Trendy nails 2021 - the most beautiful and stylish nail designs

Amazing nail art should invariably accompany a lady both in everyday life and at business meetings, romantic and special occasions. To be in trend, women should pay attention to the fashionable nails of 2021, for the design of which a variety of current trends are applied.

Fashionable nails — trends 2021

Stylists offer girls to make beautiful nails, the fashion trends of which are represented by such original ideas:

  1. Top ideas will be shown on the forms of nails, both long and short. The oval, almond-shaped and square version remain relevant.
  2. In 2021, the most sophisticated and discreet option will be a pastel or nude finish, which is complemented by soft decor with foil, glitter or a simple, cute pattern.
  3. The trend will be fashionable nails 2021 with a simple design, this is a “negative space” option, dots and geometry.
  4. Trendy nails can be presented in reflective neon shades.
  5. In a cool manicure this year, there may be elements in the form of rhinestones, sparkles, kamifubuki.
  6. In 2021, nails will often be decorated, and the style will be presented from minimalism to complex nail painting.

fashion nails trends 2021beautiful nails fashion trendstrendy nail color

Fashionable nail shape 2021

Stylish manicure has become a part of everyday and evening looks of every woman. For its implementation, a variety of fashionable nail shapes can be applied:

  1. The choice should correspond to individual preference, which will depend on the shape of the fingers, their thickness, the style of the woman. If a girl has a beautiful natural shape, then she is lucky, because naturalness is welcomed in all fashion trends. A monophonic design, which is embellished with a few decorations, will be suitable for such a shape.
  2. The square shape also remains relevant, only the preference is given to the option with beveled corners.
  3. Gorgeous slightly pointed nails will be appropriate in any style.
  4. If you want elegance and sophistication, then the best option for 2021 will be the almond-shaped nails. It goes well with the average length of the nail plate.

trendy nail shape 2021trendy nail shapemost fashionable nails

Fashionable manicure for short nails

A beautiful fashionable design of short nails can become refined and boring:

  1. On shortened plates, you can apply chic nail art, made in different styles and even combinations of techniques. Fashionable design is not tied to the seasons, but there are suitable ideas that will suit a particular season.
  2. For spring, you need to look at delicate pastel shades, it can be nude or blue.
  3. On short nails, you can create a neat floral print, a marble or matte design in all sorts of options will look great.
  4. In the summer season, you can make bright fashionable short nails 2021 or a cute design, complemented by flowers, blots, polka dots or stripes.
  5. For autumn and winter, you should resort to calm solutions, however, saturated shades can make the image more fresh.
  6. For winter and autumn themes, you should choose a geometric design with suitable patterns.
  7. In the winter version, metal and monochrome designs, nail art, complemented by sparkles and rhinestones, will look great.

trendy manicure for short nailsbeautiful short nail designtrendy black nails

Beautiful trendy long nails

Trendy fashionable manicure for long nails will look truly unsurpassed:

  1. Top nail art ideas can be created in a wide variety of colors, ranging from light to dark or translucent tones and varying to intense saturated color.
  2. In 2021, the most fashionable nails decorated using the gradient technique will be relevant. You can turn to manicure with rubbing, kamifubuki, glitter, rhinestones, various patterns that look amazing on nails.

beautiful trendy long nailstrendy manicure for long nailstrendy sharp nails

Fashionable rounded nails — novelty design

The favorite of the season is the almond shape of the marigold, but round and oval ones will be no less relevant. This form is popular due to its versatility and maximum naturalness. Beautiful trendy nails can match these trends:

  1. In 2021, the color palette will be built around shades of lavender, mint, sand, peach, milky and nude shades. Those who consider these shades impractical can turn to the tones of rich cherry or plum, eggplant, and classic black will do.
  2. On the glossy surface of a rounded nail, you can apply acrylic sand or powder, small sparkles or a microbead.
  3. Pearl and mother-of-pearl rubbing remains a popular coating on nails.

trendy rounded nails design noveltiesbeautiful trendy nailsbeautiful trendy manicure nail design

