Did you know that autumn is the season of beauty? That is what dermatologists and cosmetologists call it, because it is the best time of year for most skin manipulations in home care and for professional procedures. We suggest you figure it out how to properly care for the skin in autumn.

Cleansing and toning

In autumn, the sebaceous glands reduce oil production, so it is better not to use products that dry out the skin and increase its sensitivity. To clean the skin of the face, products with a soft creamy texture are suitable: cleansing cream, milk, foam, hydrophilic oil (for normal and dry skin).

To complete the cleansing routine, use a toner that does not contain alcohol, which can dry out the skin, making it sensitive and irritated. Tonics for normal skin, which simultaneously tone and moisturize it, are best suited.

Hydration and nutrition

There is an opinion that it is necessary to moisturize the skin only in summer. In fact, quality hydration is just as important in autumn. This is the perfect time to use products with hyaluronic acid.

A good solution would be to apply serums under the cream, depending on the needs of the skin. Using a moisturizing or nourishing mask 1-2 times a week will help protect the skin from external factors, retain the necessary moisture, restore and saturate it.

Another important point is sun protection. After all, even in the off-season, our skin is under the influence of UV radiation, and after an active summer season, it is often dehydrated, flaky and pigmented. Moisturizers and nourishing creams should contain SPF15 to prevent the skin from being exposed to new doses of ultraviolet rays and to help it recover from summer sun exposure.

Acids and peelings

Autumn is the perfect time to add products that contain acids and lighten the skin to your skin care routine. Lactic and fruit acids gently exfoliate, remove spots and unevenness, fight rashes. To prepare the facial skin for winter, autumn care products should contain retinol, glucolactone, hydroquinone, BNA and AXA acids.

AXA acids help the skin to fight wrinkles, rashes and post-acne, improve complexion. Suitable for the care of mature and aged skin. Hyaluronic acid is universal, but works especially well on oily skin that has lost its elasticity. Dry and sensitive skin needs products with lactic acid, and combined with rashes — products with salicylic acid.

Autumn peeling is carried out with more careful means. It is better to replace a rough scrub that injures the skin mechanically with a soft, moisturizing exfoliant with AHA and BHA acids.

Protection of capillaries

Features of skin care in autumn also include protection of capillaries. «Red web» or «stars on the face» in the cold season become more noticeable and require special care. To solve the problem of dilated blood vessels, use protective cold cream and remedies against couperosis.

Lip skin protection

Lip protection is an important part of skin care. This is especially relevant with the onset of cold weather. A lip balm will help to cope with weathering and dehydration. Also, pay attention to your usual make-up product — it is better if the gloss or lipstick contains moisturizing and nourishing substances.


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