Trendy colors 2022 - makeup, manicure and clothing trends

Why do you need to know the trendy colors of 2022? To understand what shades are included in the hits of the coming year in all aspects of our lives from clothing, makeup, hairstyles to the interior. All seasons will be rich in saturation, brightness of colors, but along with the rainbow spectrum, pastels and neutral tones are also popular.

Fashion color trends

Which new trendy color will be at the peak of popularity in 2022?

  1. Pantone Color Institute has announced the color of the upcoming 2022. They became the lilac 17-3938 Very Peri developed within the institute. The creators described it as «a dynamic blue with a vibrant purple-red hue that combines the fidelity and constancy of blue with the energy and curiosity of red.»
  2. Red, yellow and orange and all their tones. These sunny colors will bring a feeling of warmth, joy, and add a touch of fun to the overall ideas.

fashion color trends

  1. Lilac, as a symbol of lightness and femininity, according to the forecasts of trendsetters, will be the leader in the spring-summer collections of 2022.
  2. Pink is often present in the basic palettes of many wardrobes. While softer versions are on the catwalk this winter, the winner in the game of virality is fuchsia.
  3. One of the trends will be silver and gold, especially in evening, festive and club fashion. These two leaders are reflected in the abundance of shiny fabrics.
  4. Soft elegant tones, pearl gray, cream, ecru, beige and some shades of gray.

new trendy color

Trendy pantone colors 2022

According to experts from the Pantone Color Institute, the trendy colors of 2022 reflect our need for balance. On the one hand, we are looking for security and comfort, and this can be provided by calm, rich natural shades and familiar, familiar shades. On the other hand, bright and pure tones satisfy our need for optimism and joy. It will be a tint range of red and yellow, brown and blue, blue, lilac and pink tones. Cotton candy, pink cobweb, rich pink, mauve and indigo blue, yellow daffodil.

trendy pantone colors 2022

Also fashionable colors in 2022 are rich greens and soft, neutral and pastel shades. Light blue, almost blue ice lake, gray, beige, cream and powder. The blue-green harbor, the expanse of sea water, rich coffee-brown color will enrich our everyday palette, add notes of cheerfulness and optimism. Clothes and accessories in these shades look stylish and sophisticated, so they can be easily combined with many colors and items in your wardrobe.

pantone fashion colors

Fashionable color combinations 2022

How to combine fashionable color combinations in 2022 with each other? Stylists and trendsetters are advised to take a closer look at the traditional combinations of pink, gray or blue, black and brown, blue and yellow, fuchsia and red, yellow, blue and green, especially on monotonous autumn and winter days, these color schemes will be very relevant. Clothing can be plain and printed, here the choice depends on personal preferences and desires.

trendy color combinations 2022

Trendy colors 2022 are a combination of:

  • brown and beige;
  • purple and red, white, black, blue and even green;
  • scarlet with classic black and white and many shades of the rainbow;
  • pastel shades among themselves and with rich, both dark and light bright tones;
  • coral pink and bright blue;
  • light yellow and pastel pink;
  • bright pink and warm brown;
  • bright light green and pearl orchid color;
  • light gray and dark gray between themselves;
  • caramel and brown;
  • cream and coral.

trendy color combinations

Hair Color Trends 2022

Along with natural naturalness, a riot of colors literally burst into our lives, and fashionable hair color 2022 is not only soft and smooth gradient transitions, but also a sharp, rich contrast. A stunning play of shades in pinks, blues, blues and reds. Dark chocolate, light, blond or complex coloring are in fashion. Ash, gray, red, blond, brown, blond and dark blond colors. However, do not forget that naturalness and natural beauty will always be in trend, so your native tone will also be at the top of the hit parades.

fashion hair color trends 2022

The trendy colors of 2022 in hair coloring are a complex two-tone combination, when one half of the head can be blue, and the other golden or silver or purple. Multi-colored feathers and patterns, chestnut, dark brown, black and dark blue, pink, red and burgundy, also got into the trends. An interesting option with diverse patterns, screen staining and floral, floral and abstract motifs will be in demand.

trendy hair color

Fashion colors in makeup

Fashionable colors for stylish makeup are golden, silver, blue, blue. Lilac and red, brown and yellow, caramel and gray shades, enriched with their tint combinations. Mixed designs remain in trend, when several tones, nude and smoky makeup are combined in one set. Particular emphasis is placed on the eyes with the help of diverse arrows, both thin and wide. Lipstick tones range from nude to scarlet, with pinks, oranges and browns on trend.

