Tomboy haircut - 90 photos of the most fashionable images for girls and women

Looking at the pages of popular fashion magazines, you might think that this style was invented quite recently, but in fact it appeared back in the 20th century. Tomboy haircut looks original and catchy, besides, both girls and guys can wear it.

What is tomboy style?

Modern fashion trends no longer separate short haircuts for men and women; the tomboy style in clothes and hair adds some elements of masculine style to the female look. This direction is suitable for fragile girls with sophisticated facial features and creates a special attraction. A tomboy haircut allows you to experiment with looks, they look original both with bright and catchy makeup, and with natural soft shades.

What is tomboy style

Who is a tomboy haircut suitable for?

Tomboy hairstyle is not a universal option, and owners of certain external data can wear it. Haircut should fit the shape of the face and style of clothing. Who suits the tomboy hairstyle:

  1. The age of a woman can be any — she looks great both on young stylish girls and on women over 40. The only caveat is that the figure should be slim, graceful and well-tight.
  2. The external data of the girl should be impeccable — clean and well-groomed skin, soft features. Haircut short tomboy focuses on the shortcomings.
  3. This hairstyle style is suitable for bright creative personalities or purposeful women who achieve success in their careers.
  4. Who suits the tomboy haircut

Tomboy haircuts by face type

The most important criterion when choosing a hairstyle, especially when it comes to a short haircut, is the shape of the face. Unfortunately, tomboy is not for everyone. The haircut goes to those whose face shape is oval, elongated or square. Stylistic harmony is emphasized by features such as wide or pronounced cheekbones, an angular chin. It is important to remember that tomboy hairstyles are not suitable for a round face.

Tomboy haircuts by face type

Tomboy hairstyle for a full face

A female tomboy haircut on a round face is not suitable, especially if it is full — it will only emphasize fullness. Even if the oval of the face is elongated, but with cheeks, it is better to choose a stylish and creative hairstyle from other stylistic directions. The tomboy haircut for women looks beautiful and harmonious on a petite face with graceful features.

Tomboy hairstyle for a full face

Women’s tomboy haircut

The female tomboy hairstyle appeared thanks to the legendary Coco Chanel, who gave the world not only a little black dress that did not lose its popularity even after many years, but also the opportunity to experiment with her image. Despite the similarity with the male style, the tomboy haircut stylishly and gracefully emphasizes femininity, naturalness and attractiveness.

Women's tomboy haircut

The characteristic features of the tomboy haircut are an asymmetrical elongated bangs with carelessly falling strands, open short temples and the back of the head. In the hairstyle there is no orderliness of form, rigor and elegance, on the contrary, it looks somewhat careless and creative. The name of the hairstyle speaks for itself — the word «tomboy» literally translates as a bully, a tomboy.

Women's tomboy haircut ideas

The big plus of the tomboy hairstyle is that it does not have ideal forms. It looks good both on straight hair and on wavy or curly hair. This haircut is a great option for those who have naughty hair. An additional bonus is the absence of the need for everyday special styling — light everyday negligence looks stylish and beautiful.

Women's tomboy haircut fashion

Tomboy hairstyles also have significant disadvantages:

  1. Haircut to face only slender and graceful girls, ladies with magnificent forms, it does not fit.
  2. If the haircut was unsuccessful, it is extremely difficult to correct it due to the short length of the hair.
  3. Tomboy haircut options for women

Female classic tomboy

The classic version of the tomboy haircut looks the same for both a guy and a girl. The long top is made using thinning, which creates the effect of negligence and unevenness. The back of the head and temples are shaped with a razor. The classic tomboy haircut for a girl requires everyday attention — for a stylish look, it needs to be styled correctly.

Female classic tomboy

Short tomboy haircuts

The most popular version of the tomboy haircut is a short hairstyle that has a particular resemblance to the men’s style. In this version, the temples and the back of the head are cut very short, the crown is somewhat longer. The main advantage of this hairstyle is practicality. Women’s short tomboy haircuts are very easy to style, even just dried hair looks stylish and neat. For an interesting look, you can interestingly style your bangs with a gel or mousse.

Short tomboy haircuts

Women’s long tomboy haircut

The tomboy style is mostly very short hairstyles that look like men, but there are exceptions to this rule. An elongated haircut will look very stylish and bright, adding creativity to your image. The peculiarity of the hairstyle is an elongated top with a long creative bang, asymmetrical elements look stylish. You can’t exactly call such a hairstyle a man’s — even taking into account the short temples and the back of the head, it looks elegant and feminine. The only significant disadvantage of an elongated tomboy haircut is the need for everyday styling.