Fashionable manicure on square nails

In 2021, fashionable square nails do not lose their relevance:

  1. Stylists preferred the shape of a «soft square». The leader among the techniques will be a classic jacket or moon nail art. These techniques are beautifully combined with each other and can even complement each other.
  2. If you want to create a romantic image, then you need to turn to delicate flowers.
  3. Patterns that are created using stamping will look great on a monophonic design, using 3D design, a pattern can be created using sculpting.
  4. In the winter season, snowflakes or a festive glitter cover will be relevant on a square shape. For the summer, you should turn to floral and abstract patterns and complex textures.

trendy manicure for square nailstrendy nails squarebeautiful nails trendy colors

Trendy almond shaped nail design

Almond-shaped nails in the new season demonstrate unexpected solutions that look great with trendy clothes. Fashionable beautiful nail design is represented by such variations:

  1. On the almond shape, the jacket looks great, a variant of negative space.
  2. In the trends of 2021, you can see bold examples with inscriptions, a design stamping option and a “color block”.
  3. Fashionable youth nail design with rubbing in a variety of interpretations will be intriguing.

trendy almond shaped nail designtrendy beautiful nail designtrendy nail design 2021

Fashion sharp nails

Sharp nails are considered a catchy option, so shocking girls choose this option. You can make a beautiful fashionable manicure, nail design is presented in the following variations:

  1. Sharp nail art can be done in a French style, but it is worth using an atypical gradient, geometry, brightness and a rounded stripe option.
  2. In the moon design, you can make transparent or triangular holes covered with rhinestones or sparkles.
  3. On sharp nails, you can create a frame with a colored or shimmering frame.
  4. The velvet matte edgy design also looks beautiful.

trendy sharp nailsbeautiful trendy manicure nail designtrendy nail design

Fashionable nails «ballerina»

The “ballerina” form has already found its fans, and this season it has come up with several popular interpretations. The most beautiful trendy nail design is represented by such ideas:

  1. One of the original options will be a snow-white base with ornate lines, which on other fingers can be combined with a pale pink coating.
  2. On the form of «ballerina» you can create an original jacket, often it is decorated with a triangular version.
  3. On the rich color of the varnish, you can apply transverse and horizontal golden and silver ribbons.
  4. Mother-of-pearl shine, diamonds and guipure pattern can effectively play on the “ballerina” form.

trendy ballerina nailsmost beautiful trendy nail designmost beautiful trendy nails

Trendy nail color 2021

When beautiful nails are created, trendy colors should be chosen especially carefully:

  1. In 2021, there will be a lot of brightness and outrageousness in the trend, so these colors will attract attention. Amber-orange has entered the top ten trendy colors, it is so bright that it will be an excellent anti-depressant in gloomy days. However, not everyone is ready for such brightness, so you can combine orange with gray, brown and other colors.
  2. The muted red color looks elegant and noble.
  3. For the autumn-winter period, you can turn to a nude-pink tone. It seems to emphasize female fragility and is appropriate in the most strict dress code.
  4. Another nude option is the sand color, it gives charm and charm to the manicure. On its modest basis, dark shades, different options for patterns and decorations look great.
  5. For the winter, the color of the deep blue sea will look great. Such a tone cannot be called boring. Dark blue can be a great base for silver or gold flakes.
  6. Favorites include dusty pink, ultramarine green, lime yellow and purplish purple.

trendy nail color 2021trendy almond shaped nail designtrendy nail design 2021

Fashionable solid nails

The trend will be minimalism, so the monochromatic fashionable nail design 2021 is incredibly relevant:

  1. If nail art is planned for everyday life, you can turn to neutral colors. Nude and powdery colors remain universal options.
  2. A monochromatic manicure can be transformed with a matte varnish, focusing on several nails with a geometric pattern.
  3. On a matte surface, you can apply kamifubuki, which are used on two or three nails.

trendy solid nailstrendy beautiful nail design

Fashionable wedding nails

Wedding trendy nail design plays an important role in the appearance of the bride:

