Trendy hair styling - a selection of the best ideas for hair of any length

Hairstyle is an important part of the image of any woman. Fashionable hair styling is designed to make the bow even more attractive. Stylists offer many different variations depending on the length and structure of the strands. Each girl will be able to choose an option to her taste.

Fashion hair styling 2019

Stylists offer new fashion trends in styling 2019, which must be taken into account by the fair sex when drawing up a harmonious bow:

  1. Extremely short haircuts are popular. Although it seems to many that short hair is difficult to style in an interesting way, girls find many ways to decorate themselves. For example, a gavrosh haircut can be decorated with a headband or ribbon.
  2. Short hair combed to one side will be a very stylish solution.
  3. Another fashion trend is smoothly combed hair. It is believed that the more gel, the better.
  4. Hairstyles from the 90s are gradually gaining their former popularity. For example, a high ponytail has come into fashion; it is made not only for sports, but also for evening outings.
  5. Actual hairstyle, in which the hair is combed back.
  6. Another trend of the 90s is lush hair with combed bangs pulled back.
  7. Another fashion trend is perfectly straight lines. Braids, “towers” ​​and intricate hairstyles have become less interesting, minimalism and naturalness are relevant.

fashion styling with bangsfashion trends in styling 2019

Fashionable styling for long hair 2019

Many beautiful hairstyles can be done if you use fashionable styling for long hair:

  1. This year, stylists report that it is best not to do complex hairstyles, it is advisable to style your hair as naturally as possible. However, the ease of styling can give out the existing problems with the hair, so they first need to be healed. This year, such shades are fashionable: light brown, chestnut, wheat, red, fiery red and caramel.
  2. A fashionista needs to focus on the classic variations of haircuts — while the edges should be even, straight or oblique bangs are acceptable. Many fashionable styling of long hair is done to the side, without parting.
  3. The classic parting in the middle of the head is also relevant. Bunches, tails or braids laid to one side look very interesting.
  4. Volumetric haircuts are also in fashion: multi-stage or cascading hairstyles that add splendor. Another interesting option is a patchwork haircut (torn ends of the strands). Still very much loved by girls and curls.

fashion styling for long hair 2019

Fashionable styling for medium hair

The average hair length is considered optimal for the formation of a variety of hairstyles. Stylish styling for medium hair characterizes the following trends:

  1. At this length, curls that are now popular are often made. Conciseness and ease of styling this year is very welcome, however, other options can be made for medium length. You can use mousse, which creates a natural effect of wet strands. Straight hair looks great in a ponytail or braid.
  2. Let’s assume the effect of deliberate negligence. To do this, curls slightly curl, give them disheveled. You can, for example, collect curls in a ponytail and release a few strands, or secure them with a hairpin and do the same.
  3. Many girls like fashionable voluminous hair styling. This is perfect for any important event. The main thing is that the hairstyle looks as natural as possible.
  4. A simple bouffant can significantly change the overall picture of the image in a positive way. Even a slight bouffant looks spectacular on strands of medium length. A bouffant looks good on an asymmetrical hairstyle or styling with a parting on one side.

trendy hairstyles for medium hairstylish hairstyles for medium hair

Fashion styling for short hair

Owners of short strands will be able to apply such stylish styling to short hair:

  1. For volume, you can make vertical curls.
  2. Invisibles help create the illusion of long hair: for this, strands are laid at the base of the neck, imitating styling in the form of a shell.
  3. Many girls like the pixie hairstyle, where you can apply trendy hair styling with a wet effect.
  4. You can make a geometric pattern of invisibility, the image will look very unusual.
  5. One of the strands can be braided into a tight braid.
  6. If the hair is very short, you can decorate it with an unusual hairpin.
  7. You can curl the bangs away from the face and stab it with invisibility, forming a semblance of a wave.

fashion styling for short hair

Fashionable women’s styling

Any woman is interested in what stylish styling is in fashion:

  1. It is worth noting that medium-length hair is popular. Due to the correct styling, you can adjust the shape of the face and make the necessary accents.
  2. At fashion shows, stylists often leave girls with natural styling, but hair styled in a neat bun, or a bun with loose strands, remains in fashion.
  3. High and low tails are relevant, and they are done either neatly or deliberately carelessly.
  4. Hairstyles with curls laid in a mess are in fashion. Big curls, fashionable hair styling in the Greek style, braids of various weaves look interesting. Often women use a variety of accessories, hairpins, hoops.

fashionable women's stylingstylish styling

Fashionable styling on the square

It is believed that the perfect haircut does not require much effort for styling. Busy women who value every minute often choose practicality, which is also characteristic of stylish styling on a square:

  1. Suitable for almost any woman. Thick strands look perfect with a classic square, a smooth cut line or thinning. Curly hair looks best if it is cut unevenly and not left too short.
  2. Under the caret, hairdressers understand a medium-length haircut that covers the ears. She has a clear geometry. Kare can be done with a straight or side parting, the “zigzag” is popular.
  3. You can style the caret with curls, make a corrugation, form airy curls, or collect your hair in a bun.

fashionable styling on the squarestylish styling on the square

Fashionable styling on the bob

Bob haircut is very loved by modern fashionistas. Its length can be different, there are several styling options:

