Torn bangs - a fashion trend for long and short hair

Masters of hairdressing art are able to offer their clients a huge variety of interesting hairstyles. Often, the subject of choice for young ladies is a torn bang, which gives its owner a playful and perky appearance. This detail can be present in a variety of haircuts and styling.

Torn bangs 2019

Almost every modern fashionista knows what a torn bang looks like, because this detail very often becomes an adornment of the fair sex’s hairstyles. When choosing this option, strands of hair with uneven and cut edges are located on the front of the face, which give the image a certain dynamism, audacity and sexuality.

Curls can be cut randomly or have a certain direction, which gives the haircut rigor and order. Depending on the chosen hairstyle, torn bangs can make it more extravagant or somewhat careless. In 2019, this variation very often becomes the choice of young and self-confident young ladies who prefer an active and dynamic lifestyle.

This season, it can be an addition to almost any haircut — a classic bob, a stylish cropped bob, tiered cascading styling and much more. Its length is also very variable — from ultra-short to super-long. Meanwhile, the main trend of 2019 was the elongated ragged bangs, which today are in special demand among the fair sex.

torn bangs 2019

Ripped bangs for long hair

The most popular haircut option in 2019 was a cascade with torn bangs for long hair, which not only looks very stylish, but also visually masks some of the flaws in appearance. Due to the presence of uneven strands on the front side of the face, additional volume is created, which helps to make the hairstyle much more interesting. In addition, ragged bangs for long hair allows you to experiment with your hair in different ways. So, for example, you can change the appearance using the following methods:

  • raise the strands with a hairdryer, adding volume to the upper part of the hairstyle;
  • straighten the hairs with a curling iron, making the hair much more strict, neat and elegant;
  • curl the strands with tongs, making the appearance of the young lady flirtatious and mischievous.

torn bangs for long hair

Ripped bangs for medium hair

Owners of medium length hair can try different types of haircuts, however, one of the best options for them is a torn bob with bangs, which suits women with any type of appearance. This hairstyle is especially popular in 2019, the main trend of which was the maximum naturalness and negligence. The uneven and layered strands in this haircut make it stylish, modern and a little daring, so it is ideal for young ladies who like to impress others.

In addition, torn bangs can decorate other types of haircuts designed for medium hair. Masters of hairdressing are advised to give her preference to those girls whose hair is thin and naughty. Under such circumstances, it can be very difficult to mask the existing flaws in appearance, however, the jagged edges of the facade strands do an excellent job of this.

torn bangs for medium hair

Ripped bangs for short hair

In 2019, haircuts for short hair, complemented by jagged bangs, are very popular with the fair sex. Such options not only look very stylish and attractive, but also visually reduce the age of their owner and, moreover, facilitate the process of daily styling, practically relieving the young lady from the difficulties that arise.

One of the most popular options for owners of short hair is a bob haircut with torn bangs, which creates a bright, mischievous and incredibly flirtatious look for girls and women of all ages. The pixie haircut, which has not lost its position for many years, also looks charming. If you want to change your image, the lace in such haircuts can be styled in different ways, for example:

  • comb to one side and fix with mousse or gel;
  • stab about one temple;
  • lift up and fix with the help of invisibility;
  • comb, giving volume at the roots;
  • twist the ends, making the hairstyle incredibly flirtatious and seductive;
  • lower it on the eyes, add an image of mystery.

torn bangs for short hair

Fashionable torn bangs

Before the fair sex, whose subject of choice was a torn bang, a wide scope for the realization of their fantasies opens up. Depending on individual preferences and appearance, each girl can choose different variations of rvanka, of which there are a huge variety.

