Trendy bangs 2021 - creative ideas for different hairstyles

The perception of not only the girl’s face, but also the whole image as a whole depends on the bangs, so it is important to keep track of which form is in trend. Fashionable bangs in 2021 are represented by a variety of design variations, among which any girl will choose the solution that suits her.

What bangs are in fashion in 2021?

Stylists offer a variety of bangs in 2021. They are able to transform any hairstyle for the better, fit into any style and image. Pay attention to the following options:

  1. French bangs. A trend that has been popular for a very long time. Suitable for any type of face and hair — no matter if they are curly or straight. The bangs start from the middle of the crown. It must be thick and even, so it is not suitable for owners of thin and liquid hair.

It should be noted that there is no filtering here. Due to this, there is no fluffiness. You can use such bangs in different images: romantic, mischievous and strict.

  1. Oblique bangs. A versatile option that never ceases to be fashionable. With it, you can change your image daily. It is important to remember that this type of bangs is demanding on the type of face: it is ideal for an oval or triangular face. This is a bad option for full girls and those with a high forehead.
  2. Ragged bangs. It is considered one of the most difficult to perform. It is subjected to a complex thinning process. Thin and sparse hair for such a bang is not suitable. It is desirable to combine it with graduated and cascading haircuts, with multi-colored staining.
  3. Asymmetrical bangs. It resembles a scythe due to the fact that it is lengthened from one edge. Perfect for creative haircuts. It can be combined with complex or contrasting staining, making shade transitions.
  4. Classic feminine bangs parted. Versatile and very popular with ladies. It is combined with high evening hairstyles, loose curls, graduated or cascading haircuts. This is ideal for women with a high forehead, but it will not suit full ladies. It can be made from French.
  5. Bangs Baby-bang. A fun variation of the 2021 trendy bangs, associated with childish spontaneity. She is capricious and demanding, she can only be combined with short haircuts or with very long hair. Creative coloring will be a great addition.

what bangs are in fashion in 2021bangs 2021creative bangs

Short bangs

An interesting option that can fully emphasize the dignity of the face is the fashionable short bangs of 2021:

  1. Owners of a round face are better to choose a straight or oblique variety to soften the features.
  2. With an oval or triangular face, you should pay attention to shortened and arched bangs.
  3. Short variations look good on women who look younger than their years, with delicate features and large dark eyes.
  4. With a square face shape, it is desirable to make a straight bang. It is worth remembering that abandoning a small length is for those who have a high forehead.
  5. Both short haircuts with bangs, made in a shortened version, and elongated hairstyles look great.
  6. You will have to take care of short bangs carefully: once a month go to the hairdresser or cut it yourself. In addition, it should be washed literally every day.

short bangsshort haircuts with bangsmodern bangs

Oblique bangs with a corner

One of the most versatile is the oblique bangs on the side. It should be chosen by those who want to change their image, but are afraid of radical amendments. It is important to remember the following nuances:

  1. Best of all, oblique bangs are suitable for owners of an oval face.
  2. Even with the help of such a bang, you can correct large cheekbones and a too sharp chin. It is recommended to do it with a square or rectangular face — in the first case, an asymmetric oblique, in the second — a thick elongated one.
  3. Oblique bangs with torn ends can be made for ladies with a heart-shaped face.
  4. If the face is round, then with the help of such a bang you can visually lengthen it.

