Stamping - current ideas of the most fashionable manicure

More and more nail design technologies appear every year. Many women of fashion want to see an elegant pattern on their nails, but creating it is not easy in all cases. The stamping technique can come to the rescue when a manicure is created using embossing. It will help to embody all kinds of drawings on the nails, which are selected depending on the mood.

Stamping manicure — ideas

Stylists use a variety of ways to stamp:

  1. The use of printing will provide an opportunity to radically change the design in a matter of minutes. When creating it, the drawing can not be completely transferred, but leave somewhat less noticeable traces, as if they had faded a little.
  2. An image made with a stamp can be clearly defined and concise, in which case it is advisable to apply it on one or several fingers. The opposite trend will be the application of motifs covering the entire nail plate, the image consists of many small elements intertwined with each other.
  3. A great idea would be to apply varnish with an original metallic texture on a black background, it can be a silver or gold version. Such a manicure will look especially expressive if the black background is made in a matte base.
  4. It is common to combine stamping with some other technique, for example, a printed image can be applied over a cobweb or ombre.
  5. On a white universal background, stamping creates the effect of a unique art manicure, regardless of the selected colors.
  6. The animalist is incredibly relevant and is reflected in the stamping technique. The stamps depict drawings that imitate the colors of a particular animal, for example, a zebra or leopard.
  7. Another popular option to apply stamping is to combine it with a classic jacket. If instead of white, characterized by conciseness and elegance, a bright color is used, then an expressive contrast is created.

stamping manicure ideashow to stamp

Manicure for short nails stamping

On shortened nails, it is difficult for many masters to create a skillful masterpiece because of their small area. In this case, stamping manicure will come to the rescue:

  1. This technique provides an opportunity to successfully implement seasonal motifs using appropriate patterns. In spring, stamping can sparkle with a delicate palette of colors.
  2. In summer, bright colors are organically combined with floral large or small patterns.
  3. In autumn, you can bring a riot of color palette, nails are decorated with all sorts of patterns in the form of bright leaves, curlicues and twigs.
  4. This technique can demonstrate New Year and winter motifs, in which you can find New Year’s snowflakes, Christmas trees and other integral attributes of the celebration.

stamping manicure for short nails

Stamping on short nails

On shortened nail plates, a manicure with stamping will look very organic:

  1. To make stamping on short nails look original, you can use a variety of colors. Your attention should be paid to deep saturated and pastel matte shades used in combination with a delicate pattern.
  2. With stamping it will be ideal to combine the rub, it may be present on some fingers. It perfectly adheres to the nails, does not fade or fade, while giving nail art shine and making it much brighter.

stamping on short nails

Stamping — geometry

If you want to create a beautiful manicure, a stamping design made in the form of geometry will be one of the simplest and most stylish solutions:

  1. Any figure can be applied in the form of stamping, the main thing is to find a suitable stamp. These can be small squares that are scattered throughout the plate, stripes — a variant of the striped design.
  2. Stamping can be embellished with rhinestones, colored stones, rubbing, sparkles and a gradient base.
  3. Among the fashion trends, one can note the ombre, which is performed by applying a mesh with geometry.
  4. Black and nude manicure with arrows remains a classic.
  5. A triangular jacket with golden rims will look cute and original.
  6. Another relevant option would be a geometric design with a decor using gold diamonds on maroon gel polish.

stamping geometry

Red manicure with stamping

Lovers of bright and memorable varieties of nail art will be stamping on red nails:

  1. Such a bright color as red can be easily complemented by stamping. For drawings, you can use an additional contrasting white and black color, darker shades taken from the same red range.
  2. There is also an original design solution — this is not to transfer the drawing with full pressure, but to leave much less noticeable traces that give a unique burnout effect.

red manicure with stampingstamping on red nails

White manicure with stamping

  1. A common solution is not only color stamping for nails, but also nail art made using a snow-white shade:
  2. On a white background, stamping will create an inimitable effect of art manicure, regardless of the colors chosen. Black drawings will look great, while they can only be applied on a few fingers.
  3. Stamping on a white and black background can be complemented by a dots design.
  4. A pattern with a feather and silver-sulfur balls will look great.
  5. Long oval nails look very beautiful with stamping, the palette is used in black and white with an addition in the form of sparkles.
  6. Drawings with cats and bunnies will be cool and stylish.
  7. Black and white nail art with drawings can be presented in a newspaper style with a Paris theme.
  8. Skulls, Mickey and Minnie designs may be used among the original designs.

white manicure with stampingstamping manicure ideas

Blue manicure with stamping

The stamping manicure ideas presented in blue will look extremely gentle and romantic:

