Torn haircut - who suits and how to choose the perfect option?

Modern masters of hairdressing are ready to offer their clients many interesting hairstyles. In particular, recently, an extravagant ragged haircut has been very popular among the fair sex, which makes the image of its owner unusually bright, attractive and unforgettable.

Ragged haircut — what type of face suits?

An incredibly stylish and attractive torn female haircut is not suitable for everyone, although any young lady can make a hairstyle based on it if she wants to. This variation looks best in the following situations:

  • if there are too narrow facial features, flying strands can visually make the face wider and more attractive;
  • for chubby girls, this styling fits perfectly — it visually stretches the face, reduces the width of the cheekbones and makes the image more elegant and sophisticated;
  • in addition, a ragged haircut can mask a forehead that is too wide, especially if it is complemented by a profiled bang of sufficient length;
  • this year, torn haircuts for medium hair 2018 are especially popular, which are great for owners of thick and thick curls;
  • grunge style fans will certainly appreciate this hairstyle.

Although styling with multi-level strands is suitable for almost all young ladies and can visually smooth out some appearance flaws, stylists recommend that some girls refuse it. So, this hairstyle is categorically not suitable for owners of curly strands — without constant care and hourly styling, slight negligence on curls turns into a mess on the head.

In addition, caution should be shown to the fair sex, whose hair is thin and naughty — they will have to devote a lot of time to styling every day. We should not forget that a torn haircut, especially made on medium and short strands, is categorically not combined with classic and business clothes. For this reason, fashionistas who spend most of their time in the office and in business meetings, it is better to give their preference to other options.

Multi-level styling with a “torn” effect is best combined with casual looks in a casual style. So, for example, «ripped» will look great with flared jeans and a printed T-shirt or shirt with catchy decor. Meanwhile, this does not mean that such hairstyles are available only to young ladies. On the contrary, women over 40 can turn to their stylist with a request to add a torn effect to the image, which will help them visually “throw off” a few years and become noticeably younger.

torn haircut what type of face suits

Ragged haircuts 2018

In 2018, ragged haircuts for women are everywhere, both on city streets and on the red carpets of the most important events in the film and show industry. World celebrities very often give their preference to these interesting hairstyles, which give them a bright, stylish and original look.

Most of these stacks are built on the basis of the principle of layering and graduation. In addition, along with strands of different levels, asymmetry is very common this year, which can be either mild or very noticeable. The latter is chosen by those girls who like to be in the spotlight and differ from the general mass.

torn haircuts 2018

Ragged haircut for long hair

In order to diversify the everyday look, a haircut for long hair with ragged ends is perfect, which looks very feminine and elegant, but at the same time a little casual. A graduated hairstyle with oblique bangs or a classic ladder with a small number of multi-level strands has a similar effect.

Meanwhile, owners of long curls, if desired, can add creativity to their image — for this, a torn haircut is often combined with shaved parts or pronounced asymmetry that attracts attention. The most daring of the fair sex can try using a patchwork technique to create their hairstyle or cut a triangular bang, which looks very unusual.

torn haircut for long hair

Ragged haircut for medium hair

The average length of the strands is the most optimal for those girls who have chosen a «torn» for themselves. On it, every young lady, just like her stylist, can show all her imagination, creating bright, original and unusual hairstyles for any situation. For owners of straight curls, a ragged haircut for medium hair with bangs is a good choice, which always looks very stylish and can visually reduce the age of its owner by several years.

For girls with curly or wavy strands, a slightly careless styling is suitable, which will be a real salvation in the fight against naughty curls. In any case, the beauties who decide to transform with the help of a “ripped hairdo” should remember that this hairstyle requires constant updating, because without it it looks ridiculous and extremely unattractive.

torn haircut for medium hair

Ragged haircut for short hair

All girls who are ready to part with an impressive length should try ragged haircuts for short hair 2018. Such hairstyles look simply wonderful and charming, they emphasize the femininity and youth of their owner, allowing her to demonstrate her individual style and ability to match the situation to others.

