Some diets work, some don’t…

There are many different diets, which can be roughly divided into three groups:

  • The first group includes really effective diets, the effectiveness of which is confirmed daily by people all over the world.

  • The second group includes less effective diets, which in most cases are based on the psychological impact on people.

  • The third group includes absolutely fake diets, in which people still continue to believe.

Today we would like to introduce you Hay’s dietwhich is the most famous diet in the world of separate nutrition. This diet has been popular all over the world, and those who decide to follow it today are simply amazed at the results.

Would you like to know what is the secret of the Hay diet?

Who was Hay?

William Howard Hay (1866-1940) was American surgeon and the man who developed the Hay Diet.

When he was about fifty years old, Hay was forced to leave his practice and profession due to serious health problems.

He had high blood pressure, his heart hurt, and his kidneys suffered very badly. Hay weighed 102 kilograms, and the doctors thought that he would not live long.

Hay was in despair and asked for help from American folk medicine.

Theory of a folk healer

All traditional healers know that our body can become our main allyand a person can heal himself, but only under certain conditions.

This condition must be observed by everyone: the body needs unprocessed substances of natural origin.

This means that we need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and also try to avoid processed foods.

Self-healing doctor Heya

After Dr. Hay was seriously afraid for his life, he gathered his strength and began to follow a certain diet.

He only accepted staple food. His menu was limited to fresh fruits and vegetables, natural whole grains, fresh meats and fish.

The new lifestyle helped Hei lose 19 kilograms and return to a normal, active lifewhich surprised the doctors and people around him a lot.

Heya Diet Rules

Dr. Hay wrote a book on proper nutrition in 1930. At that time, foods were less processed and contained fewer additives, and therefore it was easier to follow the Hay diet then than it is now.

However, you can still follow this diet these days if remember the following three rules:

  • Do not combine starch and protein.
  • Avoid processed foods (processed rice, sugar, processed flour…).
  • 50% of your menu should consist of fresh vegetables and fruits.

How can the Heya diet help you?

The Haye Diet can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, but the main reason people choose the Haye Diet is to lose weight. Other benefits of Dr. Hey’s diet are listed below:

  • helps to get rid of stress,

  • cleanses the skin and improves hair,

  • makes energy last longer

  • strengthens the immune system (you may recover from the flu faster or not get sick at all),

  • improves brain function

  • helps to recover more quickly from illness, injury or after surgery,

  • has many other advantages.

The main secret of the Hay diet is:

Separate food!Dr. Hay successfully applied this idea and proved that the diet is indeed effective. Bread and potatoes are starchy foods and should never be eaten with protein-rich foods such as meat and cheese.

These foods should not be eaten at the same time because they are not digested in the same way.


Diet Heya provides a person with energy and the vitality needed to cope with daily stress and the ever-evolving challenges.

That is why the Hay diet has become popular everywhere and still considered the number one diet in the world. Many say that this is the diet of the future.


Many people have confirmed the effectiveness of the Hay diet based on personal experience. These are mostly people suffering from serious illnesses and relying only on the Hay diet for their cure. Here are the diseases that can be successfully treated with the Hey diet:

  • asthma

  • indigestion

  • chronic fatigue

  • migraine

  • arthritis

  • sensitive bowel

  • eczema

These are just some of the many diseases that have been successfully treated after switching to the Hey diet.

home benefit diets

You don’t have to be overweight or have a medical condition to reap the benefits of the Hay Diet.

The main benefit of the diet is that she helps to establish the normal functioning of the body, no matter what the causes of failures arebecause this diet stimulates body’s self-healing mechanisms.

The body begins to heal itself, and the results of treatment are long-term, while the health of the person is constantly improving.

What means to be healthy?

Good health is an essential aspect of life that we all desire.

We usually associate good health with slim figure, normal weight, clear skin, beautiful nails, good sleep, relaxation, endurance, getting up early in the morning, good concentration and memory, emotional stability and a smile!

All of these factors are linked to the concept of good health.

Choose good health, whatever that means to you!


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