Trends for autumn-winter 2021-2022 - a review of new products from the catwalk and tips from stylists on how to dress fashionably and stylishly

With the onset of the cold season, for girls who follow fashion trends, the fall-winter 2021-2022 trends used to create various wardrobe items become relevant. To embody a holistic harmonious image, new manicure, haircuts, and makeup are also taken into account.

Fashion trends autumn-winter 2021-2022

For women of different ages, the question is relevant, what is fashionable in the fall-winter of 2021-2022? Stylists recommend paying attention to the following trends:

  • fringe decoration. Exquisite silk threads adorn knitted or knitted dresses, and coarser fringe frames the hem of the coat;
  • eco-fur is an attribute that welcomes winter-autumn street fashion. A practical option has replaced the natural pile and is actively used by designers to decorate double-breasted coats, create faux fur coats, trim on parkas and down jackets;
  • raw and deliberately coarse denim is taken to make insulated jackets or jeans. The material fits perfectly into the casual style;
  • the quilted outerwear structure continues to be in vogue. Both small and large firmware are used.

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Fashion shows fall-winter 2021-2022

The fall-winter 2021-2022 podium helped fashionistas to navigate the current trends:

  • The Max Mara collection features monochrome looks associated with perfection. When creating jackets, coats, trousers and sweaters, powdery tones, shades of fuchsia and scarlet prevail;
  • Louis Vuitton was carried away by space motifs and offered corresponding extraordinary colors, «parachute» folds used in the cut of dresses and coats, voluminous wing sleeves;
  • Saint Laurent applied complex fabric textures and favored all shades of blue, purple and fresh green;
  • Celine showcased off-the-beaten-path fall/winter 2021-2022 trends, which are expressed in the combination of details of different styles, for example, a combination of distressed ripped jeans and a sophisticated black tuxedo;
  • Chloé offers a variety of trends: puffed-collar ponchos, eco-friendly transformable sheepskin coats, patchwork jackets and pleated dresses;
  • Salvatore Ferragamo opted for futuristic overalls and floor-length coats;
  • Etro combined boho style and urban aesthetics, presenting oversized bomber jackets and sweatshirts, washed jeans.

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Capsule autumn-winter 2021-2022

Girls who want to create fashionable bows for autumn-winter 2021-2022 are advised to pay attention to the following wardrobe items, with which it is permissible to create a stylish capsule:

  • a shortened sheepskin coat that can be easily combined with any bottom. An alternative solution is a short fur jacket;
  • a trench coat or coat in a universal beige color will help to embody an elegant bow;
  • a jacket or raincoat made of eco-leather, made in a matte or lacquered version;
  • current trends of the autumn-winter 2021-2022 season — trouser suits, plain or with a checkered print;
  • knitted items — sweaters, cardigans, noodle dresses will fit perfectly into the basic capsule;
  • jeans, plain or patchwork, will be an excellent basis for a casual wardrobe.

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Trendy colors fall-winter 2021-2022

Designers have shown a flight of fancy to the fullest, using the colors of autumn-winter 2021-2022 in their collections:

  • all shades of blue will give an image of restraint and at the same time make it romantic;
  • universal solution — beige, coffee, light brown. Such colors are taken as a basis and perfectly combined with any other tones;
  • lilac shade will bring notes of tenderness to the image. The tone is applied regardless of whether an evening dress or an inflated down jacket is being created;
  • an incredibly relevant print — black and white rhombuses, which replaced the already familiar chess cage;
  • silver — the metallized structure is actively used not only in the production of glamorous dresses and overalls, but also in hoodies, trousers, shoes and outerwear;
  • all sorts of catchy tones will help to cheer up and bring bright notes to the image. Favorites include sunny yellow, orange, purple neon;

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Makeup trends fall-winter 2021-2022

A harmonious addition to the image is intended to be makeup for autumn 2021 — winter 2022:

  • undeniable fashion trends include black arrows, which are made elongated, affecting the upper eyelid and matching the pin-up style;
  • a berry-colored lipstick is welcome, having both a glossy and matte texture;
  • bright shadows applied on the eyelid in the form of a thin strip look interesting. In this case, the addition of arrows and lipstick is not required. As an alternative to the latter, transparent lip gloss is used;
  • mono-makeup looks elegant, in which shadows and lipstick are selected in completely identical shades.

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Fashionable haircuts autumn-winter

Properly selected haircuts will organically emphasize autumn-winter fashionable bows:

  • the embodiment of elegance will serve as a square with a perfectly even cut;
  • the personification of the retro style will be a bean, which is accompanied by a fleece or curled curls;
  • does not lose its relevance pixie, which is made ultra-short or with a voluminous top;
  • mallet is in trend with cutting short strands in front and lengthening hair in the back;
  • fashionable autumn-winter hair colors are designed to harmoniously shade stylish haircuts. Blondes are advised to use cream shades or apricot blond. Dark-haired beauties are recommended to use shades of mocha, chocolate, chestnut. It is better for red-haired young ladies to maintain maximum naturalness and choose a shade of strands that is as close to natural as possible.

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Manicure autumn-winter 2020-2021

The sophistication of women’s hands will emphasize fashionable autumn-winter manicure:

  • a win-win and universal solution — nude, covered with a rub or made in a matte version;
  • the jacket is created in traditional white and pastel colors, but contains a piquant zest in the form of highlighting one of the fingers with sparkles;
  • for the cold season, knitted nail art, associated with a cozy sweater, is ideal;
  • part of the nail can be highlighted using negative space, giving the plate elegance and sophistication;
  • thematic drawings depicting autumn leaves, bunches of mountain ash, winter snowflakes are welcome;
  • spangles and rhinestones, applied in random order or in the form of a pattern, will add luxury.

