Trendy colors in clothes 2022 - stylish ideas for the most beautiful images

When choosing wardrobe items, girls prefer shades that match their appearance. Fashionable colors in clothes in 2022 will help to cope with the task. Stylists presented options for warm and light clothes and accessories. It is proposed to take into account the versions offered by the Pantone Institute.

Trendy colors in clothes 2022

Designers have replenished the collections with things designed taking into account the actual shades. Trendy colors in clothes in 2022 are offered in the following variations:

  1. Fresh notes in the image will bring Spun Sugar. This is a delicate blue, presented in a pastel version.
  2. If you want to make the bow bright, Daffodil is suitable. This is a yellow shade that is indispensable with the onset of spring.
  3. Sudan Brown is associated with naturalness. This is a rich brown, suitable for making up a basic wardrobe.
  4. The most fashionable color of 2022 is Very Peri. The tone is less deep compared to purple, characterized by moderate brightness.

trendy colors in clothes 2022fashion color trends

Trendy colors of 2022 in Pantone clothing

When creating collections, couturiers are guided by popular research. Trendy Pantone Color of the Year 2022 is represented by the following trends:

  • Gossamer Pink (Pink web) will bring airiness and romance to the image;
  • Glacier Lake (Glacier Lake) — a pronounced cold shade of blue, associated with tranquility;
  • Innuendo (Hint) — a bright crimson tone, suitable for the embodiment of catchy bows;
  • Dahlia (dahlia) — catchy purple will help to embody a dynamic bow;
  • Skydiver (Skydiver) — dark blue, which is intended to be basic in the wardrobe;
  • Coca Mocha (Coffee) — warm brown is suitable for both plain things and for filling prints;
  • Harbor Blue (Blue Harbor) — is a compromise between the main tone and green;
  • Poinciana (Poinciana) — bold scarlet will be appreciated by bold fashionistas;
  • The following fashionable colors in Pantone 2022 clothing are the base colors — Snow White (pure white), Northern Droplet (light gray), Perfectly Pale (sandy tone of beige), Poppy Seed (dark gray).

trendy colors of 2022 in pantone clothingtrendy color 2022 pantonetrendy color combinations

Fashionable color combinations

When drawing up stylish bows, the right combination of shades is important. Designers offer a fashionable combination of colors in clothes in the following variations:

  1. It is permissible to wear a pink shirt and blue trousers. Accessories are selected in a calm tone.
  2. White is allowed to be combined with any shades. The combination with light pink and beige will be relevant.
  3. Basic colors — black, brown and white can be combined with each other.
  4. The combination of blue and yellow is considered successful.
  5. Red color often acts as an accent in the image. A dress of a similar shade is allowed to be supplemented with a blue belt.

trendy color combinationstrendy color combinations

Fashionable colors of down jackets

In the winter season, the selection of outerwear is relevant. Couturiers offer girls jackets in fashionable colors:

  1. The black down jacket is versatile. The product will bring a touch of elegance to the image, correct figure flaws.
  2. The leading position is occupied by a white shade, in which both sports and classic jackets are presented.
  3. Airiness in the bow will bring a marshmallow pink tone. The shade is taken for the design of down jackets — «blankets».
  4. A green palette is welcome, offered in bright, olive, swamp, emerald tones, khaki.
  5. The red down jacket will be the main accent of the bow. The thing requires the addition of discreet wardrobe items.
  6. Warm yellow will bring fresh notes, taken to decorate demi-season and winter things.

trendy coat colorstrendy color jacketsfashion color trends

What coat color is in fashion?

Designers carefully approached the issue of creating fur outerwear. Fashionable color trends are represented by the following solutions:

  1. The choice depends on what kind of pile is taken to decorate the thing. Natural fur characterizes the trend for naturalness. Fashionable mink colors are offered in natural shades. These are gray, brown, black, blue, white tones.
  2. Faux fur coats can be dyed in a bright shade. Red, yellow, blue things are popular.
  3. There are combined options. An example is products made from strips of fur of different colors.
  4. The trend is leopard print, which adorns fur coats — «cheburashkas».

trendy mink colorstrendy coat colorwhat color coats are in fashion

What color of a sheepskin coat is fashionable?

Sheepskin products have earned popularity among girls. When choosing sheepskin coats, the following fashionable colors of outerwear are offered:

  1. Universal things in black and white are suitable for the embodiment of monochrome bows. A combination with other light or dark shades is also welcome.
  2. The natural color palette looks good — brown, gray, beige sheepskin coats.
  3. A contrasting finish is allowed, which stands out against the general background. An example is an ocher-colored sheepskin coat decorated with white fur.
  4. Playing in contrast, combining with other materials is allowed. A light beige sheepskin coat is complemented by sleeves made of denim.

what color sheepskin coat is fashionabletrendy outerwear colorstrendy colors in clothes 2022

What coat color is fashionable?

