Glitter in all its glory!

Glitter is the main holiday makeup trend this year! Use sparkles of any color and shade to accent your eyes: here you can not limit your imagination. But! If you focus on the eyes, then leave the lips less catchy. Use a lip gloss or balm with a subtle pink tint. Mascara in this make-up is better to choose with a lengthening effect.

To make a similar makeup you will need:


NYX Professional Makeup Face & Body Glitter in Beauty Beam allows you to let your imagination run wild and boldly emphasize your individual style. Loose glitter is the best solution for an incendiary carnival party, prom, wedding, performance at a festive event or attending a ball.


To keep your lips smooth, soft and supple, use Lierac Hydragenist Lips Nutri Replumping Balm. The product intensively moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin, gives volume to the lips, protects against aggressive environmental factors. Lierac Hydragenist Thickening Lip Balm has a soft pink or sheer tint that makes lips shiny and seductive.


Do you dream of luxuriously thick eyelashes and an alluring look? Then give your makeup a try with Korean Missha Mega Volume Mascara Long Volume, which features a highly pigmented, volumizing formula.

The decorative cosmetic product provides a comfortable and even application, therefore it does not stick hairs together, does not create lumps and does not crumble in the future. The beauty product is equipped with an ergonomic brush with elastic bristles of different lengths that effectively coat and stretch even the thinnest and shortest eyelashes, allowing you to create a voluminous and expressive make-up. The waterproof formula of the lengthening mascara guarantees long-term preservation of the original look of eye makeup.


The holographic effect is back in fashion. Use a long-lasting eyeshadow base and volumizing mascara for an ultra-fashionable look with holographic shadows. Lips can be shaded with bright lipstick or translucent gloss as in the photo below.

To make a similar makeup you will need:


theBalm Overshadow Eyeshadow is a luxurious, shimmery make-up to create a radiant look.

The cosmetic product has a crumbly texture of fine grinding, it is easily distributed over the surface of the skin, does not leave stains or empty areas in color. Reflective particles attract light rays and scatter them, giving the look a special glow.

Layers of shadows are ideally layered on each other, easy to blend, allow you to control the intensity of radiance, so they can be used to create day and evening make-up.


The gorgeous NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Base comes in three shades. With the help of white, you can effectively bring out the light colors of the shadows and lighten the dark ones. With pearlescent, your shimmery shadows will shine even brighter, and the nude base is perfect for any shade. The base glides on smoothly and instantly merges with the skin, giving it a feeling of comfort and well-groomed. Such a tool should be in the cosmetic bag of every woman who wants to look flawless throughout the day.

The product does not roll in the creases of the eyelids, has a high resistance and is suitable for wet and dry application.


Bourjois Volume Glamor Mascara doubles the volume of lashes in one swipe, is easy to apply, won’t clump, won’t clump, won’t smudge or smudge. Stearic acid moisturizes, strengthens, stops brittleness and loss, protects against ultraviolet radiation. Acacia Senegal gum has powerful water-retaining properties. Beeswax activates growth, increases flexibility. Carnauba wax is responsible for color saturation and shine. Tocopherol enhances the protective function, facilitates the penetration of oxygen and other beneficial elements. Panthenol prevents the formation of itching and irritation, lengthens, increases strength, reduces hair loss. Rice bran wax restores and smoothes the scales of cilia, gives fluffiness and silkiness.


Neon makeup isn’t just for summer beach parties! This is a rather non-trivial kind of make-up that will definitely not leave you unnoticed. Neon shadows can be complemented with massive black arrows that emphasize the brightness of the color. Neon is also great because it’s easy to pair with glitter or other shades of eyeshadow to create a smokey look.

To make a similar makeup you will need:


NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil is the new word for mesmerizing look. With this tool, you can do eyeliner, apply foundation under eyeshadow, or use it directly as eyeshadow itself. The unique formula of the product contains mineral oils that contribute to flawless glide. The pencil allows you to easily blend and blend colors, choosing your own unique shade. And the high level of pigmentation provides incredible durability of the presented product.


Mascara, with a lengthening effect, is designed specifically to add volume to the eyelashes and make them as long and attractive as possible. It has an incredibly useful composition, so it is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses. Rest assured, this mascara will not irritate your eyes! Now every woman who loves intense makeup, but her eyes are too sensitive or allergic to the slightest contact with conventional mascara, can get long, full-length lashes. Free of parabens and fragrances.


Lipstick Hydro Star Volume moisturizes lips and increases their volume, uniform color covers the surface of the skin. The product is presented in a wide range of fashionable shining shades.

Orange peel wax disinfects the activity of pathogenic microorganisms, disinfects, soothes, softens and nourishes, refreshes, improves the quality of skin structural compounds.

Lauryl lysine fills the skin of the lips with smoothness and silkiness, performs a preventive effect on the appearance of herpes.

Silicon dioxide reflects light, reduces fine lines.

Sodium hyaluronate performs deep long-lasting hydration, is responsible for firmness and elasticity.

Titanium dioxide UV-filter, masks minor imperfections.

Hydro Star Volume maintains hydration, plumps up lips by 13.8% after 30 days. systematic use. Creates an irresistible, attractive image.


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