Dresses - 2021 trends for different figures and for every taste!

Common elements of the wardrobe are all kinds of beautiful dresses, the trends of 2021 of which are extremely diverse. Any woman of fashion will be able to choose an outfit suitable for a particular situation and corresponding to her individual wishes. Styles and colors are presented in a wide range.

Fashion Dresses 2021

The couturier collections offer dresses, the current trends of 2021 of which are represented by the following trends:

  • tenderness and femininity will be betrayed by an openwork structure, achieved through the use of thin fabrics or knitting;
  • fashionable women’s dresses made in juicy peach-orange shades look amazing;
  • owners of a slender figure can emphasize their merits if they choose a thing made of transparent material;
  • the boho style, represented by models with fringe, does not lose its relevance;
  • puffy puff sleeves are a stylish trend. However, girls with “rectangle” or “triangle” figures, which are distinguished by large shoulders, should be careful with the choice;
  • emphasize the individuality of the product, made of leather;
  • floral prints will add romance, as will the use of soft pink shades;
  • lovers of originality will appreciate models in linen style.

trendy dresses 2021fashionable women's dressesstylish dresses

Short dress

For young fashionistas with a slender figure, a mini-dress is designed, presented in various variations:

  • the product is made adjacent to the figure and equipped with drapery or created with a flared skirt;
  • puffed sleeves and shoulder pads will become an accent detail. At the same time, the cut of the thing is applied as concise and simple as possible;
  • seductiveness will be given by dresses, the trends of 2021 of which are represented by models with bare shoulders. Design with thin straps or with a lowered shoulder line is allowed.

Short dressmini dressthe most beautiful dresses

Maxi dress

A long dress on the floor looks sophisticated and luxurious:

  • for summer, airy chiffon products with a flared flying skirt are ideal;
  • in the maxi length, small pleating on the skirt looks spectacular, which is balanced by a smooth top;
  • an off-shoulder top or a spectacular cutout on the back, emphasizing the fragility of the owner of the thing, can bring harmony to the silhouette.

maxi dressfloor length long dressstylish dresses for women

Evening dresses for women

A well-chosen dress for the evening will help to shine at a gala event:

  • shiny decor is in fashion, which is achieved using the appropriate fabric structure or sequin embroidery;
  • linen style penetrated into evening fashion. A striking example is the model-combination of maxi length, with a slit running along the leg and free folds-drapery in the neckline;
  • the epitome of sophistication — elegant dresses made of satin fabric. Decoration with lace at the top is welcome;
  • the mermaid style remains out of competition, focusing on chiseled hips and emphasizing feminine curves.

evening dresses for womenevening dresstypes of dresses

Hoodie dress

For lovers of an active lifestyle and casual style, a hoodie-style sports dress is intended:

  • the thing is ideal for the autumn-spring period and socks in cool weather, especially if equipped with a warm fleece lining;
  • in combination with the product, dense non-translucent tights or leggings look great. As shoes, preference often falls on sneakers;
  • it is allowed to bring a touch of romance to the sports style if you use rich pink colors;
  • the hoodie is created with or without a hood, there is often an elastic band on the cuffs and hem. An alternative original solution for the design of the lower part is a large fringe.

hoodie dresssport dressmodern dresses

knitted dress

Stylish dresses made using knitting will help to show originality:

  • a popular style that helps emphasize the perfect figure — «noodles», characterized by a tight-fitting silhouette;
  • a sweater dress made of uniform knitting or containing large patterns, for example, braids or bumps, will organically fit into the casual style. The thing is worn with sneakers, tube boots, high over the knee boots;
  • Beautiful dresses for women look interesting, knitted with an «elastic band» and having a midi length. A leather belt accentuates the slender waist as a harmonious addition.

knitted dressstylish dressesdress 2021 for women

Kimono dress

The embodiment of originality will be stylish dresses for women of the «kimono» style:

  • for manufacturing, a thin silk fabric or dense linen is taken;
  • a characteristic feature of a kimono is flared sleeves and the presence of a smell;
  • the kimono is created in one color or contains themed oriental patterns or hieroglyphs;
  • there is a variation where the kimono acts as a cape, from under which one can see a silk linen dress.

kimono dressstylish dresses for women

T-shirt dress

For a hot summer, a spaghetti strap dress with a cut resembling a T-shirt will be a godsend:

  • length is presented in options from mini to maxi. In the latter case, the presence of side cuts is characteristic, going along the sides and introducing notes of piquancy into the image;
  • often the product is made of a pleasant stretchy jersey that fits the figure;
  • there is an oversized cut, freely going along the figure. In this case, it is advisable to use an addition in the form of a top, worn under the bottom.

t shirt dressstrappy dress

Dress pencil

A classic that is not influenced by fashion is a fitted pencil dress:

  • the thing is ideal for office everyday life, if made in neutral, discreet shades. In this case, dense fabrics predominate, emphasizing rigor;
  • for everyday wear, models with bare shoulders are designed, on straps, having a emphasized tight-fitting silhouette;
  • the sleeve is chosen shortened or elongated, depending on seasonality»
  • the evening interpretation of the “pencil” model is equipped with an asymmetrical wide flounce that completes the bottom of a straight cut and brings piquant notes to the image.

dress pencilfitted dress  beautiful dresses 2021

Sundress dress

In summer, the most beautiful dresses created in the form of a sundress are extremely in demand:

  • narrow, barely noticeable or, on the contrary, wide straps are used for decoration;
  • the shuttlecock located in this area will give visual splendor to the chest;
  • sundresses are made of airy chiffon, openwork lace, delicate silk;
  • there is a monochromatic performance or decoration with floral motifs;
  • summer sundresses predominate, but models made of dense fabric are also created for cool weather. Especially in demand are office items that are worn in combination with blouses or turtlenecks.

