Tiger manicure 2022 - a stylish bright trend and actual nail design

Colors associated with the Symbol of the Year are a popular seasonal trend. Tiger manicure 2022 is offered by stylists in discreet and bright colors. Fashionistas will be able to choose a design that suits the outfit and mood. Nail art is done on shortened or elongated nails.

Tiger print manicure 2022

Nail service masters show imagination when creating nail art. Tiger nail design 2022 is represented by the following trends:

  1. The design is proposed to be made in a similar color scheme with the coloring of the animal. For this, coatings of beige, brown, white, yellow, black are taken. Another option is to pick up bright unnatural shades: aquamarine, red, light green. The inclusions of gold and silver look interesting.
  2. Tiger manicure 2022 is created with a full or partial image of the animal. In the latter case, paws and a muzzle are drawn. It is permissible to embody just the coloring of the skin.
  3. Tiger print is allowed to be combined with leopard print. The patterns are organically combined with each other.
  4. Longitudinal or diagonal arrangement of tiger stripes will help to visually lengthen the plates.
  5. Addition of volumetric elements is allowed. These are parts of the animal placed on certain fingers. Combination with sculpting technique is welcome. A pair of nail plates is covered with a knitted pattern. The design is especially relevant in the winter season.

tiger print manicure 2022tiger print on nailstiger design nails

Tiger manicure for short nails

It is customary to complement neat plates with a laconic design. Tiger print manicure for short nails is available in the following variations:

  1. The drawing can be made accent by drawing a pattern on one or two fingers. The rest are covered with a plain varnish or jacket.
  2. The trend was the design of «different hands». Printed nail art is combined with plain. The fingers of one hand look bright, and the other is restrained.
  3. The tiger short manicure of 2022 is done with the image of an animal’s eye on one of the plates.
  4. Fragmentary drawing looks harmonious. An example is the images on adjacent fingers of a part of the muzzle, tail and paws.

tiger print manicure for short nails

Tiger manicure for long nails

A significant area of ​​​​the plates provides an opportunity to show imagination. Tiger print manicure is offered in the following solutions:

  1. Golden decor will help to emphasize the sophistication of the form. Light stripes become shiny.
  2. The combination of the main pattern with a leopard print looks interesting. Designs alternate on adjacent fingers.
  3. Tiger nails can be done in bright orange colors. It is allowed to highlight accent plates by drawing footprints.
  4. The combination with other techniques looks interesting. A good solution is an ombre or «cat’s eye» covering several fingers.
  5. Complex patterns can be reproduced on plates of a large area. An example is the fully depicted figure of a tiger, fitted on one nail.
  6. It is allowed to resort to a three-dimensional image. The muzzle or paw of the animal is embodied using the modeling technique. It is advisable to create the rest of the plates discreet, covering them with a plain varnish.
  7. It is allowed to divide the nail into two parts. One half is filled with a striped print. The other is varnished, similar to one of the shades of the picture.

tiger manicure for long nails

Tiger nail design «almond»

Lovers of feminine bows appreciated the discreet shape of the plates. Tiger nails «almond» are characterized by the following trends:

  1. The combination with nude looks organic. Several fingers are covered with beige or light pink varnish. Other plates are made printed.
  2. The tiger print on the nails is allowed to be applied in the form of stripes on a light background. It will be possible to simultaneously embody a popular drawing and bring notes of tenderness to nail art.
  3. Another good solution is to cover the plates with a shiny rub or glossy black varnish. The ring finger is accentuated by the applied image of a tiger.

tiger nails almond

Sharp tiger nails

If you want to bring notes of seductiveness into the image, they resort to a certain form. Pointed plates are distinguished using the following techniques:

  1. The tiger print on the nails is complemented by rhinestones. In the center of the nail, it is allowed to lay out the inlaid muzzle of the animal.
  2. Combination with glitter is welcome. Several plates are made shiny with a full coverage of glitter.
  3. It is allowed to highlight the tip of the nail with gold. The shape of the «smile» is made in a triangular version.

sharp tiger nails

Tiger jacket on nails

French nail art is classified as a classic design. Stylists offer the following creation options:

  1. A common solution is a printed «smile». The main part is covered with light nude or transparent varnish.
  2. Tiger French manicure is also represented by the opposite trend. The coloring of the animal is applied to the base, and the tip of the nail is painted over in black.
  3. A good idea is to highlight the “smile” with gold. The light stripes of the tiger are also laid out with sparkles.
  4. It looks interesting jacket, combined with moon nail art. A strip of rhinestones is laid out at the base of the plates. It is allowed to fill the hole area with small sparkles or large kamifubuki.

tiger french nails

tiger stripes on nails

Fashionistas often choose a simple way to embody a trendy design. Tiger stripes on the nails are depicted in the following ways:

  1. The pattern is applied to all or certain fingers. The remaining plates are covered with a plain varnish.
  2. For the image of stripes, it is permissible to take natural tones. The drawing is embodied with the help of beige, yellow, brown, orange, black shades.
  3. If you want to bring brightness to the image, they turn to catchy saturated shades: pink, red, lavender. Another option is to fill the stripes with gold or silver glitter.
  4. Stripes act as a self-sufficient pattern or are combined with other patterns. On one of the nails it is allowed to depict the animal in whole or in part. Other plates are created in a striped printed version.

tiger stripes on nailstiger stripes on nails

tiger paw on nails

An interesting solution is to make a thematic drawing on the plates. Manicure «Tiger Paw» is offered in the following variations:

  1. An easy way is to resort to the stamping technique. A finished imprint is applied to the nail, looking like a footprint.
  2. Another option is a realistic image. The clawed paws of the animal are drawn on the plates. A muzzle is placed in the middle.
  3. For the summer season, a design associated with the sea is suitable. The plates are covered with beige velvety powder, reminiscent of sand. A pattern in the form of animal paws is placed on top. It is permissible to make traces pressed into the «sand».

