Delicate, pink lips are a real decoration of a person’s face. With them, the smile is much warmer, friendlier and more beautiful. A pink tint and smooth skin of the lips are signs of good health. But in order to maintain the original softness, beauty and fresh color of the lips, it is necessary to protect them and carefully care for them. This part of the body is quite vulnerable because it does not have its own sebaceous glands to protect itself. It is important to provide them with regular hydration and softening. Here are some simple ways and tips for lip care:

Lip products without harmful ingredients

Lip products without harmful ingredients

The reason for dry and chapped lips is not only bad weather or health, but also improperly selected lip cosmetics. Some lip balms are addictive, so choose them wisely. Prefer products based on beeswax, almond oil, vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba and other natural ingredients.

Avoid products with synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals, including petroleum jelly, paraffin, and various parabens. After prolonged use, cosmetics with such a composition can cause pigmentation, and the beauty of the lips will fade. To remove makeup, choose products with natural oils in the composition. If it is not possible to use lip balm during the day, then before going to bed, do not forget to lubricate your lips with vitamin E.

Cosmetics by season

It’s not enough just to buy a lip balm — you need to choose it according to the season. For example, in cold weather, cosmetics with active nutritional ingredients (natural waxes) are better suited. But let it be less vegetable oils, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. In summer, you need to bet on moisturizing with an abundance of natural oils, vitamins and protection from UV rays.

Hydration of the body

The beauty of the lips largely depends on the normal hydration of the body. If there is not enough water in the body, then the skin of the lips dries quickly, turns pale and loses its beautiful ruddy hue. Provide your body with enough fluid daily. This is important not only in hot seasons, but also in cold weather. Remember that lips need both external and internal moisture.

Lip balm as a base

Before each application of lipstick, try to prepare a base for it in the form of lip balm or lip balm. This guarantees hydration and care for the skin of the lips, despite the subsequent layer of basic cosmetics. For volume, you can apply lip gloss or the same lip balm over lipstick. But it is better not to abuse lipsticks in matte shades — they quickly dry out lips. Opt for a creamy texture to keep your lips moisturized.

Stop tongue!

Stop tongue!

One common cause of dry lips is frequent licking. Even if your lips feel dry, resist the urge to lick them as this will only make the problem worse. It is better to lubricate the lips with balm or vegetable oil. It’s all about saliva, which can irritate the skin, causing dryness, cracks and inflammation.

Homemade sugar scrub

Even skin as delicate as lips needs exfoliation. This should be done very delicately, using high-quality cosmetics or natural products. As a basis for home scrubs, crushed oatmeal, coffee grounds, semolina or rice flour are suitable. But one of the easiest lip scrub recipes is to mix some sugar with lip balm particles and rub your lips in a circular motion. Residues can be removed with a damp, soft cloth or cotton swab.

Minimum dark shades

Overusing lipsticks that are too dark can darken the color of your lips. Leave extreme bright colors for masquerade or special occasions, and for everyday makeup, prefer lipsticks in soft, pastel, neutral shades. When choosing a permanent lipstick, do not be stingy — purchase products from trusted manufacturers without the content of harmful toxins.

Rose petals for lip care

It makes sense that rose petals can help keep the lip tint pink. To do this, crush a few fresh rose petals and add a teaspoon of honey to them. The mixture is applied to the skin of the lips, and after 10-15 minutes it is removed with a damp cotton swab to apply a lip balm afterwards. Daily care (at least for a month) for lips with rose petals will give your lips a healthy, natural, pink shade. If there is pigmentation on the lips, then a product with crushed rose petals, a teaspoon of honey and powdered milk will help to lighten it.

No smoking and less caffeine

Nicotine is a poison for the whole body and for the lips in particular. The beauty and health of the whole body suffers from it. The lips of smokers darken over time, dry and often get sick. So, if your dream is pink and healthy lips — first of all quit smoking! An abundance of caffeine is no less harmful to the lips. Don’t drink too much coffee or tea. Drink them with milk, or rather plain water.

Sun protection for lips

Sun protection for lips

To protect your lips from darkening and pigmentation, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. It increases the synthesis of melanin in the body, from which the lips can quickly darken. On sunny days, try using lip balms that contain SPF or other sunscreens.

without chlorine

Another danger to the skin of the lips is chlorine. It causes pigmentation, irritation, dryness and cracks. If possible, protect your lips from frequent contact with chlorinated water.

Healthy Diet

In the cold months, lips are vulnerable not only because of the weather, but also because of the lack of vitamins in the body. Avoid avitaminosis. Nutrition in winter should include more fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Vitamins C, E, A are especially important for lips. They help to naturally moisturize the lips and reduce pigmentation.

natural remedies

In addition to the usual cosmetics and salon procedures, do not forget about simple natural products that are good for lips. With them, lip care will be much easier. Take note of life-saving ingredients such as lemon juice, almond oil, glycerin, honey, rose petals, rose water, cucumber juice, aloe vera, etc. All of these have nourishing, moisturizing and protective properties for lips.

With these simple tips and tricks, lip care will be much easier. For those who have lip pigmentation — a genetic trait, it will not be easy to deal with it. In such cases, advances in aesthetic surgery can help.


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