tights or stockings


Stockings or tights? The issue has not lost its relevance for several decades and causes heated debate among women around the world.

tights or stockings

Stockings and their features

Stockings — a pair of women’s clothing that covers the toes, calves, knees and is attached to the middle of the thigh. In modern models, there is an elastic silicone insert that firmly holds them in place and does not allow them to slip off their feet. Sometimes the top is fastened with elastic bands or latches to panties or a special belt.

For sewing, they take a fabric that tightly fits the skin of the legs: microfiber, nylon, lycra, nylon, spandex.

Types of stockings are varied:

  • transparent, flesh-colored — for every day;
  • black nylon — for parties and dates;
  • with lace silicone band;
  • openwork with a pattern over the entire surface;
  • with a seam at the back, visually increasing the length of the legs.

By density, thin products are distinguished — 15 den, medium — 20-40 den and thick — 40-70 den. The option is selected depending on the outfit, time of year and personal preferences.

Advantages and disadvantages

If it is not the belt that is responsible for the fastening, but only silicone rubber, the stockings can not be removed during hygiene procedures or if you need to change your underwear.

Advantages of stockings:

  • do not constrain movements;
  • emphasize the slimness of the legs;
  • allow the skin to breathe;
  • improve ventilation in the perineal area.

It is not customary to wear stockings with a too short skirt. It may not hide the elastic band of the accessory and bare skin on top.

At first, it can be difficult to quickly attach stockings to a belt, but if a woman wears them regularly, with experience this will become easier.

Tights and their features

Tights are made from a pair of stockings, interconnected by panties. Such a piece of clothing tightly fits the legs, buttocks and is attached to the waist with an elastic band. In production, natural, synthetic and mixed fabrics are used.

  • Models made of lycra, elastin, nylon, kapron are in demand for the warm season and off-season.
  • Products made of cotton, wool, viscose are relevant for winter.
  • Thermal stockings made of mixed threads protect well from the wind when walking in the fresh air.
  • An exclusive option is fishnet tights that make a woman stand out at any event.

Separately, we want to note the medical tights for varicose veins. Due to environmentally friendly materials and antiseptic impregnation, they relieve puffiness and provide a healing effect.

The density and elasticity of tights are also measured in den: the higher the number, the tighter the accessory.

The shops sell tights in the most bizarre colors, so they are easy to match with any outfit. As an element of the dress code and for everyday use, black and flesh-colored products are popular.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tights are a basic element of women’s wardrobe, providing comfort when worn and protecting from the cold. In some instances, decorative openwork panties or compacted shorts are provided.

Advantages of tights:

  • smoothing figure flaws;
  • the ability to wear in any season;
  • donning speed;
  • do not require additional fastening.

If there is a large percentage of synthetics in the composition of the fabric in the panty area, the air circulation in the intimate area is reduced, and it is imperative to wear underwear made from natural materials under the bottom. To offset this shortcoming, many products are equipped with a hygienic cotton gusset.

Some women find pantyhose not as sexy as stockings. But this is a controversial statement. Accessories decorated with arrows, mesh or lace successfully compete even with erotic stockings.

What to choose in the end

The main difference between tights and stockings is that the former cover the legs from the tips of the toes to the buttocks and waist, while the latter only cover the middle of the thigh.

tights It is more of a casual wear, characterized by versatility and practicality. It is successfully worn under skirts of any length, dresses, trousers and shorts.

Thanks to tights, you can avoid scuffs on the skin between the thighs and hide the panty line. The accessory softly models the body and supports the buttocks.

Stockings — not so practical, but sexy wardrobe detail that women often use to attract attention. The proof is the statistics confirming that ladies often wear them on dates and parties.

Stockings are usually lighter than tights and are better ventilated. This will be appreciated by office workers who, according to the dress code, cannot appear with bare legs even in the heat, and ordinary women who prefer business style and comfort in the summer.



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