tiger paw on nails

Manicure «tiger’s eye»

A brilliant design will help make nail art memorable. «Tiger Eye» is characterized by the following features:

  1. The technique is embodied with the help of magnetic varnish. The coating creates a longitudinal or diagonal stripe on the plate. The peculiarity of nail art is the drawing of stripes characteristic of the skin of an animal.
  2. One or two fingers are allowed to be accented. For this purpose, a tiger’s eye is drawn on the nails. The rest of the plates are covered with a shiny rubbing or a print in the form of stripes.
  3. To implement the design, a certain color scheme is selected. Natural tones associated with the color of the animal are welcome. The eyes of the tiger are made green, for applying elements it is allowed to take emerald rhinestones.

tiger eye manicureeye of the tiger on nails

Stamping «Tiger on nails»

Printing a picture with a stamp will simplify the process of creating a design. Manicure stamping «Tiger» is characterized by the following features:

  1. To implement nail art, a finished drawing is taken. The image looks like a paw, the muzzle of an animal.
  2. It is allowed to create a tiger on the nails completely. In this case, resort to a realistic or cartoon image. The latter option is preferred due to its ease of implementation.
  3. A complex pattern can be applied schematically on a bright ombre. A gradient background will emphasize the originality of the design.

tiger stamping on nails

tiger skin on nails

Striped design is a seasonal trend. The confirmation is the Tiger Skin manicure:

  1. Winding stripes are drawn on the plates. The pattern is applied in natural for the color of the animal or in unnatural bright colors.
  2. The combination with foil was recognized as successful. Chaotic shiny stains are applied to one or two fingers. It is allowed to combine gold stripes of tiger skin and similar foil patterns.
  3. Combination with other thematic designs is allowed. An example is the image of the skin and the eye of an animal on adjacent fingers.

tiger skin on nailstiger skin manicuretiger print manicure

Tiger face nail design

Artistic nail art is popular among fashionistas. An interesting solution is the muzzle of a tiger on the nails:

  1. A fragmentary image is relevant, in which only the eyes, nose and whiskers of the animal are visible. Another option is to draw the muzzle completely.
  2. Cartoon prints are popular, which can be combined with other details. Paws and a tail are depicted on adjacent fingers.
  3. Combination with similar thematic design is allowed. The muzzles of a tiger and a lion alternate on the plates. The drawings are done in orange-yellow-brown colors.

tiger face nail designtiger face on nails

cartoon tiger on nails

Young fashionistas welcome out-of-the-box creative design. Cartoon drawings gained popularity:

  1. The current trend is the Tiger from «Winnie the Pooh» on the nails. It is allowed to refer to images of one or more characters.
  2. A convenient way is to apply the finished pattern using stickers. In this case, it will be possible to reproduce the smallest details.
  3. It is allowed to draw a fragmented image. Parts of the animal are applied to adjacent fingers, forming a single composition.
  4. Romantically inclined girls will appreciate the design, combined with the appropriate theme. It is permissible to create a tiger figurine with the image of a heart that the animal holds in its paws.

cartoon tiger on nails

Manicure «Blue Tiger»

The design that is relevant on New Year’s Eve continues to be in trend. Blue tiger manicure is performed in the following variations:

  1. A simple solution is to draw aquamarine and black stripes. Nail art wins due to the saturation of tones.
  2. It is allowed to resort to a blue-blue gradient. Ombre acts as a background on which a pattern is applied that embodies a tiger. The image is drawn with black varnish.
  3. Saturated aquamarine harmonizes with silver. With the help of two shades, a themed tiger coloring is created.

blue tiger manicureblue tiger manicure

Manicure «White Tiger»

Light colors will help bring freshness to the nail art. Nails with a tiger design, made with snow-white varnish, serve as confirmation:

  1. A simple way is to alternate a light base with dark stripes. The drawing is applied using a black or brown coating.
  2. White color is in harmony with green. The latter is applied to a pair of fingers, taken in the form of a monochromatic varnish or «cat’s eye».
  3. On a light background, the drawing stands out advantageously. A schematically traced muzzle of a tiger will look distinct and create a memorable nail art.
  4. Snow-white varnish advantageously set off by silver sparkles.

white tiger manicure

Black tiger manicure

The design made with dark varnish acquires depth and mystery. Black tiger print manicure is available in the following design variations:

  1. The dark base coat is available in a matte or glossy finish. In the latter case, it is permissible to take a brilliant rub.
  2. The black finish is in harmony with white lacquer, golden sparkles. Shades are taken to depict the stripes characteristic of the skin of an animal.
  3. It is allowed to cover the fingers of one hand with black varnish, and make the others printed.

black tiger manicureblack tiger print manicure

Manicure «Golden Tiger»

Glitter brings a touch of luxury to nail art. A good solution is to create a tiger manicure with gold:

  1. For the image of characteristic stripes, it is allowed to use glitter or foil. In the latter case, the drawing looks abstract.
  2. Depth in the image will bring the coating of several nails with emerald varnish. Golden rhinestones are laid out on a green background.

golden tiger manicure

Red manicure with a tiger

Bright nails will help to embody a memorable bow. A red manicure with a tiger design looks especially organic on elongated plates:

  1. It is allowed to embody a uniform nail art on all fingers, covering the nails with stripes of scarlet and black.
  2. Another option is to combine with certain techniques and designs. Several fingers are allowed to be highlighted, covered with sparkles, rubbed, making a «cat’s eye».
  3. There is also an opposite trend — muting the plates with the help of a discreet matte varnish.

red tiger manicure


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