Trendy colors 2021 - trends in makeup, manicure and wardrobe

Every year, new clothes become relevant, which are created in a diverse palette. Fashionable colors of 2021 are offered in all sorts of shades, a wide choice will provide girls with the opportunity to easily choose the option to their taste.

What color is trendy in 2021?

This year, experts suggest paying attention to bright fashionable colors. The Pantone Institute highlights the following shades:

  1. Marigold. This is an orange shade with a yellow undertone that evokes warm emotions and charges with optimism.
  2. Sky blue. A translucent and very delicate shade that women like. Causes associations with a clear sky on a warm day.
  3. Rust. This brown shade is simply gorgeous. However, in the spring palette of tones, it may seem superfluous due to the fact that it is reminiscent of autumn foliage.
  4. Sunny yellow. It illuminates everything around like the sun. In the spring wardrobe, this shade fits perfectly.
  5. French blue. A rich and beautiful tone that evokes positive and vivid emotions.
  6. Green ash. Looks very interesting and original. Invigorates, refreshes, but at the same time soothes.
  7. Burnt coral. A beautiful shade that is pleasing to the eye. Suitable for women who want to look gentle and elegant.
  8. Mint. Cool green tone that looks fresh and rejuvenates.
  9. Amethyst orchid. Perfect for the spring/summer collection. Makes the image luxurious and pleasing to the eye.
  10. Raspberry sorbet. A juicy and very tasty shade that looks seductive and tantalizing.
  11. Inkwell. The dark blue deep shade is incredibly beautiful.
  12. Absolutely grey. An eye-pleasing color that will give long-awaited peace of mind.
  13. Butter cream. A delicate white shade that looks very appetizing and at ease.
  14. Desert fog. A classic beige shade that will fit into business looks.
  15. Willow. Brown color with green undertones. It looks very beautiful in a variety of images.

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Fashionable hair color for women 2021

Any image should end with a beautiful hairstyle. To look perfect, you should familiarize yourself with the current shades that represent fashionable hair color:

  1. Light colors deserve special attention, they are very in demand in 2021. Gold, platinum, ash and pink blond, rich white are in fashion.
  2. Fashionable dark colors of 2021 are also popular. You should pay attention to such shades as coffee, cognac, walnut, dark cinnamon, frosty chestnut, coffee-glace and chocolate-lilac.
  3. Chameleon coloring is popular, assuming smooth transitions from one shade to another.

trendy hair color for women 2021trendy hair colorthe most fashionable color

Trendy manicure colors 2021

The current trends that represent the fashionable colors of manicure are also changing. Noteworthy are the following shades:

  1. Fuchsia. A juicy and bright color that can be used alone, but also looks good in combination with other colors.
  2. Dusty blue. Causes associations with cloudy skies. Looks very nice.
  3. neon orange. Surprisingly bright, helps to dilute the gray days. Great choice for spring and summer.
  4. Delicate pink-lilac shade that will fit into formal and feminine looks.
  5. Warm yellow. Ideal after a long winter.

trendy manicure colors 2021trendy nail colorsfashion color trends

Trendy wedding colors

Many brides try to organize their wedding in accordance with all current trends. This season, you should pay attention to the following trendy wedding colors of 2021:

  1. Warm yellow. Bright and sunny, evokes positive emotions. It will easily fit into the wedding aesthetic if you prefer Italian decor.
  2. Calm grey. Associated with calmness and tranquility, quiet beauty. The perfect choice for those who love minimalism.
  3. Saturated blue trendy wedding color. Royal shade, which is often used for decoration of celebrations. You can try to play on complex contrasts.
  4. Pink, lilac and beige variations. It is not necessary to use them as dominant. In the design of the hall, you can use ears of corn and dried flowers.

trendy wedding colorstrendy wedding colortrendy colors for girls

Fashion colors in makeup

Based on the latest fashion weeks, we can conclude that this year will not be boring. The following trends are relevant, which represent the fashionable colors of 2021:

