This list includes only basic products which they will come to the rescue in any situation when you need to urgently correct or even create makeup from scratch. We have included in the list only the most necessary products that will be useful even to those girls who welcome naturalness and apply a minimum of makeup. We did not include foundation and BB cream in the list because these products are used as the initial stage of makeup and are not reapplied to the face. Highlighter or bronzer also bypassed this list: far from all girls, these products are mandatory in makeup.

Matting napkins

Oily sheen on the face overshadows even the most beautiful makeup — it’s a fact! Unfortunately, powdering the face does not solve the problem, but only delays the appearance of shine for a while. In this case, matting wipes will help you, which absorb excess skin sebum without affecting makeup. Just «wet» your face and apply some powder.

Such a napkin is the thinnest sheet of cellulose or transparent rice paper, which resembles tracing paper. Each leaf is impregnated with a special solution with a high content of polymer particles. Thanks to a special formula, this solution penetrates makeup and absorbs excess sebum, as well as settled dust and dirt. Makeup is not damaged.

To use matting wipes effectively, use our following tips:

    1. Do not rub your face with tissues. In this way, you are likely to smudge the cosmetics and have to be applied again.


    1. Gently pat the T-zone, chin and cheeks with patting motions.


    1. Each napkin is used once. Do not try to reuse wipes, this will not give any result, or it will lead to inflammation.


    1. Pay attention to product expiration dates. For wipes, this is just as important as for other cosmetics. If the wipes have expired, then the absorbency may also come to naught. Paper can lose its elasticity, become stiff and brittle.



Absorbent pads with bamboo charcoal absorb excess sebum and normalize its further secretion. The microporous structure of Via Beauty matting wipes gently and gently removes oily sheen, restores dullness and velvety to the skin, while not damaging makeup. Bamboo charcoal, which is part of matting wipes, has an antibacterial effect, protects the skin from bacterial contamination, giving it freshness and natural radiance.

Mineral Colorless Powder

Mineral colorless powder has a light, weightless texture and is used as a finishing touch in makeup. It perfectly fixes and does not leave the effect of flour on the face, which is why all makeup artists love it so much. With it, the skin acquires an even shade, it does not sink into wrinkles. It is worth applying such a powder with a large fluffy brush, after knocking off the excess powder from the tip of the brush with a tapping movement on the palm of your hand. It does not require «driving» into the skin, just run the brush with light movements over the face.

But in addition to the obvious matting and correcting the face, mineral powder is also able to instantly remove excess oil from the hair and even make the lipstick matte! To refresh your hair, apply a little product to the roots, if necessary — shake your hair and lightly sprinkle with varnish. And to create the effect of satin lips, apply a little powder on lipstick, for this you need a small fluffy brush.


Mineral powder from Innisfree contains a complex of minerals collected from the island of Jeju (Jeju), as well as natural mint extract. This colorless cosmetic is the perfect companion for any girl! Powder is suitable for any type of skin, quickly adapts to the microrelief of the face. Does not weigh down makeup, has a thin, imperceptible texture. Mattifies and regulates sebum secretion. With it, you can forget about the oily sheen on your face!

Facial Concealer

The corrector is a real magic wand when you urgently need to give your face uniformity and evenness. It was created in order to mask minor skin imperfections, hide redness and inflammation, and correct tone heterogeneity in certain areas of the face.

The corrector palette includes not only light beige shades, but also green, pink and yellow tones. Each is responsible for its specific task and adapts to the skin tone. Here you need to go from the opposite: the green shade of the corrector is for red spots, inflammation, yellow (or orange) — for bruises under the eyes, dark post-acne spots. Freckles and age spots are corrected with pink, pale purple correctors.

The consistency of the correctors also have differences and are selected according to the type of skin. For example, oily correctors are suitable for oily, combination skin, and more liquid formulas for dry skin. The density of correctors is also selected according to the type of problem that needs to be masked. To visually smooth out scars or dark circles under the eyes, correctors with a dense texture are suitable.


This multipurpose palette from NYX Professional consists of 6 different corrective products that easily adapt to the skin tone. Ideal for masking age spots, inflammation, post-acne marks and bruises under the eyes. Concealers have a soft, silky texture, do not overload makeup, lie flat and stay on throughout the day. The products also have a moisturizing effect, with them there will be no mask effect on the face.

Gel for eyebrows

Beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows favorably emphasize facial features. That is why it is so important to pay attention to the eyebrows and correct them in time.