  1. Among the current trends, modeling on nails deserves attention; with its help, you can create voluminous prints and patterns.
  2. In new trends, wedding manicure does not have to be white, blue, purple, turquoise and mint colors will do.
  3. The options for a wedding jacket, gradient and moon design in different interpretations do not lose their popularity.
  4. Glitter and sequins, different foil options will help add shine.

fashion nails trends 2021trendy wedding nailstrendy wedding nails

Fashionable french on nails

The fashionable French nail design does not lose popularity, which emphasizes the well-groomed hands and pleases with a white “smile”:

  1. Such a base will be a great option for various decorations, it can be exciting kamifubuki, bright rhinestones, Yuki flakes, glitter and rubbing.
  2. In addition to the “habitual smile” in the “French” style, there may be black, red, shiny nail tips, the use of different forms of smiles will be relevant in 2021.

beautiful nails trendy colorstrendy french nailstrendy french nail design

Fashionable matte nails

If you want to create a beautiful nail design, fashion trends must take into account such a trend as a matte finish:

  • such a background will serve as an excellent base to set off a brilliant decor, for example, rhinestones or a scattering of sequins;
  • you can play in contrast by covering a couple of nails with a shiny rub, and making the rest matte;
  • on a matte base, foil can be applied in the form of strips or in a chaotic manner.

beautiful nails fashion trendstrendy matte nailsbeautiful nail design fashion trends

Trendy black nails

The current trend is fashionable youth nails covered with black varnish:

  • you can use a matte black background, and attach a large shiny stone to one of the fingers;
  • black nails will look expensive and luxurious in a shiny version, when a rub is applied on top of a dark coating;
  • any drawing made in the snow-white version will look advantageous on a black background.

trendy nail shapetrendy black nailstrendy youth nails

Trendy white nails

If you want to create the most beautiful trendy nails, you should pay attention to the white coating:

  • nail art will give tenderness and sophistication to the image, in which the white base is combined with transparent stripes or hearts made using the “negative space” technique;
  • shiny white «pearl» nails will draw attention to their owner, especially if a pointed long form is used;
  • a classic is the combination with black lacquer, which is used to apply openwork patterns on a white base.

beautiful trendy nailstrendy white nailsmost beautiful trendy nails

Trendy red nail color

Girls who want to attract attention will appreciate the trendy red nail design:

  • the choice of shade of the coating can be varied at your own discretion. Nail art can be made more muted if you stop at a tone close to burgundy;
  • scarlet bright trendy nails will become another current trend. Nail art in this case can be monophonic, since the color wins as much as possible on its own;
  • red nail art organically fits into evening bows, this design can be complemented by rhinestones.

bright trendy nailstrendy red nail colortrendy red nail design

Trendy pink nails

If you want to bring romantic notes to the image, you can apply pink trendy nail color:

  • a universal solution will be a muted pale pink shade that will harmoniously fit even into business images. You can give additional tenderness with the help of a pearl rub;
  • the opposite trend is a bright design, which is created using a shade close to raspberry. You can enhance the effect by decorating one of the nails with a large rhinestone.

most fashionable nailstrendy pink nailstrendy nail color

Trendy green nails

An extraordinary and very stylish solution is beautiful bright fashionable green nails:

  • in summer, a juicy shade will be associated with fresh greenery, and in winter — with the New Year holidays, so this design is universal;
  • depending on the season, a green tone can be used to depict branches and complement them with flowers, mimosa, rowan berries, Christmas tree decorations.

trendy youth nail designtrendy green nailsbeautiful bright trendy nails

Beautiful marble trendy nails

For many seasons in a row, white, pink, blue, gray fashionable nails made in marble design do not lose their relevance:

  • for decoration, you can use complex techniques and apply the drawing manually or use ready-made slider stickers;
  • marble coating can be alternated with a monophonic varnish, which is applied to several nails. In this case, an additional emphasis will be placed on an interesting drawing;
  • marble nail art looks especially organic on a square shape.

trendy nail colorbeautiful marble trendy nails


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