The most versatile clothing combinations

The question of the universality of the wardrobe is guaranteed to arise at least once for every girl. Of course, a spacious dressing room full of various outfits is the dream of every first fashionista, but the ability to correctly combine things with each other will be required even in this case. Especially for modern girls who go to work or study in the morning, meet with friends during the day, and in the evening they may well receive a couple of very entertaining invitations to a party or to the cinema. There is absolutely no time for dressing up at such a pace of life, but you always want to look stylish and, most importantly, appropriate. But is it possible to get by with a minimum of things? In this article, we will talk about versatile clothing combinations that allow you to always and everywhere remain stylish and attractive.

Jeans + knitted top, jumper, cardigan

The combination of denim trousers and knitted «top» has long been a classic. Depending on the style and color of each of these elements, the image can be both gentle, romantic, and sporty, sexy, daring and even deliberately rude. If your plan is to create as versatile a casual look as possible, choose straight or skinny trousers and a solid color top in a soothing color. The office version of this bow can also include a strict jacket, and the evening version can be well complemented with a massive necklace or other noticeable jewelry.

Tight skirt + loose top

The combination of tight and loose keeps the balance in the image, in addition, in this way you emphasize beautiful hips and easily hide an unattractive belly. If you need, on the contrary, to hide the hips and emphasize the stomach, use a wide skirt and a narrow top. In any case, remember the need to maintain balance in the image — combine tight and loose things with each other.

Pencil skirt + shirt

A pencil skirt is a real salvation for overweight girls. It is she who, like nothing else, is able to emphasize the attractiveness and femininity of a magnificent figure, adding elegance and elegance to it. It is better to choose a plain skirt in a neutral shade, but you can experiment with a shirt — fortunately, designers offer fashionistas a choice of hundreds of different patterns and prints. However, the shirt can be plain — it all depends on your personal preferences.

Shorts + shirt

This combination is the absolute leader of the summer season. Depending on the accessories and shoes, it can look both sporty and romantic. To create an image of a hooligan girl, use a denim or plaid shirt, denim shorts, bright socks and sneakers. For the image of a gentle lady, choose a silk shirt and shorts, complementing them with heels and elegant jewelry.

You can select a small list of things that are successfully combined with almost any clothing, regardless of style:

  1. White shirt. Stylish, always fresh and never goes out of style.
  2. Pencil skirt. Makes even not the most ideal figure very seductive.
  3. Straight trousers. A universal version of trousers, suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of height, weight and physique.
  4. Short leather jacket. The perfect solution for the off-season — beautiful and practical.
  5. Black blazer. A quality wool blazer will save you in difficult situations more than once, and you will not have to regret purchasing it.
  6. Classic plain jacket. You can choose the usual black, elegant white, or choose neutral blue or beige — in any case, this item will be a great addition to most looks, successfully combined with both skirts and trousers or dresses.


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