  1. Blue design is often created for the spring, it replaces the winter blue cold tone. Stamping can be combined with a moon jacket, then the nails will look gentle, very feminine and elegant.
  2. The blue color can be complemented by floral motifs, it looks beautiful and will please many girls. Small buds may appear on the nails, which will perfectly decorate the fingers and make them more refined.
  3. Geometry can also be seen on the blue color, it will make the fingers elegant, while both color and monochrome stripes can be used. Geometry is created using rhombus, squares, triangles and circle shapes. Such figures can be decorated with rhinestones, sparkles and other shiny options.

blue manicure with stamping

Stamping «Zebra»

Animal print has been in the lead for several seasons, and the zebra print is no exception:

  1. Black and white colors will perfectly complement the feminine look and look luxurious on the nails. A striped design can be created using stamping technology. When applying the strips, you need to take care that the first layer dries well, then the image will turn out beautiful and not smeared.
  2. A bright manicure with stamping is also allowed, when a catchy rich color is used. This variation of nail art will be preferred by women of fashion who are not afraid of bold experiments.

stamping zebra

Nude manicure with stamping

A universal solution suitable for all occasions will be nails with stamping, for the creation of which nude shades are taken:

  1. Nude manicure provides for the creation of different design options using delicate beige and flesh shades of varnish.
  2. Nude designs can be created using browns and golds.
  3. Nude may seem boring in a simple design, but it looks great with metal stripes, themed images. On a nude background, lace paintings, florals, striped designs, simple and miniature drawings will be relevant.

nude manicure with stampingnails with stamping

Stamping pedicure

An ideal option for those who do not like to spend a lot of time on nail art is stamping pedicure:

  1. This technique is commonly referred to as punching, based on the tool that is used to create the design. Thanks to this technology, original and complex designs can be embodied on the nails in just a few seconds.
  2. Color stamping shows a huge selection, ranging from funny cats to graceful silhouettes.
  3. The main advantage of stamping is that all drawings will be the same, this effect is extremely difficult to achieve when the image is drawn by hand.

stamping pedicure

Summer nail stamping

In the warm season, the design with stamping, represented by a variety of performance ideas, will look truly unsurpassed:

  1. For summer, you should choose a bright color for the base so that the pattern is clearly visible. Prints that are suitable for this season will be relevant, these are all kinds of floral and plant themes.
  2. You need to learn how to work with a stamp so that the print of the picture is clear, the paint on the plate must completely fill all the recesses. This procedure must be performed as quickly as possible so that the gel polish cannot dry quickly upon contact with air.
  3. Among the drawings relevant for the summer, it will be possible to choose inscriptions, lace paintings, cartoon characters.
  4. Summer stamping manicure can cover individual fingers, then nail art will not be too cluttered.

summer nail stamping

Stamping on yellow nails

For the summer season, stamping will be incredibly relevant, the ideas of which are presented using yellow:

  1. Almost all shades of yellow remain trendy, these are neon yellow, lemon, pastel and juicy acidic options.
  2. As for the addition of drawings, a full version of self-expression is allowed. Minimalism, floristry and textural designs on a yellow background will be relevant.
  3. When choosing a pattern, you can refer to the yellow design with inscriptions.
  4. One option would be to create a background in the form of an abstract yellow blob or foil print.
  5. Such an animal print as a leopard will look very impressive.
  6. Tropical foliage will look unique on a yellow background; white, green and black colors are used to create it.

stamping on yellow nails

stamping leaves

Another popular type of nail art will be stamping, the design of which includes images of leaves:

  1. Stamping plates can be engraved with patterns in the form of various leaflets. It can be lace, maple leaf, ear. This design is relevant for summer and autumn.
  2. It can be a branch with leaves, made in a single version, or several branches located on one plate.
  3. The leaves can be complemented by a striped design, they can alternate with nails painted in a single color coating.

stamping leaves

French with stamping

In recent seasons, nail art has been widespread, during the creation of which French stamping is done:

  1. It can be a classic jacket, which is complemented by a pattern in the middle.
  2. In some cases, there is a “smile” drawn using stamping.
  3. Using stamping, you can create a non-standard jacket, for example, the base is used in gold, and the pattern is applied in black. A small amount of rhinestones will add brightness to the jacket.

french with stamping

Stamping «Leopard»

One of the trendy varieties of nail art is stamping nail design, which imitates the colors of a leopard:

  • on a monophonic coating, which is often presented in beige or yellow, spots are evenly applied with the help of stamps on the entire surface of the nail plate;
  • traditional colors characteristic of a leopard can be used, or unnatural bright and saturated colors can be taken. The latter option will help the fashionista to fully express her individuality and attract maximum attention to herself.

stamping leopard


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