Tattoo arrows on the eyes - how to make the perfect permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup will help to make the appearance more attractive, to correct certain features. A good solution is to create an “arrow on the eyes” tattoo. As a result, lines are drawn that differ in shape, method of application.

Types of tattoo arrows for the eyes

The advantage of the procedure is that it is suitable for both young girls and older ladies. The effect lasts from 2 to 10 years, the duration is affected by the age and characteristics of the skin. Masters offer to make the following options for tattooing arrows for the eyes:

  1. The classic is a clearly drawn line located above the lash line. The reception is suitable for women who prefer to resort to such a detail every day.
  2. Intercilia is a technique that visually enlarges the eyes. The line looks unobtrusive due to the peculiarities of the introduction of the pigment.
  3. Feathering is a technique that blurs a line, making it look more natural.

Girls who decide on a popular procedure should consider the following points:

  1. The permanent will help to abandon the usual makeup, reduce the time for applying cosmetics. However, the effect will be long-term, if you want to get rid of it, you will have to turn to laser removal.
  2. The permanent is able to correct the shape of the eyes, disguise aesthetic flaws. To achieve the desired result, it is worth using the services of an experienced proven master.
  3. Contraindications include pregnancy and lactation, diseases of the endocrine, cardiovascular systems, oncology. The permanent should not be used for eye diseases.
  4. Poorly done procedure can lead to negative consequences. The permanent may lie unevenly. Correction will help correct the situation, which is carried out a month after the first procedure. A re-update will be required in a year.

types of tattoo arrows for the eyesarrow tattoo designs for eyesarrow tattoo

Tattoo classic arrow

Popular among women is the traditional method of application. The permanent classic arrow is created taking into account the following trends:

  1. The line often begins to be depicted in a thin version and expands to the outer area of ​​u200bu200bthe eyelid. The addition of a raised «tail» is welcome.
  2. Tattoo «classic arrow on the eyes» is created in a certain form, depending on the features of appearance. It is allowed to draw both a wide and a thin, barely noticeable line.
  3. The technique will help correct imperfections: hide mimic wrinkles, pigmentation in the eyelid area.
  4. The detail will be a godsend for older women, as attention will be focused on the eyes, and not on the impending eyelid.

classic arrow tattoo

Tattoo interciliary arrow

Universal technique has earned the recognition of fashionistas. This is a tattoo of an eyelash arrow:

  1. The pigment is applied to a specific area. The space between the eyelashes is filled, due to which the line looks unobtrusive.
  2. It is allowed to draw a line on both the upper and lower eyelids. The last option is not suitable for girls with round eyes. Disadvantages will be visible to others.
  3. Tattoo interciliary arrows in front of the eyes is almost painless. The procedure takes about 40 minutes. Eyelashes become visually more magnificent, and the effect can last about 10 years.

eyelash arrow tattoo

Arrow permanent with feathering

A certain technique will help transform the appearance for the better. The tattoo “arrows with shading” will help to cope with the task:

  1. Closer to the lash line, a traditional clear line is applied. The part is made in a thin or wider version. The form is adjusted depending on the features of appearance.
  2. Closer to the edge of the eyelid, shading is created, which is done pointwise. The result is a spray effect.
  3. When choosing a technique, it should be borne in mind that with age, the upper eyelid may “fall”. In this case, the tattoo «arrows in front of the eyes» will require adjustment. To do this, resort to laser removal.

permanent arrow with feathering

Tattoo powder arrow

A gentle technique can give the most natural look. The tattoo of the arrow is done in a powder version:

  1. Details are depicted using a special machine. The pigment is injected pointwise, the dye does not affect the deep subcutaneous layers.
  2. The shadow on the eyelids is made light or intense. In the latter case, resort to the effect of gradient stretching.
  3. The procedure is suitable in the case when the tattoo of arrows with extended eyelashes is done. The advantage of the technique lies in the gentle application, due to which the parts are successfully combined with each other.

tattoo powder arrow

Tattoo shadow arrow

Women who prefer to combine several cosmetic application techniques at once will appreciate permanent makeup. A good solution is to make an “arrow-shadow” tattoo:

  1. For the image of lines and shading, black, graphite or another color is taken.
  2. By choosing a certain method of application, it will be possible to expand the incision or, on the contrary, visually narrow round eyes. The technique will help correct the lowered corners.
  3. A dense line is stuffed along the eyelash growth area. Next, a color stretch is formed, partially filling the upper eyelid.

shadow arrow tattoo

Tattoo arrow «Fox look»

The permanent will help bring a popular trend to life. This is a tattoo of arrows that creates the effect of «Fox look»:

  1. The peculiarity of the technique is to stretch the outer corner of the eye. This is achieved by drawing clearly drawn or shaded lines. Another option is to give a «shadow» effect.
  2. It is allowed to turn to a combination of classics and «powder» technique.
  3. The “fox effect” is contraindicated for owners of an impending century, lowered corners and wide-set eyes.

tattoo arrow fox lookshooter tattoo

Tattoo wide arrow

Certain cosmetic techniques have gained popularity among fashionistas. This is a tattoo of the eyelids «arrows», made in a wide version. The design feature depends on the shape of the eyes:

  1. Round ones will take on an almond shape with the help of elongation at the corners. The lines are drawn along the upper and lower eyelids and make the same width.
  2. Narrow ones visually expand by drawing a thick line in the middle part of the upper eyelid. A smooth narrowing is created to the corners.
  3. Close-set eyes require widening of the distance between them. The effect will be achieved with the help of a line running from the middle of the upper eyelid, expanding and rising to the upper edge.