  1. Purple makeup. The eyes in combination with the shadows of this color will look chic. This is the perfect choice for both blondes and brunettes.
  2. Neon makeup. Bright and catchy tones look very impressive and original.
  3. Fuchsia on the lips. This trendy lipstick color is very popular with makeup artists. Girls with such makeup look catchy and bright.
  4. Pastel. It can be combined with clear arrows that seem to be outlined in crayons. You can draw fantasy patterns and sparkles.
  5. Makeup in the style of the series «Euphoria». Bright colors are combined with sparkles. So you can hide the circles under the eyes.

trendy makeup colorstrendy lipstick colorfashion colors women

Trendy bag colors 2021

A bag is a popular accessory among women, on which the perception of the whole image depends. The current trends that represent the fashionable colors of bags are as follows:

  1. In the collections you can find a variant of any color, but experts advise paying attention to such as maroon, blue, lemon, brown-beige. They are considered very relevant and help to remain elegant under any circumstances.
  2. If you want to show originality, you can pick up a bag of orange, raspberry and other bright colors. The use of catchy prints is also allowed.

trendy bag colors 2021trendy bag colorstrendy color combinations

Trendy colors in clothes 2021

There are a lot of options that represent the fashionable colors of clothes in 2021. The following shades deserve special attention:

  1. Mykonos blue. A bright blue color associated with holidays and the warm sea. A good option for dreamers.
  2. Illuminating. A friendly and optimistic shade that lifts spirits and inspires hope for a brighter future.
  3. Leprechaun. Bright green color that brings a touch of freshness to the image.
  4. Fuchsia Fedora. A bold and defiant tone that is ideal for brave girls.
  5. Pale Rosette. Delicate color that helps to create feminine images.
  6. Adobe. A warm terracotta shade that is more associated with winter. However, it is relevant for any time of the year.
  7. Fire Whirl. A bright shade of red that makes the look daring and bold.
  8. Rhodonite. Purple tint with blue undertones. Such fashionable colors of clothes are the best choice for accomplished and self-confident women.
  9. spring lake. A light blue color that looks very gentle and calm.
  10. root beer. A brown shade that is associated with the beauty of nature.

trendy colors in clothes 2021trendy clothing colors 2021trendy clothing colors

Fashionable coat color 2021

A coat is an essential element of any girl’s wardrobe. This season, the following fashionable coat colors deserve special attention:

  1. Stylish shades — red, blue, yellow, green, wine and burgundy.
  2. Pay attention to blue, pink and cream tones.
  3. Do not forget about black, gray and brown shades.
  4. Bright trendy colors of 2021 are also allowed: stylists speak positively of products in fiery red, lime, ultraviolet or orange tones

trendy coat color 2021trendy coat colorsmost fashionable color

Fashion color jeans 2021

2021 pleases not only with new models, but also with special colors that represent the trendy color of jeans:

  1. Blue and blue classics are relevant, and such tones as sand, purple, gray, white, black, olive, brick, and mustard deserve attention.
  2. The trend is metallic jeans that look very impressive in any look. If you want to stand out, jeans in the color of metallic gold are allowed.

trendy jeans color 2021trendy jeans colortrendy colors

Fashion colors hoodie

A hoodie is a versatile piece of clothing that is ideal for both sports and walking. It is very important to choose the most fashionable colors of hoodies. This year, the following tones are relevant:

  1. Black. An immortal classic that will not lose its relevance.
  2. White. Refreshes the look and makes it lighter. You can wear this hoodie on a date or in a cafe.
  3. Khaki. A natural shade that is perfect for everyday wear. A great option for girls who love restraint.
  4. Marsala. Looks moderately bright, suitable for any time of the year.
  5. Pink. This hoodie looks cute, feminine and gentle. Suitable for both young girls and mature women.
  6. Orange. One of the top colors that looks great on any woman.

trendy colors hoodietrendy hoodie colorstrendy clothing colors 2021

What jacket color is trendy?

