total look

For those who do not know what a total look is, let me explain in a nutshell. This is either when all the clothes, shoes and accessories you wear are made in the same color, or all of this is created by the same designer.

Total look in the fashion world has long been considered bad form. However, modern women of fashion have learned to create images that look harmonious and not boring. For example, they use different shades of the same color — from light to dark, and along the way monitor their consonance.

But dressing in one brand from head to toe is already bad manners. Much more welcome is the ability to competently combine elements from various designers in your style. For example, a handbag and shoes from a famous fashion designer, and a dress from a lesser known one.

Another type of Total look is an exact copy of the image of a certain model, film actor, singer. Such behavior is certainly doomed to censure and rejection in the world of big fashion.

total black look

Black is a universal color. It is elegant, strict, solemn, chic and neutral. Suitable for almost all occasions: party, office, restaurant, park.

But the most important advantage of the Total black look is a unique opportunity to combine things that are very different in style in your set, without worrying about their color compatibility at all. This style is especially suitable for blondes and red-haired girls.

total white look

White is the color of harmony, purification, light, perfection. Both in the modern world and in ancient times, white clothing had the same meaning. It is ideal and self-sufficient, and, like black, is absolutely universal.

When creating a Total white look, it will not be superfluous to add a bright detail to the image, which will save it from sterility and dullness. But overall, this style is perfect. He speaks of the confidence and success of the woman who chooses him.


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