Probably, in the life of every fashionista there were moments when things seemed to be selected in accordance with the latest fashion rules, the image was created taking into account all the recommendations of stylists, in addition, personal preferences were also not missed, however, nevertheless, something in general still hurts the eyes. Many professional fashion designers with extensive experience immediately pay attention to small elements that can spoil even the most sophisticated and appropriate image. It is these little things that will be discussed. To be sure of the impeccability of your own style, you must initially abandon some things that can spoil the image, even if they are very dear to you.

  1. One of the biggest problems in every fashionista’s wardrobe is the white bra. To the surprise of many stylish things, this particular piece of underwear can pretty much spoil the appearance, which will be noticeable from the sidelong glances and whispering of others. First, the white bra is always visible, even under a white shirt. Stylists do not allow glimpses of underwear. If style requires it, then the bra is selected in a more contrasting shade. Secondly, white underwear, which is in close contact with the skin, sooner or later loses its impeccable snow-white appearance, even if you constantly monitor it. It is not necessary that gray shades appear due to pollution. The frequent washes that a white bra requires can also change the ideal color.
  2. Another fairly common mistake of many female images is bodily tights. According to stylists, a very large percentage of girls simply do not know how to choose body tights. The shade of tights must necessarily match the color of your skin. Therefore, tights of matte colors, dark or light skin tone are unacceptable. Especially if you are also wearing a deep neckline or short sleeves that expose your skin in a different place and the difference becomes obvious.
  3. The most harmless, but no less unforgivable mistake in harmonizing the image has long been a stacked heel. Such a heel can be either light or dark. However, in any case, it does not fit very nicely into any image. Especially if you’re into a romantic, feminine style, stacked heels will spoil the whole ensemble.


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