Dress-transformer tying options

An endless dress, an outfit for all occasions, versatile clothes — all this can be safely said about a transforming dress. There are many variations on this theme. Short and very long models, there is a double-sided transforming dress. Either way, you’ll have to learn how to wear it.

How to tie a transforming dress?

Most models are made from a stretchy, dense and elastic material such as knitwear. But just from one transforming dress, you get many options. It all depends on the place where you are going and the features of the figure. Consider several ways to wear a transforming dress.

  1. How to tie a transforming dress for owners of large breasts? Take two tails and bring them over your shoulders behind your back. Cross the ends and wrap around the waist in several turns. Tie a bow. Due to the resulting V-shaped neckline, the silhouette will stretch a little and the chest will be securely fixed. Among the options for tying a transforming dress, this is the most versatile: you can twist the tails into bundles at the back or make several turns around the waist, crossing the tails in front.
    Dress-transformer tying options 1 Dress-transformer tying options 2
  2. How to tie a transforming dress for going out? Let’s make an outfit in the Greek style. We tie knots at the ends so that they are in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe shoulders. Then we straighten them and cross them again on the back. Wrap around the waist and fix.
    Dress-transformer tying options 3 Dress-transformer tying options 4
  3. Evening options for tying a transforming dress for large breasts are slightly different. Instead of knots, just twist the tails.
    Dress-transformer tying options 5
  4. How to wear a transforming dress over one shoulder? To do this, simply wind both tails behind the back over the shoulder, then cross and fix at the waist in several turns.
    Dress-transformer tying options 6 Dress-transformer tying options 9
  5. How to wear a transforming dress for girls with graceful shoulders? The option will look beautiful when first it is done on the chest, then the tails are wound behind the back. There we cross them again and fix them at the waist.
    Dress-transformer tying options 7
  6. Ways to tie a transforming dress with an open neckline and shoulders. To do this, we raise the lower part of the dress to the chest and wrap the tails around it. Get an evening cocktail dress.

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