image of a woman

In the modern world, every woman occupies a certain niche, where she is both a hostess and a business woman, so the image of a woman should correspond to her position in society. It is also worth noting that modern women are more business ladies, therefore, when choosing a business look, women should take into account fashion trends, which means carefully choosing a hairstyle, accessories, clothes and makeup.

The image of a modern woman

First of all, beauty must be present and emphasized in the image of any woman. So, bright cosmetics and catchy outfits are no longer in fashion, because in the first place for a modern woman should be her natural beauty and simplicity of things. Femininity — that’s what you need to focus on. And you can emphasize this factor with the help of a properly selected wardrobe. At the same time, you can preserve femininity in the business image of a modern woman, putting on fashionable, but strictly cut jackets, stylish trouser suits, blouses and dresses.

Wear comfortable clothes, diluting the image with various accessories that will complement each other. The image of a woman in retro style is very relevant in the new season. Preference is given to the 70s — 80s. First of all, these are, of course, dresses with a fluffy skirt, which were popular at that time. Also, the main feature of this image is a characteristic make-up, bright lipstick, expressive arrows on the eyes and hairstyles in the form of curls or gathered bunches or cocoons.

The image of the ideal woman

The modern ideal woman is a harmony of appearance and moral qualities. The way a woman dresses is reflected in her inner state, which is why not only trendy things are in fashion, but also good manners, which can also become an important addition to the ideal image. It is not necessary to adhere to strictness in clothes in the form of a certain style and color scheme. It is enough to competently combine new fashion trends with personal taste. Consider the features of your figure and wear only those clothes that will emphasize your strengths and hide your flaws.


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