To create such hairdressers in 2018, masters of hairdressing art turn to such techniques as:

  • expressive asymmetric gradation;
  • sharp and asymmetrical cuts;
  • all kinds of geometric elements;
  • various variations of bangs;
  • tousled as short strands on the back of the head;
  • elongated strands that lie all over the oval of the face.

torn haircut for short hair

Fashionable torn haircuts

Stylish ragged haircuts for medium, long or short curls are created using steel scissors or a thin blade. They are based on the process of thinning or the formation of individual strands, which is often supplemented by all kinds of cuts or asymmetries, the creation of several levels or graduation. Layered haircuts with torn strands are especially popular with girls and women — they are very easy to create, do not require long daily styling and, moreover, look incredibly stylish.

trendy ragged haircuts

Ragged bob haircut

For owners of thin and unruly hair, a short, tattered bob haircut is perfect for women, which creates a large visual volume by ruffling the top of the head. To make such a hairstyle even more original, bangs with pronounced asymmetry will help, which will become the main focus in the image. Ragged bob haircut does not require long styling, so it will be a great option for every day.

ragged bob haircut

Haircut «torn cascade»

In its structure, a haircut torn cascade for medium hair is a multi-stage styling, in which the curls go down from the shortest length with a ladder. At the same time, thanks to deep thinning, pronounced steps are created, which are randomly located along the entire length. This hairstyle looks best on coarse and straight hair.

Although such a cascade can be done on strands of any length, the average is considered the best choice. In this variation, the hairstyle practically does not require styling and fixing, so its owner may not worry about her appearance for a long time. In addition, to create an evening or romantic look, such styling can always be wound on a curling iron, if necessary, stretching the bangs with an iron.

torn cascade haircut

Haircut «torn caret»

Charming haircut torn bob with bangs looks casual, but very attractive. It is especially suitable for owners of soft and thick curls, although it also looks good on hard strands. Depending on the type of face, girls are recommended to choose the following varieties of this hairstyle:

  • beauties with a narrow face are ideally suited for a torn female bob haircut with strands flying back and on the sides;
  • chubby fashionistas are better off choosing a variation with flowing strands down;
  • owners of a square face are recommended to give preference to a hairstyle with cascade elements.

torn bob haircut

Haircut with torn ends

A slightly messy haircut with torn strands is the most popular version of this hairstyle, which is suitable even for business women. This styling looks very concise, but gives its owner a charming, playful and flirtatious appearance. Although you can profile the ends of the strands at any length, such a deep thinning looks most interesting on short and medium curls, while on long ones it can be almost invisible.

frizzy haircut

Haircuts with torn bangs

For most girls who have chosen torn hair for themselves, the haircut looks very simple and concise, and all its charm lies in the effect of negligence and some slovenliness. However, with deep thinning, you can diversify your look in a variety of ways, for example, with bangs.

As a rule, in this case, the bangs do not have an even, but a multi-level length, which creates the impression of “tornness”. This detail even on rare and thin hair looks very interesting and voluminous. Depending on the individual preferences of a fashionista, multi-level bangs can have many varieties, for example:

  • oblique or straight;
  • long or short;
  • rare or dense;
  • deep.

haircuts with torn bangs

Ragged pixie haircut

All ragged haircuts for thin hair of short length give them extra volume, but the world-famous pixie has especially succeeded in this. Due to the deep thinning and multi-level length of the strands, it looks very impressive, bright and original. In addition, this hairstyle has many advantages, for example:

  • does not require long styling;
  • dries very quickly after washing;
  • visually reduces the age of its owner by several years;
  • gives the image lightness and dynamism;
  • opens the gentle curve of the neck;
  • does not cause discomfort even in the hottest weather;
  • does not lose shape under the headdress;
  • has many styling options — from casual and daring to sexy and glamorous.

ragged pixie haircut

Ragged haircut «hat»

A short ragged haircut in the form of a cap, unlike the classic variation of this hairstyle, looks very playful and flirtatious. It does not imply perfectly even lines and cuts, on the contrary, it welcomes asymmetry and the presence of a noticeable difference between the length of the strands. This styling greatly increases the volume of the hair, so it is ideal for owners of thin and sparse curls.

ragged haircut

Graduated haircuts with torn strands

A ragged haircut in combination with graduation looks great on curls of any length. This hairstyle provides for a multi-layer stepped cutting of strands around the entire circumference of the head, however, there is a variation in which the effect of tornness is created only in the area around the face. As a result of such actions, the hair acquires a bright and unusual peculiar appearance, reminiscent of a multi-level cascade, and the difference between the steps is all the more noticeable, the greater the total length of the hair.

graduated haircuts with torn strands


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