dress sundressthe most beautiful dressesdresses for women

Leather dress

Spectacular and catchy design solution — types of dresses made of leather:

  • depending on the season, dense material or fine leather, supplemented with perforation, is taken for manufacturing;
  • a win-win solution — the “case” style, which looks great on any figure;
  • a shirt dress equipped with a belt will fit perfectly into a casual look;
  • a sundress model is worn with a turtleneck or shirt underneath;
  • thin leather is also used to design exquisite pleating;
  • let’s say a loose oversized cut with a flirty ruffle running along the hem.

leather dresstypes of dressesbeautiful dresses for women

polo dress

A variety of sports style — a dress with a collar characteristic of a polo shirt:

  • often this design is typical for a straight cut, but the presence of a flared skirt is also acceptable;
  • the upper part, made in colors that contrast with the bottom, looks interesting;
  • sporty style can be combined with a feminine cut and midi length. The waist is emphasized by a thin belt, and the product is made of soft jersey;
  • youth models are complemented by inscriptions-logos, indicating belonging to a particular brand.

polo dressDress with Collarsport dress

office dresses

Business ladies who spend a lot of time at work will appreciate a variety of elegant dresses:

  • an undoubted advantage is given to the “case” style, but slightly flared or trapezoidal models are also acceptable;
  • there is a sundress model, which is worn in combination with elegant blouses or turtlenecks;
  • a frill collar will serve as a kind of decoration, bringing notes of femininity to a strict image;
  • a unique style will help to embody the colors in the Dior style, a thin longitudinal strip or a discreet cage;
  • a good solution is an elegant trapeze, smoothly expanding from the chest area, made with sleeves or in the form of a sundress.

office dresseselegant dressestrendy dresses 2021

Oversized dress

A stylish youth trend is a 2021 dress for women, which has an oversized fit:

  • the product equipped with a wide frill running along the hem looks interesting;
  • a flare from the chest area is welcome, which is formed with the help of finely gathered folds;
  • for everyday wear, a shirt dress is ideal, made deliberately loose, as if taken from someone else’s shoulder. A similar design is found in a knitted sweater dress;
  • the hoodie style is often done in the oversized version. It is characterized by the presence of a wide elastic band running along the hem.

oversized dressdress 2021 for womenmodern dresses

Jacket dress

As an office, casual or dressy option, modern dresses created in the form of a jacket are great:

  • the model has all the features of a stylish jacket, the difference is the length, which is made in a mini version that covers the hips, or midi, almost reaching the knee;
  • the jacket is made single-breasted, double-breasted, wraparound. There is a presence of a zipper, acting as an alternative to traditional button fasteners;
  • the classic English collar prevails, but you can also find a stand under the throat;
  • an elegant look will give a snow-white color or the presence of shine in the fabric;
  • there is a model containing a smell and equipped with a wide belt.

dress jacketmodern dressesfashionable women's dresses

Dress with lantern sleeves

The current trend is a dress with puffy sleeves made in the form of lanterns:

  • the length of the sleeves is made shortened or traditional elongated. In the latter case, fixation is carried out using cuffs;
  • often «lanterns» act as the main accent, complementing the laconic silhouette adjacent to the figure;
  • bold fashionistas who are not afraid of experiments can stop at a model with a fluffy skirt that echoes with lantern sleeves;
  • the design looks organic when decorating evening or wedding models;
  • when choosing a thing, it is worth considering that it will harmoniously “sit down” on a figure with narrow sloping shoulders. The presence of «flashlights» is contraindicated for owners of wide massive shoulders.

puff sleeve dresspuff sleeve dresselegant dresses

Pleated dress

Dresses for women equipped with pleats do not lose their relevance:

  • often small folds are used in the design of the skirt, with the advantage given to the midi or maxi length;
  • a less common trend is the pleated top. Prima will help to give visual volume to the chest;
  • pleating is also used to design the Empire style, where flaring and pleating comes from the chest area, going down;
  • the design is used when creating things from thin or dense fabrics, there are even knitted options.

pleated dressdresses for womendress 2021 for women

Guipure dress

Romantically inclined persons will appreciate the dress with lace:

  • Guipure is used to sew the entire product or to create a specific part. In the latter case, it is permissible to highlight the neckline, side parts, focusing on a thin waist;
  • flaring is welcome, enhancing the impression of tenderness;
  • if the thing is completely sewn from guipure, it is advisable to use the addition of a dense, non-translucent lining, tucked under the bottom;
  • the evening model «mermaid», made with the use of guipure elements, looks unsurpassed.

guipure dressdress with lacethe most beautiful dresses

Dresses for obese girls

Owners of magnificent forms will look unique if they successfully pick up beautiful dresses in 2021:

  • a win-win idea is the “case” style, which looks great on any figure and gives elegance. An additional advantage will be the presence of side contrasting inserts of a darker color compared to the main color;
  • in the presence of a protruding belly, the “Empire” model will be a godsend, in which there is a flare coming from the cutting line under the chest;
  • a trapezoid is a good solution that will divert attention from excess volumes in the waist area;
  • will correct the shape of the smell, tied to the belt or fixed with a button;
  • let’s say an oversized style with a wide frill, gathered with free, unobtrusive folds;
  • when it comes to colors, stylists strongly recommend opting for a neutral solid color scheme that will detract from fullness. If you want to use prints, you should stop at a medium-sized, not very conspicuous drawing. Catchy and bright patterns can play into the hands and highlight flaws.

dresses for overweight girlsbeautiful dresses 2021beautiful dresses for women


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