Women's long tomboy haircut

Shaved tomboy haircut

Hairstyles with shaved elements have become a new trend among young people and not only — even for long hair, such a detail is appropriate, adding originality and brightness to your image. Shaving is also suitable for a tomboy haircut. Hairstyles with shaving of the temples or the back of the head look very creative and will suit those who love bold and daring changes in their image.

Shaved tomboy haircut

Ragged tomboy haircut

This haircut option is carried out with a razor, and a strong and very high-quality thinning is a mandatory attribute, which gives the hairstyle a creative and stylish torn look. Thanks to this method of cutting, the hair looks chaotic and careless. Short tomboy hairstyles with torn strands are not so easy to style, but if you practice, you will very quickly learn how to cope with this in a matter of minutes.

Ragged tomboy haircut

Such an idea as an elongated ragged haircut in the style of a tomboy looks original and stylish. This hairstyle hardly fits into the framework of the boyish style — it looks very bright and feminine, suitable for young and energetic women with sophisticated taste. A shaved nape in addition to an elongated tomboy hairstyle can add creativity to the image.

Ragged haircut tomboy fashion

Asymmetric tomboy haircut

Modern fashion welcomes unusual solutions that go far beyond strict limits, and one of these is asymmetry in the image, including in the hairstyle. Distinctive features of the asymmetric tomboy haircut are torn strands, giving the image lightness and negligence. Such a hairstyle is made with a hair length of at least 15-17 cm based on bob, bob or pixie haircuts. It organically combines the practicality of a masculine style with the tenderness and elegance of a feminine one.


An asymmetric tomboy haircut is suitable for women with neat and regular facial features and will bring tenderness and extravagance to your image, add novelty and freshness. An important plus of such a hairstyle for those who have sparse hair is that torn negligence will add additional volume. But it is important to remember that an asymmetric tomboy is not a universal hairstyle and is not for everyone.

Asymmetric tomboy haircut

Another significant disadvantage of the asymmetrical ragged tomboy haircut is the need for painstaking everyday styling to create a stylish and vibrant look. This will take a lot of time, as well as gel or mousse. Tomboy haircut without styling also has the right to exist, but it will look very ordinary.

Tomboy haircut with asymmetry ideas

Tomboy haircut with bangs

A popular idea for creating a stylish and vibrant female look is bangs. Its advantage is not only in its beautiful appearance. With a professional approach to choosing a bang option, you can easily visually correct the oval of the face, making it more correct and harmonious, diverting attention from shortcomings in the form of an elongated forehead or a massive chin. Different options for bangs successfully cope with such tasks.

Tomboy haircut with bangs

Women’s tomboy haircut with long bangs has gained wide popularity — this is a great way to create your own stylish and bright image, emphasize individuality and visually correct facial features. The hairstyle looks good with bangs such as:

  • straight;
  • asymmetric;
  • torn.
  • Tomboy haircut with bangs options

The bangs are suitable for the shape:

  • with a straight parting;
  • Tomboy haircut with bangs ideas

  • on one side, with a side parting.
  • Tomboy haircut with bangs parting

Tomboy haircut with coloring

In order to freshen up their image, many decide on a radical change of hairstyle, but what if your haircut is already short, and it’s not at all easy to change your tomboy hairstyle? The great news is that often this is not very necessary — for novelty, you can apply light staining with permanent high-quality paint or temporary with an effect for several months.

Tomboy haircut with coloring

Popular options for creative coloring of short hair are:

  1. Highlighting, which can be of different types. Light strands are made on the hair, which enhances the effect of lightness and negligence in the tomboy hairstyle.
  2. Tomboy haircut with highlights

  3. Balayazh is considered one of the varieties of highlighting. Tomboy haircut looks stylish from all sides, with easy transitions from a dark shade to a lighter one.
  4. Tomboy haircut with balayage coloring

  5. Shatush — hair with this coloring option acquires the effect of strands burnt out in the sun.
  6. Tomboy haircut with coloring 3D

  7. 3D coloring — two shades are used for this. This hairstyle looks luxurious and voluminous.
  8. Tomboy haircut with coloring style

For a successful result that provides you with a stylish and creative look, you should entrust your hair to real professionals, you should not experiment with a tomboy haircut on your own. Many coloring options, for example, the 3D method, cannot be done beautifully and with high quality at home — this requires special tools and talented hands of a hairdresser.

Tomboy haircut with coloring style


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