There are the following varieties, which are represented by oblique creative bangs:

  1. Long. Suitable for almost everyone, as it makes the face thinner and younger.
  2. Average. For ease of installation, graduation is used.
  3. Ultrashort. It can be the highlight of any image, but not for every girl.

oblique bangs with a corneroblique bangs on the sidehaircut with long bangs

thick bangs

Women’s haircuts with bangs made in a thick design are very popular:

  1. It is ideal for brunettes and brown-haired women. Bangs can visually reduce the face, so it suits those who have it rectangular, elongated or oval. But if it is wide, then you should not make such a bang.
  2. Makeup with thick bangs should be even, not too bright. It must be carefully laid — best with a hair dryer.

thick bangswomen's haircuts with bangsbangs styling

Straight bangs

Straight straight bangs are not suitable for everyone. Before you do it, you need to take into account the density and type of hair, the oval of the face and the height of the forehead, the integrity of the whole image. For example, it is better for owners of curls to refuse it, as well as for owners of rare or thin strands. Straight bangs are best combined with long straight hair of medium stiffness.

There are several varieties of such bangs:

  • straight with slight thinning of the edge;
  • layered bangs;
  • short, the edge of which is above the eyebrows;
  • medium length — according to the level of the eyebrows;
  • long — below the eyebrows.

straight bangseven bangswomen's bangs

Rare bangs

A rare light bang is a universal option that suits the following women:

  • with a triangular face and very high cheekbones;
  • with curly or wavy curls;
  • with thin or sparse hair;
  • with a small forehead;
  • those who do not like to spend time styling bangs.

As for the type of face and hair, here, too, it is necessary to take into account certain nuances that determine the selection and styling of bangs:

  1. If the hair structure is curly and hard, it is better to make an elongated sparse bangs and lay it on its side.
  2. With a narrow or sharp chin, it is advisable to pay attention to the oval bangs.
  3. Women with a square face or bright cheekbones will suit a sparse and multi-level bangs.
  4. For chubby women, bangs below the eyebrows are suitable. It goes well with a haircut cascade.
  5. Oblique milled bangs will rejuvenate the face.
  6. Ladies with an oval face can make straight elongated bangs.

rare bangslight bangsgirls with bangs

Bangs on the sides

Women’s hairstyles with bangs located on the sides look very beautiful and original. It helps to mask the imperfections of the face and suits almost everyone. It is worth remembering such nuances:

  1. A round face with chubby cheeks requires bangs to the chin.
  2. An elongated or triangular face softens if the bangs reach the earlobes.
  3. With wide cheekbones and a rectangular face, the image becomes elegant and sophisticated.
  4. For an oval face, you can choose any bangs-curtain.

bangs on the sideswomen's hairstyles with bangshair with bangs

french bangs

The trend of the last season is beautiful bangs, made in the French version:

  1. Such a detail looks great and helps to correct any flaws in appearance. It is suitable only for those who have thick and healthy hair, thin hair with it will look even more deplorable.
  2. It is desirable that the strands are straight, as the curls will need to be straightened regularly.
  3. French bangs are often chosen by young girls or teenagers. But adult ladies should carefully review the options for images in order to look chic.

french bangsbeautiful bangstypes of bangs for girls

Long torn bangs

For hair of any structure, torn bangs with lengthening are suitable:

  1. It goes great with all face shapes, but the forehead should be high. Ladies with such bangs look feminine and romantic, very natural and somewhat casual.
  2. This variety goes well with graduated or cascading haircuts. It can be oblique or hanging on its side, straight or milled.

long ragged bangstorn bangs with lengtheningwomen's hairstyles with bangs

Bangs in a semicircle

One of the original varieties that represent bangs is cutting it in a semicircle:

  1. This is an interesting option that is not suitable for every lady. It looks best on women with an oval or long face.
  2. Ladies with round faces will also like such a bang, if it is with elongated side strands. Due to this, the face will become more proportional.
  3. Refusing semicircular bangs is only for those who have a triangular or square face. In addition, it is not suitable for women with curls.

bangs in a semicirclebang optionswomen's haircuts with bangs

Hollywood bangs

One of the most beautiful varieties that represent types of bangs for girls is Hollywood:

  1. This is the choice of many celebrities, and women take their cue from them. They prefer elongated bangs-curtains. Thanks to this, the image will be expensive and restrained.
  2. You can combine this option with a variety of makeup techniques and accessories. It is believed that a haircut with an elongated bang, made in the Hollywood version, can replace any complex hairstyle.