The palette, which presents fashionable colors of outerwear in the form of jackets, pleases with its diversity:

  1. Calm and neutral tones are relevant, such as beige, gray, muted pastel shades.
  2. However, if you want something bright, then you should not be upset: you can also find options in pink, red or even green.

what color jacket is fashionabletrendy outerwear colorstrendy colors in clothes 2021

Fashionable color of tights

Tights are a wardrobe staple for many women.

  1. This year, the trend is restrained fashion color trends: shades of beige, milky, options for gray, brown or pink.
  2. You can also purchase designer products, which are also designed in classic shades. And if you want to stand out, then you should pay attention to colors such as yellow, gold, orange, blue or blue, green or burgundy.

trendy pantyhose colorfashion color trendsfashion color trends

Fashion colors of t-shirts

A T-shirt is a comfortable garment that is very popular due to its versatility. Fashionable colors for women are offered in the following variations:

  1. Actual classic gray, black, beige shades. A real hit is a plain white T-shirt with a simple cut. You can decorate it however you like.
  2. If you want to stand out, you can buy a product in a catchy tone: purple, pink, red, blue, green, yellow or orange. In this case, both a monophonic model and with a pattern and other decorative elements are allowed.

trendy t-shirt colorsfashion colors womentrendy clothing colors

Fashionable color of shirts

A shirt is a basic wardrobe item that fits into classic and business looks. The most fashionable color of clothes is offered in the following variations:

  1. Actual classic shades: white and black.
  2. A good option is a gray shirt, burgundy, olive, beige, azure and indigo are also in fashion. You should also pay attention to checkered models.

trendy shirt colormost fashionable colortrendy colors for girls

Fashionable shoe colors

To look spectacular, you should have an idea of ​​​​what is the most fashionable color used to create shoes. At the moment, the following tones are popular:

  1. Black. This is an immortal classic that fits into any image.
  2. White. Another base tone that helps create a fashionable color combination with clothes in almost any shade.
  3. Red. Bright tone that can become an accent of any image.
  4. Silver. Well suited for creating a romantic style, combined with light dresses and sportswear.
  5. Neon. The perfect choice for women who love to stand out from the crowd.

trendy shoe colorsthe most fashionable colortrendy color combination

Fashionable color of spring boots for girls

Boots can become the main focus of the image if bright trendy colors were used when creating them:

  1. This year, fashion experts recommend paying attention to disco-style shoes. Metallic, bright and shiny details are returning to the trend.
  2. In addition, white color looks very nice, especially when combined with black tights.

fashionable color of spring boots for girlsbright trendy colorstrendy shoe colors

Fashionable color of boots

Boots are a favorite wardrobe item for many women. Fashionable colors for girls are represented by such trends:

  1. It is worth remembering that classic tones like black or white are relevant.
  2. However, bright colors also deserve attention: red, blue, blue, pink. Don’t be afraid to experiment or play with contrasts.

trendy shoe colortrendy colors for girlstrendy colors

Fashionable shoe color

Any girl knows that when choosing shoes, you need to focus on fashionable color combinations:

  1. For business images, it is recommended to take shoes in neutral colors: black, coffee, beige. You can also choose from gray, burgundy or brown.
  2. Shoes of bright and saturated colors are popular: yellow, green, terracotta or blue. They can be complemented with all sorts of prints and decorative elements.

trendy shoe colortrendy color combinationswhat color is trendy in 2021

Fashionable sneaker color

Many girls are wondering what is the trendy color of sneakers? This is a versatile shoe that is comfortable to wear:

  1. To stay in trend, it is worth remembering that white and black are especially relevant. Acid tones are also gaining popularity, which are ideal for catchy looks.
  2. A combination of several shades is in fashion, you can combine calm and bright colors. For example, it can be sneakers, in the manufacture of which white is taken as the basis, and acid neon stripes are applied to its surface. You should not limit yourself in anything, and it is also recommended not to be afraid of experiments.

trendy sneaker colorwhat is the color of the sneakersthe most fashionable color


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