Although this unusual detail always looks bold and somewhat extravagant, it can be used to create quite concise hairstyles that will be appropriate in absolutely any situation. So, for example, a torn side bang looks quite conservative and can decorate both long and short curls.

fashionable torn bangs

Oblique torn bangs

Beautiful and stylish oblique ragged bangs on the side will never lose their relevance, because it is very easy to create, and the result exceeds all expectations. In addition, this part has a number of other advantages, for example:

  • perfectly masks the existing flaws in appearance;
  • makes the image much more feminine and romantic, and facial features — soft and attractive;
  • visually corrects excessively heavy superciliary arches;
  • makes the forehead of an irregular shape more proportional;
  • hides the presence of wrinkles, scars, age spots and other skin defects in the forehead. A ragged thick bang on its side copes especially well with this task.

oblique torn bangs

Short torn bangs

Stylish torn bangs can be of any length, however, modern ladies prefer elongated options. Charming short strands that make a boyish face perky and mischievous are not so popular, however, according to stylists, this is completely undeserved. This hairstyle looks especially attractive on girls with not too large and soft features.

short ragged bangs

Long torn bangs

Charming ragged bangs with elongation are perfect for girls and women with any type of appearance. It can visually elongate an overly round face, smooth out some angularity, or make small and inexpressive features much more interesting. In addition, torn long bangs do not require long and tedious styling at all — you can simply comb it to the side and fix it if necessary.

long ragged bangs

Straight torn bangs

Hairstyles with torn bangs, the level of strands in which varies about one line, are in great demand among the fair sex. Such a bang looks great with a cascading haircut for medium or long curls, a classic bob or a charming torn. Meanwhile, chubby beauties with a similar variation need to be careful — it can round the face even more, visually making the cheekbones wider, and divert attention from the beauty and expressiveness of the look.

straight ragged bangs

Asymmetric torn bangs

Fashionable ragged bangs with asymmetry are perfect for owners of any type of appearance, since they are simply created in order to correct existing flaws. When cutting such a bang, there are absolutely no restrictions — each young lady can decorate it to her liking and taking into account the existing features of the appearance.

asymmetrical ragged bangs

Thick torn bangs

Beautiful torn bangs are perfect for hair of any density. In the presence of thick hair, the best choice would be an oblique cut. If the fair sex wants to hide from strangers a too high or wrinkled forehead, she can give preference to a straight, uneven bang, which goes perfectly with the classic bob and makes the image with this strict haircut easy and relaxed.

thick ragged bangs

Thin torn bangs

Rare torn bangs are the perfect choice for those of the fair sex who cannot boast of thick hair. It looks very stylish and interesting, however, the strands in it should not be too long, otherwise the bangs will not be able to keep a beautiful and neat shape for a long time. Depending on the features of appearance, stylists advise the fair sex to choose the following options:

  • for girls with an overly elongated face, a straight bang is perfect, which can slightly round the oval;
  • for young ladies with long sparse strands, the option in the form of an arch is best suited;
  • oblique bangs are ideal for a round or square face — it visually stretches the oval and gives the image freshness or youthfulness.

thin torn bangs

Who suits torn bangs?

When wondering what hairstyle to do, many of the fair sex think about who suits a torn bang, and in what cases it is worth giving preference to this option. In fact, bangs with strands of uneven length are suitable for absolutely all women, however, each young lady needs to choose her own version, taking into account the existing features of her appearance and type of face.

who suits torn bangs

Ragged bangs for an oval face

Owners of an oval face of the correct form need such haircuts with torn bangs that will not violate the existing correct proportions. In this case, it is best to give preference to the straight version, which goes well with the classic bob, traditional or long bob, as well as numerous cascading and graduated haircuts. In addition, a straight ripped does not have to be perfectly even — it can be complemented by a charming asymmetry that will make the image more feminine, charming or somewhat frivolous.

ragged bangs for an oval face

Ragged bangs on a round face

Chubby beauties, on the contrary, should choose hairstyles that visually reduce the width of the cheekbones and stretch the oval of the face. In this case, a torn bang on two sides, any oblique or asymmetrical variations would be an ideal choice. A torn cut combined with a patchwork haircut looks very unusual, stylish and original — such a hairstyle will not only make a round face much more elongated and attractive, but also reduce the age of its owner, making her whole image generally youthful, light and relaxed.

torn bangs on a round face


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