To quickly even out the shape of the eyebrows, you can use several tools, including shadows, a pencil, a liner or even eyebrow powder, etc. Or you can get one product that will combine 2 in 1 and does not take up much space in your cosmetic bag. To quickly tidy up your eyebrows, use an eyebrow gel with a tint effect, which will not only securely fix the hairs in the desired shape, but also make them visually thicker due to toning.

To choose the best product, look for natural ingredients and oils that care for skin and hairs. For example, ginkgo biloba leaf extract has antioxidant properties and prevents unwanted age-related skin changes, while wax makes it easier to apply the product, making eyebrow hairs more elastic for optimal styling.

The gel palette has a wide range of shades, so choosing the right tone will not be difficult even for owners of light eyebrows.


This gel in an instant will put in order even the most naughty hairs. The waterproof formula of the gel allows you to fix the shape of the eyebrows for the whole day without sticking or weighing down the hairs. the gel is presented in 5 natural shades that adjust from the tone of the hairs. With NYX Professional gel, your eyebrows will look as natural and thick as possible.

Tint for lips and cheeks

The lip tint is a Korean beauty product that combines the characteristics of gloss and dense makeup pigment. The composition of the tint includes oils and vitamins, so it also acts as a caring product. The saturation of the shade is easily adjusted during application. The palette of tints varies in several shades: from peach to dark wine. The product is quickly absorbed and keeps well on the lips throughout the day (up to 8 hours), does not spread and is not «eaten», does not leave marks.

As for the lip tint for the cheeks, this is a great variant of the 2 in 1 product, which takes up a minimum of space in a cosmetic bag and is useful if you need to quickly place accents on your face.

To get beautiful, expressive lips with a tint, you first need to prepare the skin. Use a lip scrub, then apply a balm for 2-3 minutes. This is done so that small peeling and cracks are not filled with a tint, which will emphasize them even more. Then you can apply the product, but try not to overdo it — this is a highly pigmented product that has great brightness and durability. After application, the tint dries quickly and is difficult to adjust, so try to apply the product evenly on the first try.

Applying a tint on the cheeks also requires speed: the product dries quickly and you will not have time to look back as you find yourself with bright, painted cheeks. Pat the product into the upper part of the cheeks with patting movements, also monitor the amount of product and the uniformity of application.

By the way: make-up remover Tinta recommends using a special tool because a regular makeup remover may not be able to cope with such a persistent product.


TheBalm’s lightweight tint does a great job of toning lips and cheeks. Light texture is evenly distributed over the surface of the skin, does not clog into folds. This product is unique in that it contains coenzyme Q10, polyphenol, aloe vera juice, vitamins A, B, C, E and camellia extract. Such a rich composition is aimed at moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening the epithelium of the lips. The tint does not dry out the surface of the lips, it does not need to be renewed during the day.


This is perhaps the most indispensable component of any cosmetic bag. It is the mascara that makes our eyes expressive, and the look — attractive. The variety of mascara variations allows you to choose the one that best suits your type of eyelashes. To choose the right mascara, take a look at the brush: the oval shape of the brush is suitable for long, thick eyelashes, and for short and rare ones, they have a curved shape and small bristles.

When choosing a mascara, be sure to delve into the composition of the product. Look for carcasses. which contain lanolin (a moisturizing component that nourishes the cilia) and melanin (a coloring matter that protects the cilia from external factors and does not cause allergies). If keratin is present in the composition, then the cilia will be strengthened and shiny. Give preference to those brands. which emphasize the naturalness of products and which contain vitamins A, B, E, water is always present.

A few tips for using mascara:

Pay attention to the smell of the product: it should not be! If, when opening the product, you feel, even if it is light, but the aroma of a cosmetic fragrance, this means that the manufacturer tried to mask the presence of acetone in the composition of the product. Also, the smell may indicate that the product has expired. We do not recommend using this tool.

Mascara needs to be changed every 3-4 months, even if its expiration date has not expired. And it is better to unscrew the mascara from the tube in a circular motion to avoid getting excess air and bacteria inside.


If ink, then only the best! This is exactly what Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere Mascara is. This mascara has the ability to effectively emphasize your eyelashes and create super-volume even on small eyelashes. well separates the cilia, does not stick together along the length. excellent covering ability, each eyelash is stained with the highest quality due to a convenient brush. The mascara does not crumble and is not imprinted during the day. With her, you can be sure of your irresistibility!

In conclusion, we want to say a few words about the cosmetic bag itself: choose with a soft frame and a mirror. If there are additional closing offices — also a «plus». The main thing is that the cosmetic bag is not too voluminous and does not take up much space in the bag.

We hope that our article will be useful to you, and it will help someone get rid of extra boxes and jars in a cosmetic bag.


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