trendy makeup colors

The most fashionable makeup color of the upcoming 2022 is an exquisite naturalness, black eyeliner on a neutral eyeshadow base. However, saturation and catchiness, too, has not been canceled. After all, 2022 is held under the auspices: «Brightness in everything, and there is no dullness and boredom!» Therefore, you have every right to shine not only during the New Year’s celebrations, applying shiny shadows and mother-of-pearl lipstick, but also in your everyday life. By diluting the neutrality with light strokes of dark arrows, green shadows (if they suit your type) and red lipstick.

trendy colors

Trendy manicure colors 2022

This is where fantasy can run wild. After all, fashionable manicure colors repeat not only the Pantone 2022 palette, but also enrich it with interesting color combinations. Along with retro stylish solidity in rainbow and pastel tones, predatory shades and prints come to the fore, the year of the tiger makes its own adjustments. Gold, glitter, black spots and stripes imitating the color of predators, red, green, brown and purple cat’s eyes are the trends of the coming year.

trendy manicure colors 2022

White and black color in manicure fashion is displayed in stylish graphics and geometry on a neutral, nude, gray, beige, cream and caramel base. The hits will be pink, blue, brown, coffee, powdery, yellow and orange nails, they will become especially bright in our everyday life in a multi-colored design. When each nail will have its own color, not only in spring and summer, but in autumn and winter.

trendy nail colors

Trendy colors in clothes 2022

Along with dynamic blue with a revitalizing purple-red hue, black, white and red, the main hits, trendy colors in clothes in 2022 are a range of rich and pastel shades. All sorts of trendy combinations. Shades of red and yellow, brown and blue, blue, lilac and pink tones. Cotton candy, pink cobweb, rich pink, mauve and indigo blue, yellow daffodil.

trendy colors in clothes 2022

Intense greens and soft, neutral and pastel hues. Light blue, almost blue ice lake, gray, beige, cream and powder. The blue-green harbor, the expanse of sea water, rich coffee-brown color will not only bring complete harmony to our lives, but also add notes of optimism, dilute the whiteness of winter, the greenery of spring, fit into the rainbow of summer and crimson gold of autumn.

trendy colors in clothes

Trendy wedding colors 2022

A wedding is always a celebration! This year it can be white and gold, and other fashionable shades of colors repeat the main palette of Pantone 2022. Some of the most popular wedding decorations are green and blue, red and cream, brown, gold and beige accessories. These are fresh, modern and very elegant proposals that go well with the latest wedding trends. These shades look good both as a picture on invitations and in bouquets in a wedding hall. Do not neglect the tones of Provence.

trendy wedding colors 2022trendy color shades

Fashionable coat color 2022

What fashionable colors of fur coats of the new year blew up the world podium? 2022 promises to be a busy one. Therefore, style trendsetters presented unique outerwear in bright and rich colors. Natural fur coats will become striped, black, white, gray and brown in the entire tint palette. Outerwear made of faux fur is presented in yellow, orange, blue, green, red and purple colors. Multi-colored, two- and three-color fur coats and printed fur products also got into the trends.

trendy coat color 2022trendy coat colors

Trendy bag colors 2022

Fashionable colors of bags are multifaceted brightness and sophisticated pastels. Saturated and dark shades, black and white classics of the genre, red in all its manifestations, brown, yellow, blue and orange. Lilac, lilac and pink colors will come into fashion in the spring-summer season, while golden and silver shades will fit into crimson autumn. The trend is imitations that copy the color of wild cats, which is very relevant in the upcoming new 2022 year of the tiger.

trendy bag colors 2022trendy bag colors

Fashionable shoe color 2022

Fashionable shoe colors 2022 are striking in their diversity. Gold and silver, blue and blue, black and white, emerald, green and brown models come to the fore, both shoes and boots. Beige and gray, cream and powder solutions. They can be on the platform, stable heels and stilettos, wedges, with open and closed narrow and square toes. Special chic — printed shoes in a cage, stripes and floral motifs, stylish and comfortable — low-speed and flat-soled solutions.

trendy shoe color 2022trendy shoe colors

Trendy colors in the interior 2022

What fashionable colors in the interior will be in demand in the coming year? Natural palettes never go out of style. In 2022, stylists are returning to light colors. Cold tones give way to warm beiges and grays. The trendy mint and yellow shades will be complemented by dusty pink and purple, muted blue tones, giving a feeling of coolness and peace. The focus will be green. The premises of the room should be associated with cleanliness. This effect can be achieved by using a white tone in combination with blue.

trendy interior colors 2022trendy colors in the interior


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