Triangle figure - how to choose beautiful clothes to emphasize all the advantages?

A woman with any body type wants to be attractive, but you need to know how to highlight the advantages and hide the flaws. The triangle shape is characterized by wide hips and narrow shoulders. There is also the opposite option — the «inverted triangle», in which, on the contrary, the shoulders exceed the hips in width. Often at the same time, the appearance is balanced, that is, all proportions are balanced.

Triangle body type

Special attention in the selection of wardrobe items requires a “triangle” figure in women:

  1. It is characterized by breasts smaller than the hips in volume with a visible waist.
  2. The “triangle” figure is characteristic of both model and overweight. To highlight the advantages, you need to focus on the neck, collarbones and hands, this can be achieved with the help of suitable clothing.
  3. Among the suitable options, you can stop at the top fitted clothing, any version of fitted clothing with patch pockets, blouses, tops and T-shirts with bare shoulders, sleeveless or with a wide neckline will do.
  4. It is worth resorting to a trapeze skirt or a pencil. You can stay on the style of dark trousers or jeans with a straight cut, they may have a cut that is extended downwards.

triangle body type

Inverted triangle body type

The “inverted triangle” figure differs in certain details:

  1. She is characterized by broad shoulders and relatively narrow hips, for example. Often, the owners of such a physique have longer and slimmer legs than other women.
  2. With the right clothes, you can reduce the shoulders, increase the hips and emphasize the waist. For such proportions, clothes with a straight cut, the minimum number of details on the chest, the maximum amount of decor on the hips are most suitable.
  3. A-line coats, dresses, blouses and tops with a variety of cutouts, low-rise trousers and jeans, peplum dresses and tops will look great.
  4. In order for the “inverted triangle” figure to be presented in a favorable light, it is important to use wide massive belts on the hips, wrap-around A-line skirts with pleats or voluminous pockets.

inverted triangle body type

Triangle body type — what to wear?

To draw up a harmonious bow, clothing for the “triangle” figure is intended:

  1. The main task is to make it as close as possible to the «hourglass», for this purpose, the upper part needs to be made a little voluminous, and the lower part, on the contrary, should be narrowed.
  2. It is good to use combinations such as an accent in the upper part, these are light colors, prints and bright details. You can turn to the fitted silhouette, which has smooth cut lines and is emphasized by soft fabrics.
  3. There are also contraindications in clothing for such a physique as the “triangle” figure. You should not make accents in the lower part, horizontal lines in the hips are not welcome. Do not give preference to a light bottom, cropped trousers.

triangle body type what to wear

Dresses for a triangle figure

Every woman dreams of finding herself an impeccable outfit that perfectly emphasizes her femininity. When looking for an answer to the question of what style of clothing is suitable for a “triangle” figure, fashion designers offer a huge selection of outfits:

  1. Greek dresses will look advantageous on such forms. The open top perfectly emphasizes the graceful shoulders and arms, the waistline, located under the bust, can delicately highlight the bust and hide the wide hips.
  2. An attractive option would be the style of the dress for the A-line “triangle” figure, while you can stop at any length and color.
  3. A straight cut can visually add height and remove extra pounds.
  4. To complement the casual style, girls should turn to shirt dresses. Such styles will be complemented by a belt or belt that perfectly emphasizes the waistline.
  5. Girls can make the image more harmonious if they slightly open their shoulders. The outfit may have a deep neckline, thin straps and have voluminous trim with ruffles, flounces and frills. The skirt in such styles can be wide, flared or made with a bell.
  6. Fans of retro style should turn to models with a tight corset and a wide skirt.

dresses for triangle bodydress style for a triangle figure

Jeans for a triangle shape

In order not to get lost in the assortment of jeans, you need to look for models that ideally represent such a body type as a female “triangle” figure:

  1. Flared jeans have an extension from the knee to the very bottom. This structure helps to balance the proportions.
  2. For a thin waist, a high-waisted model is suitable. It will be an attractive element that incomparably emphasizes femininity.
  3. To make your legs visually longer, you should turn to straight jeans.
  4. Boyfriend jeans are perfect for casual style with their boyish touch.
  5. Shades are important in choosing, light ones are definitely not suitable for such an option as a “triangle” figure. The most common will be black, dark gray and dark blue.

jeans for a triangle shape

Coat for the figure «triangle»

Careful selection also requires outerwear for the “triangle” figure type:

  1. Although such a physique is far from ideal, but suitable clothes will help to achieve some harmony. Coats should not end at the widest line of the hips.
  2. You should not resort to long coats, the optimal length is just below the knee.
  3. A coat flared from the hips with a wide collar and shoulders corrects the disproportionate physique that a “triangle” figure can have.
  4. When choosing outerwear, it is imperative to focus on a thin waist, so coats and jackets should have a fitted silhouette or belt.
  5. Women who claim originality can turn to cropped light coats ending under the bust.

coat for triangle figure

Blouses for a triangle figure

A blouse is another sought-after wardrobe item, which is represented by clothes for a “triangle” figure:

  1. Such a figure should have a pronounced waist, so you should try to emphasize it as much as possible. All blouses and shirts of this type should be fitted or straight.
  2. Summer blouses-shirts can be tied up, while showing the stomach.
  3. The choice of a blouse does not need to stop on oversized shirts or choose models of the most free cut. Tops with a V-neck are perfect, models with bare shoulders will be relevant.

blouses for a triangle figure

Inverted triangle body shape — what to wear?