  1. A wavy bob that looks very impressive and natural at the same time. This styling is suitable for the office, and for a walk, and for a date.
  2. Bob with the effect of wet hair. This is the hit of the season, girls often use such styling in their looks. Wet hair effect is a good choice for the summer, as all you need is a spray or oil.
  3. The classic bob is the most elegant fashionable hair style. Due to the flat cut line, facial features are structured, the chin is emphasized. Thin hair looks more voluminous.
  4. Bob with side parting. This gives extra volume to the hairstyle. The effect of blowing hair with the wind is welcome.
  5. Light curls — having made them, a girl can walk with friends or go on a date. Such an image will turn out to be light, romantic and feminine.

trendy bob hairstyles

Fashionable styling on the cascade

Cascading haircuts are becoming more and more popular among women. Stylish hair styling can be created in the following ways:

  • increase volume at the roots;
  • give the strands a little disheveled;
  • make a straight or side parting, and if there is no bangs, you can make a parting assembling the head;
  • straighten hair with an iron;
  • curl a cascade with a curling iron or use curlers;
  • comb the strands at the roots, pulling them out with a thin comb. Dry the wet tips with a hairdryer, curling them outward with a brush.

fashionable styling on the cascadestylish hair styling

Fashion styling with hairpins

Hairpins help to bring variety to the image. Using these accessories, you can create the following beautiful fashion styling:

  1. They make a small bouffant at the crown, collect hair from the temples and forehead, comb it back and fix it with a “automatic” hairpin.
  2. Also with an “automatic” hairpin, you can make a tail — classic, low, high or asymmetrical.
  3. A flower hairpin can help create a feminine look. It is recommended to use it on high fashion styling stripes in the Greek style.
  4. Hairpin-«banana» helps to make a hairstyle quickly and without much difficulty. Often they are used for medium strands. You can make a pigtail and secure it with a hairpin, collect your hair into a bundle, form curls into a neat roller.
  5. Crab hairpins have been relevant for a long time, allowing you to create vertical styling and elegant bunches.
  6. The hairpin can also complement styling on short hair. Invisibles of different colors help to beautifully lay an asymmetrical bang, you can symmetrically lay elongated strands on the sides, securing it at the back of the head.

fashion styling with hairpinsbeautiful fashion styling

Stylish hair styling

Bouffant tightly entered the current trends. This technique helps to add volume to the strands. Fashionable hair styling can be done in the following variations:

  1. For short strands, it is best to use a bouffant in front. For long and medium hair, bouffant is made on loose hair, fixing it with varnish.
  2. Fashionable hair styling “shell” or in the Greek style looks very interesting if you make a bouffant in the forehead area and release a few curls.
  3. It looks interesting ponytail with long hair. Buns are made on medium curls, tails with a pile, simply loose hair is combed.
  4. A good option is a hairstyle with shaved areas, complemented by a fleece.

stylish styling with fleecestylish styling

Fashionable bun

The beam in 2019 is at the peak of popularity. This hairstyle is comfortable and versatile, appropriate for any occasion. You can make such stylish styling:

  1. For everyday life, a casual bun with loose strands is best, and for formal events, you should choose a strict bun, such as ballerinas.
  2. Two bunches look interesting, more restraint can be achieved if you make a small pile and release the front strands.
  3. A bun with a hairpin looks very elegant.

fashionable bun stylingfashionable hair styling

Fashion styling with curls

Fashionable styling-curls look very nice. The best options are the following:

  • styling on curls when the strands are pulled back;
  • festive fashion hair styling with braids woven into flowers;
  • a bunch of curls;
  • voluminous curls wound on a large-diameter curling iron;
  • Greek braid;
  • curls folded into a French waterfall.

fashion styling with curlsfashion styling curls

Fashionable evening styling

Every girl wants to look beautiful when she goes out. For this, the following stylish evening styling is intended:

  • Hollywood curls: easy hairstyle for long hair. Make a suitable parting and create curls with mousse and curling;
  • ponytail. For extra volume, you can make a small bouffant in the crown area. A good option is a tail made on its side, with voluminous curls;
  • Another option is Greek styling. Get the perfect romantic look;
  • styling «French twist» or «shell»;
  • french square;
  • grunge styling;
  • asymmetrical braid;
  • short hair can be given a slight disheveled and careless, create the effect of wet hair or decorate it with a hairpin.

fashionable evening stylingstylish evening hairstyles

Fashion styling with bangs

For many girls, stylish styling with bangs is suitable, which can be done in the following variations:

  1. In fashion for short hair, such styling with bangs: voluminous pixie, short bob, bob, wavy bob, torn haircuts.
  2. For medium hair, any bangs will do. The main thing is that it suits the girl. Torn haircuts with uneven bangs, natural hairstyles without intricate styling are relevant. It looks interesting elongated bangs, smoothly turning into the main length.
  3. As for long hair, here you can also choose any bangs. The “ladder” haircut is popular, laid with additional volume or perfectly even. Looks good regrown bangs, which can be secured with a hairpin.
  4. A square with bangs is suitable for any girl, if you make small adjustments regarding the shape of the face. For example, a correctly laid square will reduce a round face, and a narrow one will make it a little wider if you make an oblique bang.
  5. The hit of 2019 is a cropped bob with bangs to the eyebrows, which looks very interesting and bright.
  6. If you want to give the image an unusual look, you can make an asymmetrical bang, due to this, even a simple bun or tail looks extraordinary.
  7. You can lay a long oblique bangs to the side. Due to this, the shortcomings of the face are corrected, and the emphasis is placed on the merits.

fashion styling with bangsstylish styling with bangs


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