” on the packaging and have an SPF factor of at least 30 units. Such products really prevent the development of skin cancer and prevent its premature aging.

Expert comment

Victoria Litvinenko, hair stylist

Most salon treatments are harmless to your hair when done by a professional.

A correctly performed procedure, even the most difficult one, should not be afraid. It is necessary to be afraid of non-professionals and, accordingly, do not trust them with hair.

Although, as in any other matter, in cosmetic procedures it is important not to lose common sense. It is harmful to change hair color every month, it is harmful to lighten them with a 12% oxidizing agent, it is harmful to stretch them every day with an iron by 220 degrees.

It is harmful to go for dyeing if your hair falls out or your scalp hurts, but a professional master will not undertake to dye such a head.

Conditionally harmful, I would call the procedure of hair coloring and perm, but you should not be afraid of them, just follow the measure. A common and fatal mistake is to overdo the hair dye, but in the master’s chair you are freed from this risk.

If you have conceived at home, for example, coloring, then carefully read the instructions on the paint, but it’s better to immediately go to a professional you trust. Without common sense, even the simplest procedure can ruin your hair.

Expert comment

Oksana Orlova, MD, PhD, researcher at the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, laboratory of aging bioregulation, cosmetologist

Alas, if we want to get a noticeable anti-aging effect, we will have to take some risks. All pre-surgical techniques in therapeutic cosmetology are the product of scientific thought, and are aimed at improving metabolism, as a result, skin quality, and are of a therapeutic and prophylactic nature. All of them strive for impeccable effect in the safest possible conditions. Some of them are closer to the ideal, and some further.

Since it is impossible to impose beauty, and this is a free choice, the responsibility, first of all, lies with ourselves. In order not to become a hostage of your own rash decisions, it is important to have a good idea of ​​all the indications, contraindications and side effects of modern cosmetic procedures. Of the permanent methods that are done once and give a pronounced and prolonged effect, the following stand out:

one. Botulinum toxin injections

This is the No. 1 technology in the world in demand precisely because no other methods can get rid of mimic wrinkles in the upper half of the face.

Fiction: Possibility of poisoning and cumulative effect; addiction and dependence; muscle atrophy and deterioration.

Truth: 25% of side effects occur exclusively in inexperienced hands and without knowledge of the topographic anatomy of the head and neck.

2. Hyaluronic acid injections to fill wrinkles and folds

Fiction: Administration of HA may cause skin deterioration.

Truth: the classic method of rejuvenation of the lower half of the face is used to replenish lost volumes; therefore, artistic taste and a sense of proportion are added to the list of requirements. This intervention is called: contour plastic surgery. But the truth is also that there is a high probability of allergic, autoimmune reactions, the formation of granulomas, necrosis, thrombosis of arteries and veins, and hematogenous drift into the brain with the development of inflammation, blindness and death.

3. Threadlifting with absorbable threads (polydioxanone, polylactic acid)

Fiction: Fibrosis (tissue coarsening) will permanently disfigure the face.

True: organic threads create a tightening, shrink the skin over the area (eliminate flabbiness), work as biorevitalizants (stimulate collagen production), as lipolytics (locally destroy fat cells); completely absorbed, have no side effects. The result strongly depends on the level of training of the specialist.

four. Some course methods

From the course activities, hardware technologies of DOT (dosed thermolysis) stand out: fractional laser, RF-lifting, IPL-therapy.

Fiction: You can overspend the potential of cell division and cause premature aging of the skin.

Truth: the rejuvenating effect of these technologies (neocollagenization) is associated with intense (up to 65 degrees Celsius) heating of the skin, the so-called non-surgical lifting, non-surgical tightening and improvement of skin quality. The techniques even out the texture of the skin, treat rosacea, hyperpigmentation, acne, epilate hair. Thus, these methods cover 60% of all age needs.

It is necessary to learn how to work correctly on high technologies in order to give an effect in safe (non-traumatic) conditions. These methods are good both for preparation for surgery and rehabilitation after it, and for those who do not want to resort to plastic surgery at all.

5. Some hardware techniques

Among hardware technologies, alas, there are also opportunistic ones: they will not give the desired effect, but they will put them at risk. These include ultrasonic cavitation for the face.

Fiction: that it is possible to get a smas-lifting (non-surgical tightening) of tissues in one procedure and with a prolongation of 3-5 years.

True: the effect is dubious, the technology is unsafe: it destroys the membranes of fat and glandular cells with equal force, so the head with an abundance of them becomes a taboo zone for such intervention.

In conclusion, it must be saidthat today, due to the demand, cosmetology has unique technologies. But this “magic wand” needs to be learned to use correctly so that it does not turn into a “club”.

Expert comment

Kristina Batriva, cosmetologist

Every woman, regardless of age, wants to remain well-groomed and attractive. We do fitness, go to stylists, and also visit a beautician.

Today we’ll talk specifically about cosmetology, about which procedures are most in demand among girls, and we’ll also analyze the top most dangerous areas and procedures.

The first place among injection procedures is occupied by botulinum therapy.

BTA-botulinum toxin, type A, which blocks the work of muscles in static, which leads to the elimination of wrinkles.

However, there are risks in this procedure. Botulinum toxin is a poison that, if not properly concentrated, can lead to muscle paralysis, ptosis (sagging), and a number of other complications. It is important that the doctor has the necessary qualifications and experience with toxins.

Second place is hyaluronic acid (fillers).

Replenishes lost volume in the middle and lower thirds of the face. Cheekbones, lips, chin, angles of the lower jaw, and this is not the whole list of what can be harmonized with fillers.

Augmentation with a filler also has the risk of dangerous consequences. The most common is vascular embolism (blockage) in the injection site.

Unfortunately, even doctors with extensive experience are not immune from complications, however, the doctor must have special testing techniques to minimize all risks. If a complication has occurred, then a qualified specialist will immediately respond and carry out a series of necessary manipulations.

The third place is facelift with threads.

The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. Threads based on polylactic acid are placed in the area of ​​ptosis in order to tighten the oval of the face and give it a clearer contour. The threads are completely biodegradable after 2 years, which is undoubtedly a great advantage.

However, this was not always the case, and earlier this procedure was one of the most dangerous in terms of consequences. A few years ago, a facelift using gold threads was popular. She gave a good result, but the threads did not fall apart even after several years, and they could only be removed surgically. Many patients who did not dare to remove them still walk with them to this day, despite the fact that they no longer have an effect.

Dear readers, remember that in the hands of an experienced doctor, the risks of any procedure will be minimized, and you will retain your beauty and youth for a long time.

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