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Accessories — trends autumn-winter 2021-2022

Current fall-winter fashion trends are not complete without all kinds of accessories:

  • notes of sophistication in the image will bring silk scarves that are worn instead of a scarf around the neck or replacing a headdress. In the latter case, an unusual combination with a beret worn over is allowed;
  • chains are welcome, worn in the form of chokers, earrings, in one or more layers;
  • pearl jewelry is associated with femininity, which is worn not only with a little black dress, but also with brutal ripped jeans;
  • The main accent of the image will be long earrings embodying floral motifs made of stones and crystals.

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Fashionable hats fall-winter 2021-2022

Women’s fashion hats for autumn-winter 2021 will reliably protect from the cold and help create a stylish bow:

  • a harmonious addition to the coat will be hats with narrow or wide brim;
  • for winter, hats made of natural or artificial fur, fitting the head or made in the form of earflaps, will become a godsend;
  • knitted structure is used to create a beanie, a model with a visor, with a pompom
  • a beret made of wool, drape, leather is associated with retro style.

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Autumn-winter bags — trends 2021-2022

An incredibly stylish bow will help to embody fashionable bags for autumn-winter 2021-2022:

  • a tote with a rigid frame is perfect for any look;
  • the usual belt in many models is replaced by a large decorative chain;
  • fluffy plush bags look cozy;
  • to complement the evening look, disco-style models generously studded with stones are suitable;
  • locks put on fasteners and handles are used as an element of decor.

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Jewelry — trends winter-autumn 2021-2022

Details, without which women’s fashion autumn-winter is indispensable, are all kinds of decorations:

  • large multi-colored earrings that embody floral motifs look original;
  • logomania is welcome, elements are applied to earrings, chains, bracelets;
  • very large rings that can be worn several on one hand will attract everyone’s attention;
  • young fashionistas will appreciate chokers that reflect their individual style.

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Basic wardrobe autumn-winter 2021-2022

Certain elements of the wardrobe are intended to become the basis of a stylish look — these are outerwear for the fall-winter 2021-2022, all kinds of dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans and shoes:

  • for the embodiment of different bows, a coat is perfect, presented in universal beige and black colors;
  • a mandatory attribute of young fashionistas — short jackets made of eco-leather, denim, models with a quilted structure;
  • insulated trousers are created in a straight or loose version;
  • a godsend in the cold season will be dresses made of thick knitwear or wool.

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Autumn-winter jackets

A popular wardrobe item — women’s autumn-winter jackets:

  • for a warm autumn, jackets made of leather or denim will be a godsend. With the onset of cold weather, the addition of a fur lining is allowed;
  • the quilted model of a straight cut or fitted, complemented by a drawstring, remains out of competition;
  • for active fashionistas, a sealed windproof windbreaker will be a godsend;
  • elongated jackets that are close-fitting or loose oversized will protect from the cold.

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Coat autumn-winter

Women’s autumn-winter coats are represented by a variety of fashion trends:

  • discreet beige or black products, as well as bright colors that bring color to the cold season are popular. Fuchsia, scarlet, orange, fresh greens are in fashion;
  • the epitome of femininity will be maxi coats, lengthening to the floor, flared down or straight cut;
  • if you want to attract attention, you should stop at a leopard print;
  • for young fashionistas, oversized coats continue to be out of competition;
  • capes with slits for hands, complemented by high gloves, will add originality to the image;
  • another popular print is a cage or rhombuses;
  • eco-fur coats are perfect for winter.

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Women’s trousers autumn-winter

In the cold season, one cannot do without such a wardrobe item as trousers:

  • bananas made of eco-leather, khaki, berry shade or traditional black are in fashion;
  • wide palazzos look great with a short top;
  • the direct classic does not lose its relevance, which can be combined with any things;
  • fashionable autumn-winter jeans are made in traditional blue-blue tones or in patchwork style, where patches of fabric of different shades are combined.

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Autumn-winter dresses

Casual warm dresses for autumn and winter are designed to create a feminine bow:

  • a stylish trend is the addition of knitted dresses with extra long sleeves. A fashionable reception will be appreciated by lovers of originality;
  • original solution — contrasting sleeves that differ in color or made in the form of lanterns;
  • a sweater dress can be complemented by an interesting detail — cutouts on the shoulders;
  • knitted dresses with a pleated skirt look organic;
  • the addition of a smell, a flounce running along the hem, is common.

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Fashion shoes fall-winter 2021-2022

Mandatory attribute of women’s wardrobe — fashionable shoes autumn-winter:

  • in fashion are high boots with a bootleg adjacent to the leg, which is wrapped around thin decorative straps;
  • will give visual growth to the model on a thickened platform and the same heel;
  • high boots with thickened tractor soles will organically fit into casual looks;
  • notes of glamor will bring shiny Cossack boots;
  • elegant Chelsea are made both in the traditional and in the high version.

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Fashion for pregnant women autumn-winter

For women in an interesting position, autumn-winter fashion offers stylish things:

  • the coat looks luxurious, complemented by a smell and equipped with a voluminous fur collar;
  • outerwear of a trapezoidal silhouette, expanding downwards, or oversized loose-fitting is ideal;
  • fresh notes will bring unobtrusive prints, such as a multi-colored check or a longitudinally located strip.

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Fashion for overweight autumn-winter

For owners of magnificent forms, a variety of stylish autumn-winter fashion trends are intended:

  • when choosing a coat, stylists strongly recommend abandoning baggy shapes and giving preference to an A-line, smoothly expanding downwards, or a “cocoon” model that corrects the hips and abdomen;
  • capes containing a cape and cutouts for hands look spectacular;
  • knitted trapeze dresses with minimal decor are welcome;
  • straight trousers of soothing shades remain out of competition.

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