wide arrow tattoo

Tattoo oriental arrows

A certain technique will help to give the eyes an attractive almond shape. This is an «arrow» permanent made in the Eastern version:

  1. The line is drawn along the entire length of the upper eyelid or starts from the middle.
  2. To the outside, the arrow lengthens and becomes thicker. The line is raised and goes beyond the lash line.
  3. Not only the upper, but also the lower eyelid is processed. The line is carefully shaded.

tattoo oriental arrows

Lower arrow tattoo

The pigment under the skin in the area of ​​eyelash growth is introduced not only in the area of ​​the upper eyelid. The tattoo of the arrows on the eyes is also done from below:

  1. Techniques are welcome, with the help of which thin lines were created, shading, and the space between the eyelashes is filled. There are combined options.
  2. The lower eyelid is formed by drawing a thinner line compared to the upper one. This is a practical option that will make the look light and expressive.
  3. The exception is oriental makeup, in which the bottom line is made wide. In this case, it is recommended to resort to shading.
  4. Partial filling of the lower eyelid with a permanent is allowed, closer to the outer corner.

bottom arrow tattoo

Arrow tattoo for the impending century

Certain techniques help to correct the flaws in appearance. The tattoo of the arrow on the impending eyelid is created taking into account the following points:

  1. The permanent helps to make the look more open. The advantage is that the makeup will be more accurate compared to the usual version. In the latter case, it is likely that a pencil or eyeliner will be imprinted on the upper section.
  2. For girls with an impending eyelid, options with shading are suitable. The lines are made wide, with the tips raised upwards.
  3. Elongated options should be discarded, as they visually narrow the eyes. Both clearly drawn lines and the effect of shadows will not work. In the first case, the eyes will look narrow, and the second technique will make the eyelid untidy.

arrow tattoo for the impending century

Arrow permanent for Asian eyes

Girls with a Mongoloid type of appearance require careful selection of makeup. The arrows permanent is created with the following features in mind:

  1. The presence of epicanthus is characteristic — folds at the inner corner. As a result, the eyes look deep-set.
  2. Wide arrows with shading will help to make the look more open. It is recommended to make the outer corner slightly raised, rushing to the eyebrows.
  3. Another successful technique is inter-eyelash drawing. At the same time, they turn to shading and refrain from clear lines. The result is an open look.

perm arrow for asian eyes

Arrow tattoo for small eyes

Girls with certain features of appearance need a careful selection of makeup. The following types of arrow tattoos are suitable for them:

  1. Thinly traced lines, depicted just above the crease of the eyelid, will do. The wide options characteristic of the retro style should be abandoned.
  2. The filling of the inter-eyelash space looks good. The technique helps to create the desired accent, due to which the eyes look larger.
  3. When choosing a shade of pigment, it is recommended to refrain from the traditional black color, which makes the look heavier. Lighter colors are suitable: graphite, brown.

arrow tattoo for small eyes

Temporary tattoo of arrows

For girls who are afraid of painful procedures or suffer from allergies, a certain technique is suitable. A beautiful tattoo of arrows is created using henna:

  1. The permanent with the help of lavsonia is endowed with advantages: it heals eyelashes and makes them stronger.
  2. It is not allowed to select black paint, which contains allergenic paraphenylenediamine.
  3. Biotattoo is suitable as an experiment before turning to the classical technique. The result will last from 7 to 21 days.

temporary tattoo shooter

Henna arrow tattoo

For girls who do not dare to bold experiments, the current trend in cosmetology is suitable. Tattoo «thin arrows» is created using henna:

  1. The procedure is completely harmless and does not cause allergies. The substance is taken completely natural. This is a more budgetary way compared to the traditional permanent.
  2. The result does not need correction, since it is done for a short time (1-3 weeks).
  3. The procedure will be a godsend for owners of oily skin types, on which ordinary cosmetics do not last long.
  4. If desired, henna is removed independently with the help of cosmetic oil.
  5. The procedure will take approximately 40 minutes. Before it is carried out, an allergic test is taken.
  6. Refrain from the black shade of henna containing paraphenylenediamine. The desired tone is achieved by mixing individual colors.

henna arrow tattoo

Tattoo colored arrows

Imitation makeup with eyeliner is presented not only in the traditional black version. Fashion arrows «tattoo» can be made colored:

  1. A certain shade is selected both for drawing a line and for creating a shading effect. There are options with shadows.
  2. You should be careful when choosing blue or pink shades. The pigment looks beautiful in the first months, but later gives the effect of bruising. Permanent makeup will need constant correction.
  3. When choosing tones, it is recommended to take into account the features of appearance. Women with a warm color type should focus on cold colors and vice versa.

tattoo colored arrows

Tattoo brown arrows

A good choice of shades will help correct the flaws in appearance. Confirmation is the beautiful tattoo of the arrows, made in brown:

  1. Color will be a godsend for owners of blond hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Brown lines will look natural in contrast to the black version.
  2. The choice of this shade is a good solution for girls with small eyes, an impending eyelid. In this case, clear lines are not recommended, you should turn to shading. Brown pigment will help achieve the desired result.

tattoo brown arrows

Tattoo green arrows

Certain tones will help emphasize the dignity of appearance. Fans of creativity will appreciate the eye permanent, made in green:

  1. Makeup is suitable for owners of eyes of the same color. In this case, the shade of the line should not completely match. It is recommended to refer to the option that differs by a couple of tones.
  2. It is allowed to select green shades for girls with gray, brown, blue eyes. Combination with brown or black is allowed.

tattoo green arrows


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