Girls value outerwear that gives elegance. Fashionable coat colors emphasize individuality:

  1. A bright bow will help to embody a red product. It is permissible to complement the coat with ankle boots of a similar tone.
  2. Prints in the form of a cage highlighted with contrasting stripes are welcome.
  3. A win-win solution — universal models of black, gray, beige shades.
  4. Depths in the image will bring a dark blue tone.

what color coat is fashionabletrendy coat colors

What colors of eco-fur coats are in fashion?

Brand collections include models made of faux fur. The fashionable color of the fur coat is characterized by the following trends:

  1. Bulky oversized products often have a fluffy structure. Light or bright shades look organic: beige, muted orange.
  2. There are eco-fur coats that are close in appearance to natural products. An example is a model made of fur resembling a fox. The thing is complemented by tassels-tails running along the hem. Preference is given to natural shades, as close as possible to natural.
  3. A similar trend is followed when choosing fashionable colors in clothes that imitate sheepskin. Beige and brown colors prevail.
  4. If you want to stand out from the crowd, they turn to acid shades: red, raspberry.
  5. The recognition of fashionistas has earned snow-white fur coats, combined with any things.

what colors of eco fur coats are in fashiontrendy coat color

Fashionable colors of warm suits on fleece

For lovers of sports things, kits have been developed that are suitable for wearing in the cold season. The fashionable color of the women’s tracksuit is offered in the following variations:

  1. Universal black or white models are welcome. Restraint is diluted with bright accent details.
  2. Pastel-colored suits remain out of competition: beige, pale pink, light blue. It is allowed to add a clear decor — inscriptions or stripes that stand out against the general background.
  3. It is allowed to turn to the trend palette — rich purple. The tone will organically complement the set of velvety structure.

trendy colors of warm suits on fleecetrendy color tracksuit for women

Fashionable colors of dresses

Girls tend to replenish the wardrobe with feminine things. Designers offer fashionable styles and colors of dresses in the following variations:

  1. The airy translucent structure will be emphasized by both deep black and delicate lavender.
  2. The grunge style is in harmony with the shiny structure. Dresses with thin straps are decorated with golden sequins. Models are suitable for an evening out.
  3. Polka dot print dresses in black and white are the epitome of retro style.
  4. Both bright and delicate pastel shades are welcome. Rich coral is associated with femininity.

trendy dress colorsfashion styles and color of dressestrendy color 2022 pantone

What color jeans are in fashion?

Denim products are a must-have attribute of a modern wardrobe. Stylists offer trendy jeans color in the following variations:

  1. The traditional blue-blue palette remains out of competition. It is allowed to combine several shades using the patchwork technique.
  2. It is allowed to give bright notes by decorating with multi-colored crystals, applications.
  3. The creation of scuffs that stand out against the general background is welcome.
  4. Designers offered bright green, lavender, orange jeans, complemented by an ombre effect.
  5. Universal solution — models in black or white.

what color jeans are in fashiontrendy jeans color

What color tights are in fashion now?

Lovers of dresses and skirts need a harmonious addition. Girls are wondering: what color tights are in fashion:

  1. Out of competition remains the classic black or flesh-colored. Such products organically fit into any bows.
  2. Monochrome images look interesting, in which tights are matched in the same tone with the rest of the wardrobe.
  3. It is allowed to create bright accents. The contrasting detail is red, aquamarine, orange, green, raspberry tights. Other things are often presented in a restrained range. The top is allowed to pick up echoing with tights.
  4. It is allowed to decorate products with original prints on floral, geometric, abstract themes. There are tights, supplemented with inscriptions.

what is the color of tights in fashion nowwhat color tights are in fashion

Fashionable hat colors

Well-chosen accessories are an organic addition to outerwear. Fashionable colors of knitted hats are offered in the following variations:

  • universal shades that can complement both bright and discreet jackets, coats, down jackets. These are beige, gray, black, white hats;
  • bright or pastel accessories designed to make monochrome bows. There are yellow, red, pale blue, pink hats.

trendy colors of knitted hatstrendy hat colors

Fashionable suit colors

Ready-made kits will help facilitate the creation of the image. Fashionable colors of suits for women are represented by the following trends:

  1. Welcome classic in black, beige, gray colors. The original solution is leather sets, made in a restrained tone.
  2. Designers offer costumes in a bright palette. The trend is sets of orange, aquamarine, rich pink tones.
  3. For an evening out, costumes decorated with shiny sequins are designed.

trendy suit colorstrendy suit colors for women

Fashionable wedding dress color

Girls carefully select an outfit for the main celebration of their lives. The fashionable color of the wedding and the dress is offered in the following variations:

  1. Depending on the features of the exterior, a warm or cold palette is chosen. The trend is milky, coral, blue, golden tones.
  2. The popular lavender shade has also made its way into bridal fashion.
  3. An extravagant mermaid silhouette will take on a delicate touch when decorated in a dusty rose or peach tone.
  4. Muted pastel colors are welcome: powder, cream, ivory.

trendy wedding dress colortrendy wedding color


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