Hollywood bangstypes of bangs for girlswhat bangs are in fashion in 2021

bangs arched

Hair with bangs decorated with an arch will look truly unsurpassed:

  1. Such a detail can visually change any haircut or refresh the image without a radical change in image. With its help, it will be possible to smooth out sharp facial features, focus on the cheekbones and eyes.
  2. This option is very suitable for ladies with an oval and elongated face.
  3. A square face does not go well with such a bang. You need to pay attention to elongated strands and soft transitions.
  4. Women with a heart-shaped face should pay attention to milled bangs with a ragged cut.
  5. With a round face, it is recommended to give preference to soft round bangs with elongated strands on the sides. Due to this, it will look as proportional as possible.

bangs archedbang optionsbangs 2021

double bangs

Double asymmetrical bangs are cut in several levels:

  1. In some cases, they combine hair with different cut formats, you can try interesting coloring for the brightness of the image.
  2. Such bangs are well suited for ladies with thin or sparse hair, since the layered structure gives visual volume. It is also a great option for women with injured curls.
  3. Straight voluminous bangs will help mask an ugly forehead. She can add a short haircut to look harmonious.
  4. It is better for girls who are too thin or full to refuse such a bang, as it will distort facial features for the worse. It also does not suit the owners of curls.

asymmetrical bangsdouble bangs

triangular bangs

An extravagant option that bright girls like and who are presented with female bangs is a triangular variety. The following variations can be distinguished:

  1. Classic. Both temples have short bangs, and one sharp corner is in the center of the forehead.
  2. oblique. Sheared from one temporal part to another. A smooth and accurate transition is implied.
  3. Creative. The triangle is diluted with torn edges or thinning.

triangular bangs

Japanese bangs

A very important nuance of any Japanese hairstyle is a high bang:

  1. It must be mandatory, otherwise the image is perceived as incomplete.
  2. Many girls prefer not to make it above the level of the eyebrows. Otherwise, any variety is allowed: thick, torn, oblique. Any accessory can be attached to its base.

japanese bangshigh bangswomen's bangs

Cascading bangs

Cascading modern bangs can be of two types:

  1. The transitions start on one side, or the minimum length begins in the middle, and the transition from smaller to larger goes along the edges.
  2. It can focus on the eyes, mask imperfections in the forehead and rejuvenate.
  3. This type of bangs is universal and suits absolutely any lady. In addition, it is easy to install.

cascading bangsmodern bangsbangs styling

Layered bangs

Layered voluminous bangs look perfect on dyed hair, focusing on the eyes:

  1. It can be either straight multilayered or serrated. It is not suitable for everyone, since only a thick mop of hair can hold volume.
  2. This detail goes well with an oval and triangular face, thinning the cheekbones and rounding the face.

layered bangsvoluminous bangshaircut with long bangs

Curly bangs

Curly bangs on wavy hair looks very beautiful if it is properly styled:

  1. To do this, use a styling gel or mousse. It is necessary to fix the strands with your fingers or a comb and wrinkle them with your fingers, holding them in a raised state.
  2. For drying, a hair dryer with an additional nozzle is used.

curly bangsbangs for wavy haircreative bangs

Korean bangs for girls

A new fashion trend that is gaining popularity, which is appreciated by girls with bangs, is a Korean variation. It is presented in such varieties of design:

  1. Straight and long bangs suit girls with thick long hair and a high forehead.
  2. Loose bangs with curls of different lengths make the image careless and mask imperfections.
  3. The arched bangs have an extension on the sides. It is unique and not for everyone.
  4. Oblique bangs are always popular. Makes the look feminine and sophisticated.
  5. Heart-shaped bangs are a youthful option that suits young people.
  6. Curly bangs look funny and mischievous.

korean girls bangsgirls with bangshair with bangs


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