The inverted triangle body type has such parameters as the upper body, which is larger and wider than the lower part. Such a figure is often found in women involved in sports and pumping the shoulder girdle of muscles. Here the waist is weakly expressed, narrow hips, flat and elastic buttocks are characteristic.

The main tasks that clothing for the “inverted triangle” figure should correspond to are balancing the top and bottom:

  1. To achieve this goal, you need to turn to the dark top. It is worth diverting attention from the shoulders, this can be the use of asymmetry, for example, one open shoulder or one sleeve.
  2. You can emphasize the waistline with a cut or belt.
  3. It is worth turning to a dark top and a lighter bottom, a good solution would be if you add texture and volume to the bottom.

inverted triangle figure what to wear

Inverted Triangle Dress

A well-chosen dress can look incredibly advantageous on a woman with this type of physique:

  1. It is recommended to choose a suitable dress from such styles as half-sun, trapeze, pleated.
  2. Dresses in the Greek style will look spectacular.
  3. For a formal event, a corset evening dress for an inverted triangle figure with a princess skirt is suitable.
  4. You can also refer to a dress with a straight cut, while it should be slightly loose.
  5. Another suitable model is a peplum dress, which will add volume at the bottom.
  6. For girls with such proportions, it is better to stay on models with a long sleeve or with a 3/4 length option.

inverted triangle dress

Inverted Triangle Skirts

For many fashionistas, the question is which skirts are suitable for an inverted triangle figure:

  1. The best option would be fluffy and flared skirts that will add volume to the hips and balance them with the shoulders.
  2. Another suitable option would be a multi-layered skirt, the more layers, the more attractive it looks.
  3. Straight skirts are not recommended, the only option would be a thick cut woolen skirt.
  4. You can balance the disproportion with the help of a drawing. You can choose a transverse strip to expand the lower body.
  5. You can turn to skirts with a large abstract pattern, oblique lines, these can be models with large polka dots or flowers.
  6. Decorative details and elements will be a great option to increase the volume of the hips.

inverted triangle skirts

Inverted Triangle Jeans

Such an option as an inverted triangle female figure requires a special selection of jeans and trousers:

  1. The ideal style will be a flare, expanding from the hip. It will help to give the missing volume in the hips.
  2. Jeans and trousers for an inverted triangle figure can be straight classic, while light colors are preferred.
  3. You can stop at boyfriends that contain patch pockets, numerous torn details or other decorative elements.

inverted triangle jeans

Inverted Triangle Sweater

A variety of images for the «inverted triangle» figure suggest the use of various models of sweaters. You can choose from these types of styles:

  • long sleeve sweater;
  • a sweater with sleeves sewn from light matter;
  • models with an asymmetric cut, allowing you to slightly open one shoulder.

inverted triangle sweater

Swimsuit for an inverted triangle figure

Summer beach bows for an inverted triangle figure require careful selection of a swimsuit:

  1. Often the owners of such a figure have large breasts, pumped up legs. They should turn to the retro option, this is a classic bikini swimsuit, which can be with a large print.
  2. The swimsuit may have contrasting inserts on the sides.
  3. A one-piece swimsuit with a V-neck, a halter is also suitable, it can be a plain top and a bottom with a print.
  4. Swimming trunks can be made in the form of a skirt, with a geometric print, a large floral pattern, a belt and ruffles, wide ties.
  5. As for the bodice, you can stop at the gang and halter.

inverted triangle swimsuit

The figure «triangle» — celebrities

An interesting “triangle” figure in a woman is represented by many celebrities:

  1. Singer Rihanna has such a physique. For many, the artist is the standard of femininity. at the same time, she looks great both thinner and curvaceous.
  2. The thinner girl is actress Rachel Bilson, and model Chloe Marshall has curvaceous forms.

Rihanna and Rachel Bilson

Inverted triangle stars

The incredibly beautiful “inverted triangle” figure is found in the following stars:

  1. Bright representatives of such a figure will be Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger. These representatives of the fair sex have a pronouncedly athletic physique.
  2. Sienna Miller, Cameron Diaz, Alice Milano, Sigourney Weaver also have this physique. When choosing an outfit, girls with a similar physique can take as a basis the images compiled by these celebrities.

Angelina Jolie and Renee ZellwegerSienna Miller and Cameron DiazAlice Milano and Sigourney Weaver


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